I don’t necessarily see any of that as “criminal”. I’m not a Christian.

A few typographic errors:
Austria > Austrasia;
described Childebert in 546, as ‘our most glorious son’

A comment by Krist Krusher:

As the sons of Clovis were as evil as their father, it only makes sense to terminate their spiritual grip over Europe. In order to sanctify Europe according to the blood-needs of its best offspring, the nations and identities of Europe that are based in the legacy of xtian custom shall be abolished and replaced with something in line with lineage. The nations of France and Germany were in a sense always illegitimate; they must be thoroughly replaced with an autonomous unit of land partitioned to other autonomous units governed by local leadership.

Without tossing the baby with the bathwater, I would even insist that the languages of Europe be reformed in opposition to their past. French in particular should be modified to have a phonetic alphabet and German should have as many English words taken out of it as possible. The posterity of both lands should be instructed to ignore or ridicule the worst elements of their respective cultures. For Germany, oblivion to Kant and Hegel. For France, oblivion to sensuality and Rousseau. For characters like Voltaire and Luther there should be an ironic sense attached to them [they fought for a bad cause but potentially led to the end of their cause].

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