And guerilla warfare.

2 thoughts on “Führer quote

  1. Good point.

    “The only type of homosexuality tolerated in a Fourth Reich should be that of two adolescents beautiful enough not to cause revulsion in a heterosexual who sees them together.”

    What? Do faggots read Chechar?

    I don’t understand this insanity of letting young boys or girls sleep together or what the hell those pre Christian Aryans were doing in Greece and Rome. Shouldn’t Aryans be reared for war from the youngest age? No time for such silly fantasies. Chechar’s post-non-white-exterminationist world looks so boring (Parrish paintings) whereas I believe we should be in a state of eternal war even after there are only Aryans left.


    1. True. And in my mind, proper anti-Christianity is any policy reasonably conceived as conducive to the survival of the race. This is why I loved Chechar – he’s not a rigid traditionalist. But praising homosexuality “because muh’ antiquity” is irrational.

      Of course, Chechar is anything but a materialist Darwinian. Chechar would not design a world where rabbits live in a state of perpetual fear because that helps them survive. Chechar is concerned with feelings, morbidly concerned, as Nietzsche would have put it. What is that but Christianity?

      I will also reply to Robert Morgan when I am allowed to that a man-centred creed is not necessarily Christian. Christianity is everything idealist, hostile to life. An ideology that selfishly puts the people in the centre is exactly anti-Christian.

      What is the people, however? I don’t mean humanity here. I think of a nation-state that spreads like cancer. Obviously, only good qualities can be fostered if such a tumour is to succeed. This is all so obvious.

      Christians will talk around the issue – about the number of HIV-infected, they’ll never mention geography and race. It’s all one mankind, you see. They want to reach Kardashev 1 as an amalgamation of Negrofaggots – what a preposterous idea. A world without xenophobia is so boring and dishonest. All mindless slaves to the Christian axiology.

      What next? Take some inspiration from tumours, and duplicate that hellish Realität with your Nature-given Ratio. For I believe Man can be a good tumour. Contra spem spero.


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