Unthinkable topics:
1) Darwinian ethics;
2) homophobic atheism;
3) declaring war on the Vatican;
4) good Stalin;
5) Juche Korea as the only sane nation;
6) the existence of Latin America.

3 thoughts on “Christian continent

  1. 5!

    Almost* every single ‘friend’ of mine calls me a troll for considering the DPRK the only good state in the world!

    Their ‘arguments’?

    A. “Kim Jong Un is the only fat individual in the country, drives a $300,000 Mercedes and studied in Switzerland.”

    B. “There are no night lights in the DPRK, which means no electricity at night. What if someone attacks your children when they come from school?”

    C. “The people don’t have enough food, the people eat dogs, everybody in the West, East Europe and South Korea can eat good food.”

    D. “DPRK is bad because Communism in Romania was bad**. What do the Koreans have that we don’t have?”

    *I’ve sent one links to your (and Morgan’s) comments on The Unz Review and he likes them very much.

    **Somehow worse than present-day American hyper-capitalism in their minds even though the youths do nothing but to wear jeans, drink Coke, do drugs, whore themselves, become faggots (good in the Fourth Reich according to Chechar).

    What am I supposed to answer? Should I simply gas them? Gee, it’s hard to be a hyperborean.


    1. A. Kim Jong Un is also depicted as leading an artillery barrage, or inspecting trams. He’s the cheerful and caring embodiment of the Korean race, like Hitler was.

      B. People sleep at night. Also, they have irregularities in their power supply. Also, that famous satellite image is a lie.

      C. Better hungry and free. Isn’t independence supposed to be all Eastern Euros care about?

      D. Aryans are faggots, thus even our Communism is with faggot characteristics. There must be a clear difference between the Warsaw Pact and the DPRK – the DPRK still stands. There was no Juche in Romania. The similarities are superfluous.

      **I have always considered jeans a degenerate, chaotic attire, since childhood.

      There is no point gassing them, for they will die out on their own, as our entire race will. Good grief.

      (I don’t want to appear too black-pilled, however. As Halder (?) said, war isn’t over ’til we say so. But that’s the funny thing about reality – those who are wrong die when left to their devices. It’s merely a matter of time, of going through the motions.)


  2. Yes, something along those lines I’ve said, but they can’t listen. They can’t listen, because they refuse to face reality.




    Kike shit for the goyim, obviously! The judaised mass man (yet another proof of the useleness of money, as rich and poor are so alike). Never wear not only because they are ugly, they are very uncomfortable too. The end of beauty and order. And to top it all, almost all women wear jeans, disgusting!

    I am black-pilled as it is, I don’t shed tears.


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