This performance by the State Merited Chorus of the DPR of Korea ends with the depiction of the USA and Christian crosses’ being consumed by nuclear fire and brimstone caused by the terrible Vergeltungswaffe of the Korean race.

A few more versions of the song.

The channel that has uploaded the following one is a non-Korean man – who can be surprised that he has cut off his penis? Christians are transvestites.

3 thoughts on “The kshatriya idea incarnated in Juche Korea wishes death upon Christianity

  1. Do you know any interesting film made in the DPRK? Something similar to the Third Reich’s ‘Hitlerjunge Quex’, ‘Ewiger Wald’ or ‘Der große König’?


    1. Unfortunately, no, as I’m a Neanderthal, and thus do not watch films.

      I do, however, like their version of “Destro montages” – where the song is united with the video frame in a short propaganda piece.

      (I suggest using the Good Old YouTube or the User Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox to watch YouTube.)


  2. Cinema is the most christianized ‘art’ form, regardless (maybe with the DPRK is different) of a film’s country of provenience. Not much to lose if you entirely avoid it.

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