Soviet-centric! For some time I have been harbouring an intention to draw the world half-taken by the rogue Christian sect of Marxism-Leninism. The demise of the scion of old Europe Commander Andropov marked the turning point, and soon the fickle Russian foundation of the Soviet Union will give way to its half-European nature, and China will adopt un-Christian capitalism; beauty will be preserved in Kimjongilia, the last bastion of the élite of humanity.

The criterion for assigning to a country the status of non-alignment depends on the stability and potency of the régime – thus I have placed the likes of war-torn Sri Lanka and Lebanon into the “capitalist periphery” category. Byrma was truly neutral, and the robber-barons of future capitalist Russia will hide their gold in the Cyprian vaults.

Such a queer world, before the rediscovery of Islam… When the Arabs worshipped at the heels of the vain Westerners. When Karachi was the key to nuclear annihilation. When the surface of the eternal bipolar doom was only disturbed once, in the nostalgic invasion of Cyprus by the not-yet-reborn Turkestan…

The Oriental Tigers are in the West proper based on the otherwise meaningless number of GDP. The Popes in the Vatican have always hated all progressive humanity. The sly Princes of the Gulf were amassing the petrodollars; Saddam’s Iraq was an imperialist stooge. Libya and Iran had just been wrestled away by the visionary figures of Gaddafi and Khomeini. Nicaragua was the second country in the Western hemisphere to host a DPRK embassy (and this fact cannot be “googled”, however hard one may try).

The arcane theology of Marxism was useful nonetheless, as had Catholicism been for Europe once. The Orientals have discarded its most useless aspects and forged swords. But the weak Aryan race in Russia succumbed to its natural confused identity, and healed the divide in Christianity in 1991. Alea iacta est! The fate of Europa determined!

The code:–1990)

Democratic Kampuchea

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