Banned on Reddit ca. 10 minutes after posting an idea glorifying the vengeance of the Negro upon the Aryan!

Banned on Reddit AskHistorians for asking a question about a book! Amusingly, the response was full of orthographic errors in the spelling of its words (“severl”, “gete a rise out of people”) – so much for the scholars!

It is fascinating to see the enactment of normie police in action. No wonder everyone is so boring in the West. Everywhere, you need to suck dicks and practice takiya to get along.

Here is a random/arbitrary album by Therion full of French covers/variations/transvaluations.

A random blog entry on fruits.
Wild and Ancient Fruit: Is it Really Small, Bitter, and Low in Sugar?

15 thoughts on “Banned on Twitter! Banned on Reddit AskHistorians!

  1. Why do you hate women if you consider them objects? Do you hate pencils, chairs and rockets too? Why did that whore deserve to be killed?

    You sound like those retards at who blame whores only for wanting to fuck pretty boys, and not ugly ones. Obviously, beauty should be preferred over ugliness. Why would a girl ever prefer an ugly boy to someone with my looks? I wonder how you (and most incels) would have behaved if suddenly you were given Chad looks.

    Women are whores (what and how else could they be?) at the end of the day, but that’s only men’s fault.


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      > “Why do you hate women if you consider them objects?”

      Let’s say that I will be called misogynist by Christians. That I do not actually hate women as I do not impart agency to them. And that I still would not allow Negrophiliacs to live.

      > “Obviously, beauty should be preferred over ugliness.”

      This is a peculiar question. What’s about ugly, yet high-IQ people? Why would you give women the power to choose their partner when their archaic instincts are outdated?

      I am of the opinion that a Juche state must provide their most ardent and most accomplished supporters with brides.

      > “…but that’s only men’s fault.”

      No? The whorishness of women is part of their nature. It can only be curbed by a proper ideology. The same way bourgeoisie may and should be controlled, but its nature is still subversive and anarchic.

      > “…if suddenly you were given Chad looks.”

      The Kantian categorical imperative – do as everyone should have done in your place for the betterment of all. A third of the Bolsheviks were aristocrats (or so Yegor Yakovlev or Klim Jukov says).


  2. I am merely talking about what is, and not what could be. Besides, as per your comments on chechar’s blog as ‘antinatalist44’, even as a Chad you would still choose celibacy. I choose it myself. What’s the point of marriage when the whore can leave you whenever she wants?

    What’s about Juche Koreans and racial mixing?

    From your link.

    “After Bumbea’s death, Dresnok married his third wife, the daughter of a North Korean woman and a Togolese diplomat.”

    From another:

    “Along with three other defectors, he was eventually granted citizenship. He married a Lebanese woman, Siham Shraiteh, and together they had three sons (two of them named Michael and Ricky), all of whom remain in North Korea. Jenkins, in his autobiography, claims that Siham and three other Lebanese young women were lured to North Korea under false pretenses, then married to the Americans.”

    And another:

    “In 1980, 40-year-old Jenkins was introduced to 21-year-old Hitomi Soga, a Japanese nursing student who had been abducted by North Korean agents in 1978, along with her mother, during a search for Japanese citizens who could train future spies in Japanese language and culture. Soga’s mother was never heard from again, and Soga was “given to” Jenkins. Thirty-eight days after meeting, they were married. They had two daughters, Roberta Mika Jenkins (born 1983) and Brinda Carol Jenkins (born 1985).”

    This is interesting though:

    “Abshier, like Dresnok, Parrish, and Jenkins, was “given” a North Korean woman to be his cook and minder, and to have sex with him. These women were thought to be infertile, having all divorced after a number of years of childless marriage. When Abshier’s woman became pregnant, however, she was taken away.”

    What is high-Iq, though? The ability to be successful in today’s world? Like being an engineer for the anti-white system? I know a guy who had perfect score at the International Mathematical Olympiad but is a complete retard politically. Mensa is full of idiots, too.

    Obviously, in a proper society every working man should have a woman. And eugenics should play an important role in mating.

    Most people I know don’t like Jews, negroes or gypsies. Their Christian minds just cannot agree with their outright extermination.


    1. > “What’s the point of marriage when the whore can leave you whenever she wants?”

      I say that the institution of marriage does not exist in Aryan nations.

      > “What’s about Juche Koreans and racial mixing?”

