© Joseph Walsh

“I’m not goin down so easily.”

It doesn’t matter that you’ve decided in your own brain that you’re not going down so easily. Loads of white males have decided that since 1945. Your people will still be ‘going down’ regardless, if the overwhelming majority of white males don’t kill their enemies.

“Now, if we can stop whining about our women behaving like women, perhaps we could start behaving like men and exterminate EVERYONE who fucking stands in our way.

Jew, negro, white, I don’t care.

I’m not goin down so easily.”

What are you waiting for then? Why aren’t you out there behaving like a Man exterminating EVERYONE who stands in your way? See, it’s easy to talk the tough guy talk on the internet but a lot harder to put it into practice in real life. “We could start behaving like men….” Who is this ‘we’ you refer to? Me and you? How about we arrange to meet and get something going? Cesar has visited me in my flat before, he can easily facilitate real life contact between me and you. However, my guess is what you mean is you don’t intend to engage in any lone wolf terrorism and will spend the rest of your life waiting for white males to fight back in sufficiently numerous numbers so that it becomes safe and ‘legal’ for you to start behaving like a man and exterminate everyone who stands in your way. Just like everyone else on this site is doing. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

I have corresponded with Matt Hale, as well as Gary Yarbrough of The Order when he was still alive, both of whom were imprisoned in the most secure prison in America (as well as the world actually) the ADX Supermax in Colorado. I’ve also been approached by counter-terrorism police twice in my own country. I’ve given speeches at numerous right-wing events, been on marches, made radio shows etc., done literally nearly all activism I could short of pulling that trigger which I’m not going to do for basically the same reasons that everyone else who visits Cesar’s site has never done so. Don’t bother giving me the “we’ve got to start behaving like men” line. I’ve heard it all before. I’ve done what I can on behalf of our dying race. It doesn’t make a difference if me and you start behaving like men and killing racial enemies, if the vast majority of white males don’t join us in doing so nothing changes.

Yes, I know white males are the cause of white extinction, not the Jews. I know we are just getting what we deserve for centuries upon centuries of errors made by our forefathers, largely due to worshipping a Jew as God, as well as for our own collective cowardice in the present. No news there. There has been a very persistent minority of white males since 1945 that has done nearly everything possible to save their race from extinction yet they haven’t made that much of a difference, at least yet. Having individual racist killers like James Earl Ray, Joseph Paul Franklin, Frank Spisak, Keith Luke etc. doesn’t make a difference. The fact is unless the majority of white males kill their enemies in collective military action our race is finished. Individual acts of lone wolf terrorism are like trying to bail out the sinking Titanic with a bucket.

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