© Adûnâi

Beautifully written as always, Dr. Robert Morgan! Do you think the incarnate Fourth Reich will resemble the nightmare of Chechar’s dreams? The Return of Quetzalcoatl – but not as a metaphor for the muddening of the fair race, oh no! The Feathered Serpent as the God resurrected that tears out the beating hearts atop the impossible granite sculpture of New Germania! What else can bring the Sun of the Aryan race back into the Sky from the Underworld, but a great torrent of blood gushing from the sacrificial Ziggurat?

“It will not resemble those harmonious futures predicted up to the 1970s.”

© Adûnâi [deleted]

> “Exactly. This is why the US quickly won decisive victories in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. Technology is what wins wars.”

Yes, they did. Did they not? And if they didn’t, what will you blame?

The European man had the technology to exterminate all non-Whites on the planet in the first decades of the 20th century, long before the invention of the atomic bomb even. What made the Aryan lick the feet of foreigners instead? – His state of mind, his axiology, his Christianity.

Technology is a tool. The tool the Aryan cannot use to win, because he wants to fucking die. (You can’t die if you’re the winner, can you?) The tool that the Aryan will surely use to cuck himself over – the way the Aryan uses contraception to kill his children and his manliness, the same way the Aryan will use atomic bombs to kill any manly Aryan collective fighting against Christianity.

This is not a fight against Jews, or against subversion, or against an external enemy. This is a fight against the deathwish of the Aryan. Our race wants to die and will hate the medicine, and anyone who takes it.

P.S. I will ruin my comment to state bluntly – America could have used 500 nuclear devices to turn Vietnam into a desert, and nobody (i.e., the Soviets) would have retaliated. Americans cucked. South Africans cucked. Soviets cucked.

In the light of the title I have given [to] this… In mid-June, I had a dream about a word ballaghesos. A bit like Tolkien’s Lament of Akallabêth. Could have come from ballad, ghash, and the Aryan suffix ος.


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