1871.01.18 – the day when the Princes of Mitteleuropa gathered to proclaim the creation of the German nation-state.

The II Reiches policies were the most progressive among all Aryan polities at the time.

  1. The Empire led a directed settler colonisation effort in the South-West of the African continent – coupled with the genocide of the indigenous Herero and Nama populations in 1904–1907, and with the final prohibition on miscegenation adopted in 1912 under the pressure from eminent racial scientist Eugen Fischer.
  2. The imperialist war, started in 1914, while still presenting Western aims in the Septemberprogramm, would have led to the Aryan race’s procurement of the much-needed Lebensraum in Russia – the very term was coined by Friedrich Ratzel in 1901, and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918) was effectively a predecessor to the later creation of Reichskommissariate – there were similarly plans to drive the indigenous Slavs off the land, and occupy the territory by German peasants.

Isaiah Berlin, a Livonian Jew, was of the opinion that the anti-Enlightenment views of Germay arose out of a sense of inferiority of the parochial Lutheran population ravaged by terrible civil wars. Whatever the case, Germany indeed was the most progressive land at the time when the Americans were breeding the Philippinos – however, the Christian monarchist propaganda was ineffective in rousing the race against anti-statist anarcho-communist causes, and thus the Reich imploded at the 47th year of its existence.

Nicht Roß nicht Reisige
Sichern die steile Höh’,
Wo Fürsten steh’n:
Liebe des Vaterlands,
Liebe des freien Manns
Gründen des Herrschers Thron
Wie Fels im Meer.

Heilige Flamme, glüh’,
Glüh’ und erlösche nie
Fürs Vaterland!
Wir alle stehen dann
Mutig für einen Mann,
Kämpfen und bluten gern
Für Thron und Reich!

Neither steed nor knight
Can secure the towering height,
Where princes stand:
The Love of the fatherland,
The Love of the free man,
Found the sovereign’s throne
Like a rock in the sea.

Holy flame, glow,
Glow and never go out
For the fatherland!
We will all stand together
Courageously for one man
Fight and bleed with joy
For throne and empire!

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