1. It may be said that the fate of Juche Korea was decided when Russians defeated Hitlerians at Stalingrad in the far-away continent of Europe. That is so. History is never clean.

What is important is that when in power, the blood of Mangyongdae turned the hand it was dealt into the sole stronghold of intelligent life on the planet. For over 70 years, the Party has been proving its worthiness in the face of fate.

Monarchists and fascists and militarists are familiar with this argument – Do your part, and do it well.

2. I have been reading Dr. Goebbels’ diary, and it does sadden me how the bravery of the Hitlerians was not payed off handsomely. 80 mil. Germans were not enough. It is the irony of fate that ever newer technology has again broken one of the nasty innovations of World War One – as war of movement has returned, so has the importance of courage, no less than a thousandfold!

Nuclear weapons! A country of 25 mil. can now have its loyalty to the Führer rewarded in full, for the hard work of every single man and woman of the race may now protect the Eternal Republic with the fiery wrath of the Sun itself!


P.S. The image I have chosen is relevant. Look at any DPRK propaganda video – their song montages unmistakably depict the Sun. And it’s always a different frame! There are no two duplicate shots! Their film crews are pointing their cameras towards the sky all across the country. Truly, does their race not come from the stars?

This could have been our fate, had we won the war (3 hr 9 min).

When Kim Il Sung attacked, Mao Tse-tung lent his race brotherly aid. When Hitler attacked, the Anglos chose the side of Jesus. Kimilsungia is forged in the blood of heroes. All signs of Hitleria are erased.

(Stalin? His body was thrown away from the Mausoleum in 1961. Russia is now capitalist and rotting. Soviet Victory? What Victory? Christians can never truly win. Objective evil is self-defeating – suicidal! They did not even castrate / starve all Germans, as the reasonable Jews had conspired to (Kaufman, Morgenthau). No, Germans still physically exist in 2020. They might even form the Fourth Reich yet for all we know. Christianity is a hilarious creed.)


Poor Dr. Goebbels – forever trying to talk to the Anglos and afraid of scary Bolshevists – he died way too depressed. Cheer up, Dr. Goebbels! The fate of intelligent life if Christianity triumphs is way too funny.

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