A marvelous piece from under the pen of Chechar himself! I find amusement in viewing these histories of thought, personal journeys. Does Bardamu still write, and such drivel? Living long enough does that to people. Pure degeneration.

I myself cannot see myself sing dithyrambs praising Christianity. It is as weird as defending America in front of Usama bin Laden’s 2001 attack, as preposterous as blaming the Jews, as mind-numbing as using the stupid, meaningless neo-Nazis buzzwords such as “leftism” and, dare I say it, “muh’ Culture Marxism”.

Do racists find this low-IQ garbage appealing? So undaring. So normie.

2 thoughts on “Con Swede, Johnson and Bardamu

  1. Jeebus makes no sense, and yet, (((he))) is everywhere. What. The. Fuck!

    I’ve been an atheist since I was 8 years old. And I’ve liked Hitler since 12. I cannot imagine how it is to be a normie for most of your life.

    But people are wrong, you don’t need the Internet to “wake up”, in fact I can see that it only makes things worse. If you are an average white man in the 1960s, you only have to read Mein Kampf. But people are too lazy.


    1. Same. I have always thought the interesting times behind me. Looking at history, nothing compares to WW2. The Huns, the Goths, the Mongols, the Turks – neither was Christian.

      About Jesus – have you heard of the Ephoenix incident? Blizzard Entertainment made a dying kid happy. To my materialist mind, it seems indistinguishable from those Australian beetles shagging brown bottles.

      What makes Man differ from an insect is Man’s faculty of reason. Man needs no trial and no error. He can model the future in His mind. Alas, most prefer to consign their responsibilities to the uncaring and blind forces of Culture. The Aryans are so dumb, they prefer to pray a Muhammad comes from the desert and unites them with a new creed. A fickle RNGesus. (The same way they treat the issue of infinite growth.)

      Meanwhile, a proper nation employs the Ministry of Propaganda for those aims. To make the memes subservient to the genes. But survival is an alien concept to the Aryans. Where’s good in survival? Jesus didn’t say that!


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