The 12th of January! The anniversary of the great Vistula-Oder Operation is a fitting opportunity to ponder at that unlikely future scenario where the Russian state survives and is reborn. The maximum extent of the possible Neo-Russian Empire in 2100 CE!

My maps seem to have subconsciously followed the point system centred around Poland and Turkey as the two nation-state poles around which power may gather after the demise of the West. Here, I am adding Russia as an independent actor (maps 3, 4 and 5).

The minutiae of the borders: Romanian nationalism will be stronger when nourished by the strength of Turan.

The Crusaders of tomorrow are the warriors of Tawheed eager to wrestle Jerusalem out of Shia hands. Only the might of the Turkish and Aryan Empires is the guarantor of peace.
The gallery:

Map 1 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 5 (Poland-Italy-Hungary-Ukraine-Russia)
RU: 0
TR: 1 (Turkey)

Map 2 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 3 (Poland-Italy-Russia)
RU: 0
TR: 3 (Turkey-Hungary-Ukraine)

Map 3 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 1 (Poland)
RU: 2 (Russia-Ukraine)
TR: 2 (Turkey-Hungary)

Map 4 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 3 (Poland-Hungary-Italy)
RU: 2 (Russia-Ukraine)
TR: 1 (Turkey)

Map 5 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 2 (Poland-Italy)
RU: 2 (Russia-Ukraine)
TR: 2 (Turkey-Hungary)

The source of the featured image: Atlas of the World Battle Fronts in Semimonthly Phases to August 15 1945.

The original posts: of 2020-09-22 & 2020-10-01.

12 thoughts on “The Twilight of the Aryan Race in 2100 CE (by Adûnâi)

  1. Romanian what? Nationalism? Where? Romanians are some of the most disgusting Christcucks I imagine one can meet. Absolutely brain-dead Amerikwan-worshipping faggots. I ponder whether Dylan Roof was wrong about killing a bunch of Negroes and not Christians. Non-whites couldn’t even bother me at this moment. It’s Christcucks that I wish to drown in fire and blood.

    I wonder if the Chinese will put the kikes in gas chambers …

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    1. Long time no see, commandor! In my mind’s view, nationalism, like monarchism, is a Christian phenomenon, so you’re not wrong. As to the more vital expressions of it, Romania might join the great Turkish Horde and draw perverse strength from it. Remember, this is all when America has long gone under. Who else will fill the void? Orthodox Russia might pick up the scraps, if it survives.

      Ukraine might indeed be clairvoyant, just not the way I desired – the first to throw in their lot with our ancient racial enemies. If they don’t change course when America collapses, this is the future.


      1. >nationalism, like monarchism, is a Christian phenomenon

        Elaborate on this. I recall kings being around since the Neolithic at the latest. And nations are but territories for bloodlines.

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      2. 1. Monarchism as a concept is quite different from traditional archaic modes of government. First, in prehistory, there were disparate tribes who united on occasion (see Arminius, Attila). Second, a modern kingdom used to ground their claims in raceless Christian concepts, and ally itself with the church. Third, the National Socialist critique of monarchism tended to draw attention to the miscegenated, globalist nature of royal houses.

        2. Nations are somewhat artificial constructs. Yes, they form naturally – around specific cultures, disregarding blood. The German nation united quite a number of races in itself, while the Nordic kind was separated all along the North Sea coasts, speaking different tongues.

        And even worse, nationalism and nation-state-building have led to those deplorable events where an Aryan awakening in one nation was suppressed by its kindred out of fear for their sovereignty (leaving aside Christianity and the Jews). Then there was the case of the French State (1940-44) which could not be readily incorporated into the Reich because of such concepts as “national language” and “national pride”.

        Nationalism is an ideology not inspired by science. And its statist nature leaves the door open to multiracism. In this way, nationalism is deeply Jewish and idealist – it is enough to speak the German language to be German, no matter the blond or the brunette. In very few cases does nationalism make sense – either when the entire racial body is infected, and factionalism increases the chance of there appearing an anti-Christian ideology (see Hitler’s Germany), or when the nation closely matches the race (see Korea).


  2. Ukraine seems as disgusting. A fucking hole as First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    Why do you think crosses still exist in the DPR of Korea?

    “Before the division of Korea, Pyongyang was the city with the highest number of Christian believers in Korea, and was known as the “Korean Jerusalem”.[2] By 1945, nearly 1/6 of its citizens were Christians. Therefore, Pyongyang was made into the only diocese in northern Korea.”



    1. Nobody knows of the true meaning behind those contemporary churches. Are they a case of maskirovka? Are they set to lure in the remaining Galileans? What is known is that the Jew-worshippers are vehement in their tries to spread Bibles and anti-racist propaganda.

      Cases of Christians infiltrating the freed areas of the DPRK.

      Sea of Blood libretto (in Russian).

      A True Daughter of the Party pictures (in Russian).

      On another note, I have managed to snatch Immovable Object: North Korea’s 70 Years At War with American Power by A.B. Abrams (2020), quite a decent book.

      And there is also The Korean War: A History by Bruce Cumings (2010).


    1. And that is the best shot the Aryan race was able to offer. Quite pitiable.

      When I ponder on this matter, I don’t even understand what I’m arguing for. Would starting a Maoist cultural revolution in the 1930s have increased the chance of Germany’s success? I wouldn’t wager on that. But it would have hit closer to the target than starting a nationalist world war.

      Although I have to admit that the conquest of Russia would have dealt quite a significant blow to Christianity anyway. And it is unknowable whether a victorious post-Hitler Germany would have succumbed the same way the victorious post-Stalinian USSR did under Khrushchev and Gorbachev.

      So, Joseph Walsh might be correct in deriving optimist meaning out of 1945. The latest 75 years have been so obviously clown-tier, the death of the Aryan race will come soon. I’m eagerly awaiting the US 2020 Census results this spring. And as I draw it in my maps, the event horizon of the post-Red-Giant Black Hole might be inside the Aryan race.

      These points are reminiscent of the Korean War. Had 김일성대원수 thrown the Galileans into the sea in August 1950 with Soviet help that didn’t come in our reality, would Korea have gone the way of revisionist Vietnam? Our Germany gassed millions of Jews out of its own Hitlerian volition, at least, that is a decent epitaph.


  3. I have a personal question for you.

    Do you follow the SS model in your body, too? Do you lift? Do you practice any sport? Are you able to kill 95% of men in a hand-to-hand combat?


    1. Too personal. I don’t like having myself a subject (outside of talks of parental abuse which I experienced not at all.)

      Edit. And who would the enemy be? The “traitors” are too numerous to calculate, the churches too common to destroy, the real foe is Jesus, but he’s ideal. Chechar is a good thinker, worthy of quite a number of fighters. But where are the troops? Not a single party, not a single country.

      Incidentally, as to your question about churches in northern Korea – they burned to the ground. All of them. Alongside the 3-4 million civilians out of the population of 9.5 million (1950). Quite a fair trade. The anti-Christian Revolution has already happened – without the Aryans.


  4. As I can’t comment on Unz.

    Robert Morgan says:

    “Only the worldwide collapse of the technological system can re-establish those barriers and stop the death of the white race through hybridization. And as if that weren’t enough, only such a collapse will prevent a transhumanist future in which man replaces himself with machines.”

    Can he explain how the technological system did not produce a suicidal effect in the DPR of Korea? How would the destruction of the TS improve the chances of survival of the Korean race? Why is the white race so important to save through such a measure as the destruction of technology when it has repeatedly proven to be a failure?

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