I. The possible axiologies of suicide.

Recent Twitch streamer Reckful’s suicide has moved me to evaluate the possible axiological views on the question of suicide.

1. Collectivist – suicide is viewed as treason and despised. Every man’s mind must be controlled by the ruling Party that upholds the Flame Imperishable against the Forces of Chaos of the rotting transvestite Jew Jesus. It is shared by all healthy populations on the planet, even by the half-Aryan traditionalist Christianity.

2. Anarchist – the view that must be yet is not shared by modern Americans – suicide is an inalienable human right. From this point, committing suicide is like getting a hairstyle or an abortion – a choice, neither good nor bad. This would be my preferred more if I were a selfish individualist and not wholly a slave to the people’s ideology (I am not a slave by virtue of not having a state to serve – anti-lemmings are forced to think for themselves).

3. Modern Western – pathological compassion and sadness, grief. People say, “I must have talked to him”. – Why is that? Is this an irrational relic from the traditionalist past? Is this a creation of modern morbid obsession with feelings? And yet it is coupled with such an uncharacteristic for usually staunchly-anarchic Americans strain of statism! I would explain it as a remnant that is too minor to have been corrected by the cultural forces, as suicide is quite a rare phenomenon among the normies.

II. The Western normie veneration of the cult of depression.

It is remarkable that depression’s status as a “biological illness” reaches almost the same priority among the Christian symbols of the West as the Negrofaggots themselves. Why is that? Is this a fluke of history that made psychiatry an indelible part of the crazy tempo of modern life? Even when the whole of Negrofaggot Christianity is idealist, and this obsession is crudely materialistic?

Or is the solution simpler, and more dialectical?

The crux of the matter is the staunch belief that depression is both a mental disorder (thus with an unknown aetiology by definition) and a biochemical illness. Why biochemical with no proof thereof? Is it derived from the traditional authority science established for itself in the centuries after Napoléon I? Or is it something deeper?

The entry on virtue published by Chechar comes to mind. Eureka! Manliness! What is the main argument espoused by the psychiatry-worshippers? That men are never sad! That sadness is a weakness! That this sadness is, to the contrary, overwhelmingly strong!

The cult of depression is pure faggotry for this reason! Man up, or kill yourself – tertium non datur! To hell with Chechar himself and his abominable “victims of child abuse” – the weak must die, the strong survive! The alternative is believing in the anti-scientific nonsense of psychiatry!

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