      This is an interesting point. (Nice links, btw.) The strength of the DPRK is almost a fluke of Nature. They are not a child of theories from dusty studies, but are forged in the struggle for existence. I’m not even sure they would’ve achieved such beauty had Korea been reunited in 1950. But is that a strength, or a weakness? Time and time again, Destiny pushes them towards glory and accomplishment.

      But the WPK has good human matter to work with. They have it easy. Whereas not a single Aryan nation is a good nation! Not a single one! From Hungary to Belarus, it’s choosing between shit and feces. What’s even the point? Kim Il Sung-tongji walked 300 km through the snow at the age of 11, but his race wasn’t dead, like the Aryans, merely subjugated, like Dór-lomin.배움의_천리길

      About race-mixing – have you found any info on the life of those miscegenated offspring? Tracking a few dozen mongrels is a small task. At the same time, can a few dozen pollute the genepool of 25 million? The history of Korea knows the settlement of 6k Vietnamese in the 13th ct. common era.ý_Long_Tường

      I wouldn’t want to go into the details of [Western-Eastern Eurasian] race-mixing. Although I have a nagging idea that certain relatively safe experiments might be carried out (especially in China, which is enormous anyway). Isn’t a small percentage of Scandinavians mixed with Lapps?

      On the DPRK – my lazy, Húrin-like lifestyle of observing the rotting death of my wretched race pushes me increasingly to value the fourth dimension – time. Time will tell! In the case of Korea, it will be resolved when the WPK’s attitude towards the millions of mongrels in the south is revealed (after the reunification of Korea in the 21st ct. common era following the collapse of capitalism).


  3. Given its political nature, I would like to share this poem translated from the original by a Chinese guy I know.

    Ding Lingwei – Ding Lingwei’s Song

    Have bird, have bird, Ding Lingwei…
    Go home, millennium, now come back!
    City walls, as before, people blame…
    Why not “learn immortal?” tombs stack!



    Title: I had Danchen read me the Ding Lingwei page on baidu. It says that Liaoyang has a history of 2400 years, and that the crane story is about 1500-1600 years old (this holds since that rounds out to about 400, which is around the time of the Jin Dynasty). But then, they lose me when they say Ding Lingwei (given that he has achieved immortality) is about 2200 years of age. This would put his timeline around the Western Han dynasty (-202). That’s an err range of about 600 years! I will instead remain for the Wei to Jin Dynasty (220-440) as his timeline. This song-poem was said to have been released when he returned as a crane anyways.


    L1: As previously indicated, this line seems simple but could have several connotations. In addition to the aforementioned 3 reasons, this T1 could also mean “have bird” on one hand, and “have bird” on another for Daoist Crane Martial Arts.


    L2: The point of intrigue with this line is that his “home” here is regarded not as Liaoyang (of where he came back to) but instead in Lingxu Mountain (realm of death immortal). This harkens to “home mountain” of Zhao Ji’s poem once again.


    L3: As immortal crane, Ding is perched on the city wall (from baidu, it is actually said that this is specifically a watch statue, that’s now become a tourist attraction) in judgment of humanity (goyim). In this current reading, he witnesses that nothing really changed (in even a thousand years – expounding the futility of exoteric social-politics). Fleshlings blame each other for their respective quixotisms instead of cultivating their spirit.


    L4: Note how there is no moralism (but instead the message is delivered via a daoist tease of “why not?”). Why not hone thy transcedence? In the meanwhile, “tombs stack” (the death toll rises; there is no escape – “only death is real”).




    Baidu makes emphatic of Ding Lingwei’s undisputed mark upon Chinese history, culture and religion. The legend seems to state that Ding was a heroic official who was spared of execution by dao for his defiance of unjust bureaucracy. After he exiled to Lingxu Mountain to cultivate the dao, he eventually returned as an immortal crane, only to realize the futility of the goyim (that he risked his previous mortal life to save) – a teenager had tried to shoot him (in crane form) with an arrow before he belt out this song-poem. 


    The message:

    · promote daoist immortality

    · emphasize “Lingxu Mountain” (immortal natura realm) as home, not Liaoyang (mortal realist home)

    · admonish citizens of their goyhood (of which a millennium of time changes not)

    · “shadow of apocalypse”


  4. I don’t have much love for Daoism either (still better than Confucianism and Buddhism though).

    And not that I care for the Chinese, they could all burn in a nuclear holocaust for all I care, but how exactly did Mao save China? The Chinese are zombies. And communism in China is just controlled opposition, it’s a shithole of economic (hyper-)materialism.

