I don’t understand why we should care for the people who get crushed. Fuck them! Unless their number is too great – then fuck the rich! Juche.

Unless Chechar is right, and the dialectic of human consciousness has a Checharian aim, to reduce unnecessary suffering. I doubt it.

> “Many years ago I witnessed how Angelica scolded her three-year-old blondish son with the threat: ‘I’m going to cut your balls!’”

This is not merely unnecessary – this is actively detrimental to one’s [genes’] survival.

> “The more terrible the abuse of the parent and the greater the repression, the less empathy the daughter will develop towards her son…”

Any proof?

> “People like Miller, Jeffrey Masson, and others have found that an analyst is someone trained [i]not[/i] to listen to his client.”

And the client should be heard because?.. Your compassionate Christian soul says so? Or because every piece of the Volksgemeinschaft must be made to serve its purpose?

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