The Christian Aryan America must burn!

3 thoughts on “Conservanda est / delenda est

  1. Alas, recent history makes me think that the utter demise of America may be the only thing that could remove the mind-control apparatus from the remaining Aryans in Europe. From the bridge at Remagen in March 1945 through the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 to the anti-Lukashenko pussy riots in Belarus in August 2020, the grasp of the Christian living corpse from across the ocean seems almighty. May the colossus with the feet of clay fall, and the ultimate conclusion of Christianity be reached!


    1. This is precisely why I consider the only realistic scenario of an anti-Christian awakening among the Aryans such where America is genocided.

      Why do you hold the Warsaw Pact in contempt? Their gravest mistake was Khrushchev’s liberalisation which eventually led to their fall. But most of the arguments against Communism can be levelled at National Socialism, too. Aryan DNA is rotten, even the Lebanese are faggots.

      Have you read the words of Marshal Kim Jong Un? That is my idea of beauty. Where in Aryandom can you find such glory and dignity? The workers of Korea would rather go blind than disappoint the Führer – that is what a novel from that Elven land has for a plot!


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