“It is questionable indeed whether for a Classical mind it was even possible to react to the motive forces that are presupposed in the production of a Parzeval, a Hamlet, or a Werther. (P. 14).”

I am reading Spengler; he draws a stark contrast between the Classical “statuette-esque” and Faustian “boundless” Cultures. What gives? Either way, he is gravely mistaken in his rejection of Christianity’s role (everything good was despite the Jewish domination of the Aryan’s fate thread), and Nietzsche has been vindicated a thousandfold since. Still, weren’t the Hellenes Aryans that mingled? One cannot be blind to the Jewish circumnavigation of Africa, and of the Jewish hero Hannibal. Were the Philistines Swedes? Still, the Antikythera Mechanism was yet to be discovered…

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