“In the 4th and 5th centuries of the common era, in a destructive outburst like the one ISIS has perpetrated in more recent times, the temples of the white gods and sculptures displaying Aryan beauty, were destroyed”
– What does this mean? Modern ISIS fighters are heroes who would rejuvenate Syria from its pathetic lethargy. Do modern Syrians consider their puny nation worthy? Not really.

“the temples of the white gods and sculptures displaying Aryan beauty, were destroyed by Judeo-Christian fanatics” – the comma is placed in a mistake.

“The king of Hispania Recceswinth” – great part.

“And if thou propagate with his daughters, thou art destroyed” – What is the source?

“(non-Jewish Semites had begun to invade the Iberian peninsula since the times of the Carthaginians!)” – the Carthaginians were basically Jews.

“Hispania aside, if the Roman Empire had not decayed, and let us remember that Gibbon blames the Christians for it, Islam wouldn’t even have had a chance of its spectacular conquests that only the gates of Vienna stopped, that MacDonald mentions.”
– this is so weird. Does Chechar not know that Islam was lethargic already in the 11th ct., hit by the invasions by Seljuks, Crusaders, Mongols and Tamerlane every century after? Vienna is the achievement of the Turks, not of Islam.

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