Westerners live a sheltered life on their island in the far-away sea. The life set to end in due time. As with that Mesoamerican cannibal Chechar once met in California.*

Russians are the people of the continent. A Christian people still. Their Christianity is old, removed from the brewing centre of civilisation. Full of exotic, demonic compromises with the world that the angelic Westerners cannot imagine. Rough language.

Look at Sergey Miheyev. Spreading a few Russian imperialist ideas. Non-PC speech. Says the nomads of Turkestan are too barbaric to have a state, thus should be governed by Russians for their own good. Old-fashioned colonialism in 2020!

But the most peculiar point is his position on international law. In his mind, this Negro-worshipping, merciful Christian system of institutionalised cuckoldry and of collective Aryan suicide was made by Americans to… control the shitskins of this planets! The shitskin Negroes the Americans could have burned in atomic fire 80 years ago!

This kind-hearted cuck hailing from Russia is even saying that the Azeris have made a mistake by enlisting the help of Türkiye! As if the consent of Armenia will matter! As if Armenia of 3 million mountain niggers can withstand 100 million Turks! The roach is strong.

Myopic Christians are forever shuttered in the limits of their suicidal morality. They cannot see the cage for the bars. Even for this rough, honest Russian, a world free of Christian slave morality is unthinkable.

I imagine an industrial flow of steel to the south of the Rio Grande. The centuries-old mosques in India – burned to charred remains by nuclear blasts. Rome and Jerusalem turned to the cursed, poisoned places for all posterity. The machines of war triumphing on this mature planet, where intelligent life claims the inanimate, the weak, the animal, the prey, the Christian.

That future will come, Aryan or otherwise. Christian goodness is self-defeating. And History will return. Evolution is not over.

Not because I hate the savages. But because only Absolute Power leads to Order & Beauty.

*Chechar’s story

Back in 1985, I had as a roommate in San Rafael, California, USA, a former soldier from El Salvador. He boasted stories of his killings, and even assassinations (as a paid assassin after the war). He also told me how he had watched, when combating the guerrilla fighters in El Salvador, other soldiers skinning alive a guerrilla fighter, and another plucking out another fighter’s eye with a spoon.

When you treat people of the Third World directly you meet quite an interesting fauna, believe me…

The bourgeois WNsts don’t realize that they live in a greenhouse like orchids reading essays about Batman on Counter-Currents: a greenhouse’s glass that’s about to be shattered and they’ll have to deal with the wild vegetation outside.

I have had experience with wild veg. Do they?

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