Aryandom is the Ugly Land; ugliness is the domain of the Aryans.

An impartial observer might even conclude that hatred towards Christian America and the Aryan race is sufficient for building an eternal society.

A Juche Korean revolutionary opera about murdering Americans.

Meanwhile, the Slavic slaves of Christian America know only ugliness. A Buryat degenerate controlling the minds of Ukrainians! Aren’t Aryans ugly?

Even war cannot make them turn their snouts out of the manger for Christian cattle.

This is pure homosexuality.

To be effective among the Aryans, this feminist vomit is made to sound like African songs, for the Aryan only respects Negro culture.

Here we have a clown fiesta – rock guitars, “Perun”, “Arei”, and incessant moaning about the whore Jewish sow mother who littered Jesus the Jew into this world (Pokrova).

© UhOhFeministOnReddit (a pearl about the subject of the front page of Paediwikia).

My grandmother came from an old southern family and was never exposed to the LGBTQ community or any really progressive circles. Schitt’s Creek did a lot to help her understand same sex couples. Sure, she’s seen the odd token gay couple on TV, but I just think it wasn’t believable to her, and that a same sex relationship was more about sex than a deeper attraction. She was kind of cagey about it.

When she saw Schitt’s Creek, it was like something just clicked for her. It goes without saying the queer humor was better since a gay man was writing it, and I think the truth of that made her understand the emotional aspect. It also didn’t hurt that Noah and Dan had excellent chemistry, and that David was her favorite character. She likes to get wine drunk and laugh about the episode where he put that MLM tanner on his face.

We need more shows like Schitt’s Creek out there. Ryan Murphy and his ilk are great. But that’s trash TV specifically for the LGBTQ community, and while I will stan gay trash TV until I die, it’s not to be used to bring cagey old southern ladies over to a better way of thinking. I’m looking forward to Dan’s next big project. He really is doing a lot of good for the community.

Contrast that debauched travesty with the sounds of the lands of true gods. Where men are singing praises towards their Führer unto death. When I see the Songun Smile of Comrade Kim Jong Il, akin to the Roman ambassadors to Alexander, I remember that the demise of Christianity is assured.

6 thoughts on “Aryan is ugly; ugly is Aryan

    1. I have a question to you. Would you ever choose to lose all your modern comfort, Internet access to volunteer to live with the mythical SS-men of yore? In such a thought experiment, I would agree in a heartbeat, as I believe it to be a morally-sound choice. And yet, I would have my doubts as to my future life. Not about the pangs of withdrawal, or the hardships of a syssitia, but more about my identity. After all, I did not have a chance to live under a Socialist régime; American Christian culture is effectively part of my phenotype.


  1. I have Internet access, true. But what do you think is “modern comfort”?

    Live with the SS in Antarctica or live with the SS and fight for the Aryan race? Obviously, I would choose the SS whatever the scenario, but the Antarctica one would still be little. When I was 14 I’ve told my father that every European man that didn’t volunteer for the SS was a fool. I would like my life to have meaning, to toil for something of worth and not for the nothing that an individual life is. Is this even a life that I have? I’m more like a living corpse, biding my time.

    “American Christian culture is effectively part of my phenotype.”

    I don’t know what exactly you mean by this, but I’ve received a PC very late and I’ve never played multiplayer video games.

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    1. > “Live with the SS in Antarctica”
      Neo-Swabian UFOs flashbacks.

      > “every European man that didn’t volunteer for the SS was a fool”
      Communism was not much worse than National Socialism – the issue is that Aryans threw it away, too.

      > “I’ve received a PC very late”
      When I got Internet access, I read Tolkien wikis, and printed the following atlas in full.

      > “I’ve never played multiplayer video games”
      Not even cute milsims? (Normies play War Thunder, but Forgotten Hope 2 is for the gourmands.)


    2. > “I’m more like a living corpse, biding my time.”
      Isn’t this the way of a Christian saint? One foot in the grave. The issue is to make them have two feet in the grave.

      On another note – would you wish Romania had conscription the way Greece and Ukraine have? Would you relish the idea of damaging your hearing for the sake of a Christian régime?


  2. “Communism was not much worse than National Socialism”

    The pro arguments? Revolutions are made from the inside. The Warsaw pact was a cancer. Do you know what Ceausescu was doing in 1944? The ethnicity of Ana Pauker? You talk about Stalin’s communism?

    “The issue is to make them have two feet in the grave.”

    If you kill all Christians, you kill the Aryans worldwide.

    “On another note – would you wish Romania had conscription the way Greece and Ukraine have? Would you relish the idea of damaging your hearing for the sake of a Christian régime?”

    Imagine lifting a finger for a parliamentary democracy. To hell with them. But imagine being an American in 1941 and literally fighting alongside negroes against the european race. Aryans have been raped by the crucified Jew for too long a time.

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