Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) — A brisk campaign for greeting the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with great successes is underway in the DPRK swept by a resolute fighting spirit.

The inexhaustible strength propelling the current grand advance is a proud fighting spirit displayed by the victors of the war in the 1950s under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung.

The fighting spirit in the 1950s is the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the country and the spirit of creation and innovation displayed by the Korean people and soldiers of the People’s Army in the stern period when the destiny of the country was at the crossroads of survival or ruin.

The Korean people and service personnel were revolutionary optimists strong in faith, who waged a death-defying struggle with an unshakable faith that they were sure to win in the war as they were led by the President, when huge formidable enemy forces launched an offensive and the situation turned unfavorable.

The fighting spirit displayed by the war victors in the 1950s also helped the Korean people bring about great leaps forward in the era of Chollima after the war by tightening their belts. They also carried out socialist transformation and laid solid foundations for self-supporting economy.

The spirit also led them to a heyday in the era of the Workers’ Party, when the spirit of the speed campaign swept the country.

By dint of the fighting sprit, the Korean people could successfully conclude the arduous march, the forced march in the 1990s and laid everlasting foundations for building a powerful country.

The heroic fighting spirit displayed in the 1950s was a motive power that enabled the Korean people to further consolidate the single-minded unity on the basis of their absolute loyalty to the great leaders and perform uninterrupted miracles generation after generation.

Today, they are making unprecedented innovations and successes in every worksite of the 80-day campaign in a heroic, indomitable fighting spirit under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, like the war victors in the 1950s. -0-

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