Of blazing-white stones and soul-inspiring Architecture – am 20. April, two vons surrendered Leipzig to those who suck the rotten cock of Jesus the Jew, one of them – right in front of Germanic Bravery, Fertility, Faith, and Sacrifice.

Germany deserved Hellstorm ten thousand times over.

4 thoughts on “White nationalism

    1. To clarify, it is a peculiar question as to how a Darwinian culture could have lost to Christians. The answer, of course, is that England and Russia were sufficiently Darwinian in the 1930s. Hitler’s “colossus with the feet of clay” remark applies to Gorbachev’s Russia and the 21st-ct. America, but his evaluation of those as such based on contemporary intelligence was faulty.

      In a way, even the West Germany of the 1950s did not have Negroes, faggots or sluts. But the vector was unmistakably towards Christianity/idealism. The England of 1939 had enough manly courage to wage war of extermination, but their politics was already suicidally Christian – their Christian hearts ached for Poland, and abhorred the expansion of their own race into the steppes of Russia, genociding Ukrainians in the process.

      A faulty strategy, a wretched race. Is the first Martian going to be a transvestite Negro? Will Oumuamua be renamed to Rama? And will space colonization begin before the Chinese exterminate Arabs and Hindus, or after?

      By the way, it is interesting that you seem not to have subscribed to my blog, but are responding soon nonetheless. I myself have never used the feed feature on any platform either – I just check the creators that I remember. (Although a Goebbel’s Hub-type high-IQ feed would come in handy, ngl. Another point against efficiency, Morgan! Stupid robots will kill their human hosts, smart Juche memes will help.)


    2. By the way, was this your letter?

      I myself don’t clearly remember how I found my way to Chechar’s blog. I discovered it in October 2015. Maybe, by googling “the west’s darkest hour”! But I was so ready that I immediately fell in love with most of its tenets. I don’t understand how a person can be horrified at the thought of billions of dead foreigners! But I do remember that in August 2015, when the news of the migrant crisis reached me, I was like, “Is it the beginning of the fall?”

      On the other hand, I would never have been inspired by Varg. AnPrim is castration.

      I wonder what it is like to pray to Jesus the Jew to find a familiar Volksgemeinschaft. Lmao.


  1. Sorry, I have not been active on the Internet and have not seen these comments.

    I don’t have a wordpress account and don’t even use my real email. I sometimes check this blog and your (and Morgan’s) UnzReview page daily and sometimes I don’t.

    No, that was not my letter.

    AnPrim is individualistic, I don’t care for it. If that’s what it takes to save the white race, better let it die.

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