Christians say there was a dearth of philosophical advancement in the Renaissance. I will add that the scientific revolution did not start until the Renaissance ended. Spengler will bemoan the misunderstanding of the Classical by the Italians.

Chechar as always is schizophrenic – Hitler attacked Russia treacherously, yet it is Russia’s fault for invading Europe in return. The world is full of dishonest schizos.

2 thoughts on “I’m still alone

  1. > “Hitler attacked Russia treacherously”

    Or preemptively? Could be.

    “The German armaments program did not really get going until after the war against the Soviets was underway. We started with 3,260 tanks. That’s all we had, but the Soviets had 10,000. At that time our monthly production was 35 tanks. Imagine that! It wasn’t until October 1944 that we reached the high point of our production of 1,000 tanks per month. So, our monthly production of tanks went from 35 in 1941 to 1,000 in late 1944. That’s quite a difference, and it’s proof that we were simply not militarily prepared for a world war.”

    Hitler’s greatest mistake was to attack Poland while not being prepared for a war with all those who could have attacked him. I believe the Germans resisted so much only because of their ideology. But Bolshevism was extraordinary tough, too.

    Chechar is a schizo because he’s not interested in any discussion outside his Hitler worship. Why should I feel compassion for the Germans? They have become faggots when the war ended. The Christian “Hellstorm” sucks! And his ideology is as schizo as they come. “The 4 words”, yeah sure. “I am a vegetarian and people who eat meat should die”, yeah sure.


    1. @commandor Thanks for not forsaking me!

      > “Or preemptively?”

      This is such a weird case. Suvorov is attacking Hitlerian Germany from a Christian angle – “good boys finish last”. But it is delusional. In Nature, those boys are good who win. That word I used is a buzzword epithet. I don’t blame Hitler for treachery. I blame him for his failure. When was it? Not later than 1941. We know one course of action – it proved out unsuccessful.

      Now, I do not deny the utility of a proper casus belli.

      1. The Americans were Christians – an attacked Germany might have made them shed tears or whatever those Christians do.

      2. A nation that gets fucked for no reason usually has more strength to fight ideologically – and conversely, a Russia on the offensive might have been weaker. Obviously, I do not deny that a healthy population must never hate itself, or at least forgets the reasons as to why it deserves extermination (Germany in 1945).

      > “Hitler’s greatest mistake was to attack Poland…”

      They still could have made an agreement with Stalin – by attacking Iraq through Turkey in autumn 1940, for example.

      > “Chechar is a schizo because he’s not interested in any discussion outside his Hitler worship.”

      Hitler is the best we’ve got, unfortunately. I just don’t see the utility in being blind to his faults, and to the strengths of the Russian hero Stalin.

      > “Why should I feel compassion for the Germans? They have become faggots when the war ended.”

      The Germans are no different from any other Aryan nation on the planet. Their fate is totally similar. Yes, they had a bit more beauty in the 19th century, and a bit more degeneracy in the 21st. But the only part worthy of interest is the NSDAP.

      > “The Christian “Hellstorm” sucks!”

      Do you mean the book is written from a Christian perspective? If so, then true – Chechar does degenerate into a Christian so often when it comes to burning children or eating meat. His whole argument against Stalin is that he was allegedly murdering Russians, so he supports Hitler, who was objectively murdering far more Russians? And he has a mental breakdown when this is pointed out.

      > “And his ideology is as schizo as they come.”

      To be fair, if there were a dominant Aryan opposition party with a Checharist ideology, I wouldn’t possess a moral right to oppose it. The 4 Words are practically the same short-term as a purely materialist Darwinian doctrine. It’s in the far perspective where cracks would appear – centuries after the Victory.

      And his ideas about music and Rome? Aren’t they that bad?

      1. I’m an archivist by nature, and thus I view the destruction of Milan and Lahore the only argument against nuclear warfare, albeit weak and selfish. Thus the debate on erasing all of Bach or all of the Bible or all of pornography even is preposterous. Everything must be preserved.

      2. I’m not sure I follow Chechar’s hatred of that Lee general’s statues for their being clothed. Would naked Hitler be preferable? Or the Rococo generals such as Frederick II von Hohenzollern without a coat, a hat, and trousers? In a way, I have a certain modicum of nostalgia and respect for every period of history before 1945.

      And it’s not like we have a lot – Christians invented writing, and the story of Bronze Age Scandinavia is as unknown as that of Aryan India. Only the Christians and Egyptians seem to have cared about the past. The Greek, Scandinavian and Indian lack of veneration for history disgusts me to no end.


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