© Joseph Walsh

White Men were masculine and had world domination when white women started agitating for Feminism in the 19th century. Nothing is enough for white women. White Men can hand them the world on a platter and they still desire (and expect!) more.

They’ve been given all the fucking rights they demanded, no longer have to work as a housewife due to the inventions of White Men, they’ve even been liberated from the responsibility of having children yet it is never enough.

You know, after German men were defeated in WWII a certain number of German women miscegenated with Negro soldiers from the militaries of the Western Allies. What was their excuse? German men weren’t masculine? They’d just laid down their lives at Stalingrad and at the Battle of Berlin to prevent what’s now happening from happening. But who cares right, certain German women just slept with the victors, better than those German losers.

That’s a good thing that will come from the extinction of the white race, no more fucking white women on Earth. I don’t agree with David Lane’s we must survive because the beauty of the White Aryan woman…etc. statement. No. White women were never what was good about the white race, it was always White Men, the purpose of white women was to be vessels for great White Men to emerge.

Do white women want masculinity from White Men? Really? Because I bet if they were forced to keep their mouths shut, their endless demands no longer catered to or taken notice of, and they were beaten and raped regularly they would complain about how horrible White Men were, even though White Men were just behaving in a masculine way.

In fact we can ascertain the answer now. How many white women visited the men of The Order in prison? Literally none. David Lane commented that Black prisoners had white women visiting them in the prison he was in, yet the heroic men of The Order were ignored. Even Mr. “beauty of the White Aryan woman” David Lane himself exclaimed in his later years “Your beauty was a lie”. How many white females in Britain visit heroic Thomas Mair? You get the idea.

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