    A historical study of the evolution of China into modernism is needed. There’s many questions which need answering regarding the PLA and the KMT, ties to Freemasonry and the West.

    That reddit link of yours is pure fantasy.


    1. The Chinese may have a lot of problems, but probably the fewest in the world (after the DPRK). How are freemasons relevant?

      Why exactly do you disagree with my view of a civil war in the US? Do you take an issue with the sides I described? Or the victory for the anti-Washington forces?

      Have you seen this hilarious Syrian song?


  5. Communism is a Christian product.

    I just don’t believe the Chinese are capable of waging wars of extermination. Stalin’s Russia was unable to exterminate all Germans and they seemed stronger that present day China (disregarding their absurd population). But the white race being a corpse, maybe you have a point.

    lol at that song

    Liked by 1 person


    > “II. In 1941, there are a few cases, after that impossible victory in France.”

    Why impossible? France, a rotten demoralized multi-party negro jazz state against Germany, a Volksgemeinschaft that knows unprecedented unity? A forseeable flawless victory for the Hitlerians.

    > “2. The USSR attacks first. Germany gets undisputed moral capital. Might lose, might win.”

    What about “The USSR occupies Romania and deprives the Germans of Romanian Oil?” Germany is finished at that moment.

    > “3. Germany attacks first. Does everything for the victory – gets allies among the Slavs, friends among the Balts, raises dozens of divisions from the pool of 50 million occupied people, reignites the Russian Civil War.”

    That’s correct. Stupid Germans.


    1. Attacking France as in 1914 would have been suicide, Gemany was weak. England fought on, why wouldn’t France have? Either way, Stalin would have swooped in in a prolonged conflict.

      “Deprives of oil”? How do you imagine it? It would have turned into a large war the outcome of which would’ve been uncertain. Also, don’t forget about the Hungarian and synthetic oil.

      On the one hand, war is a gamble. On the other, it’s merely politics by other means. And losers are losers.


  7. > “…into a large war the outcome of which would’ve been uncertain.”

    Otto Ernst Remer says something else:

    “In September 1944, when I was commander of the guard unit at Hitler’s headquarters, I spoke with Hitler during a walk together outside. I asked him: “My Fuhrer, may I speak frankly with you for a moment?” “Of course,” he replied. I then asked him: “Why did you really attack Poland? Couldn’t you have been more patient?”

    Hitler had only asked for an extra-territorial highway and rail line across Polish territory, and he wanted the return of Danzig to the Reich. These were really very modest demands. With a bit more patience, couldn’t he have obtained these, in much the same way that Austria and the Sudetenland had been united with the Reich?

    And Hitler replied:

    “You are mistaken. I knew as early as March 1939 that Roosevelt had determined to bring about a world war, and I knew that the British were cooperating in this, and that Churchill was involved. God knows that I certainly did not want a world war. That’s why I sought to solve the Polish problem in my own way with a kind of punishment expedition, without a declaration of war. After all, there had been thousands of murders of ethnic Germans and 1.2 million ethnic German refugees. What should I have done? I had to act. And for that reason, four weeks after this campaign, I made the most generous offer of peace that any victorious leader could ever have made. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful.

    And then he said: “If I had not acted as I did with regard to the Polish question, to prevent a second world war, by the end of 1942 at the latest we would have experienced what we are now experiencing in 1944.” That’s what he said.”

    USSR also had much more armament (and the Lend Lease* was already under way) and the advantage of space. Germany would have stood no chance. The Soviets would have reached Paris.



    1. > “I knew as early as March 1939 that Roosevelt had determined to bring about a world war”

      A bald-faced lie. The decadent Westerners barely gathered the strength to challenge Hitler in September 1939. Had they aimed to destroy Germany, why did 1936 and 1938 see peace? Germany had stood no chance in the face of a Czech-French offensive.

      > “After all, there had been thousands of murders of ethnic Germans and 1.2 million ethnic German refugees. What should I have done? I had to act.”

      This is hilarious. Not a single dictator in the world is compelled to act by the suffering of the proles in a foreign country. Naïve fucking nonsense.

      The DPRK had 500k dead due to starvation in the Arduous March, did it blemish the Songun Smile? The expendable perish, the Volk marches on. Syria has lost 5 million – 17 remain, loyal to Bashar.


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