Back in the last three days before the Kalends of December, I took to the task of updating my great prediction map of the future world. Catching the opportunity, I also modified the colour of the Chinese sphere of influence from yellow to dark orange.

The main change is the choice of Hungary and of Ukraine. As is apparent these days, the descendants of the Hunnic invaders have been siding reinvigorated Turkey for years now, supporting Qatar and Azerbajan, and supporting Turkish aggression towards Armenia.

Ukraine has been designated as the archenemy of the Russian Federation, and thus it is little wonder to see it drift towards the South across the Sea. When America’s downfall is complete, I would expect the current Khazar Khaganate to give place to the Cuman Horde.

As today is the 76th anniversary of the Ardennes Offensive, it was only appropriate to celebrate it with the ponderings on the fate of the planet.

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