Transvestite propaganda in the previous entry notwithstanding, this is a genuinely heart-warming post. Still, it is true that the outskirts of Stalingrad were defended by Russian schoolgirls. Ayaya.

The 16th Panzer Division recorded that “right until afternoon we had to fight ‘shot for shot’ against 37 anti-aircraft positions manned by tenacious fighting women, until all were destroyed.”

2 thoughts on “Spartan nostalgia

  1. Chechar will tell you that pre Bolshevik Monarchist Russia was better than Stalin’s Russia, but fails to see that the former would have stood no chance against National Socialist Germany and all Russians would have been exterminated. What a schizo.


    1. That is correct. Stalin’s Russia made a number of mistakes, but in the end, they did defeat Germany, they did acquire atomic weapons, they did put a man into space. Blaming them for being healthy and strong is insane, it’s like blaming gravity. Hitler’s calculation of the USSR is applicable to modern America, not the contemporary Union.

      One might blame Khrushchev for desecrating Stalin’s Mausoleum, and Stalin himself for not preparing a successor. But the overall quality of the Russian people and the Party was lacking in those post-war decades. It is all a matter of rot, degeneration that creeps into every system that is not explicitly anti-Christian (like the DPRK). It is a constant propaganda fight for the soul of the nation – the slackers are swept away with the tide of Chaos. (China has chosen to ride it.)

      Cultural Marxism in the US? It is the American Christian transvestites who have subverted Russia, not the other way round! Or the general Christian residue in both Great Powers that made their strength in 1945 ephemeral and fleeting.


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