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One of Spencer’s interlocutors threw out a chilling piece of information that I was unaware of: one of my patron saint’s descendants (Göring, since he vehemently defended the welfare of animals), sterilized himself out of guilt once he internalized, with extraordinary violence, anti-German propaganda.

© Adit

This reminds me of a South African Blog I read occasionally. His articles about how things are in SA ( and how it got to be that way) are great. However, the blog’s creator has been trying for years to get the world to see that apartheid was not evil, and that Africans prospered under the system. In other words, they were good Christians helping the downtrodden.

What he can’t seem to grasp Is that apartheid was evil precisely BECAUSE African population exploded under the system. The White South Africans literally slit their own throats with their Christianity by causing racial competitors to flourish. In a zero sum game such as survival, there is no greater “sin” ( for lack of a better word.) However, if I were to tell that blog creator exactly what I said here, and that their Christianity has doomed their kin, he could never even entertain the idea.

© Axl Atman

What I never understood is how individuals like Alexander Dugin are considered “Nazbol” when there is nothing “Naz” about them. If I recall correctly, Franz Boas is endorsed in The Fourth Political Theory. I know Arktos publishes Dugin’s works, but do individuals seriously consider themselves to be Nazbols? Because I thought it was just an internet joke. In any case, TFPT was just Civic Nationalism mixed with Eurasianism.

Yockey saw the USSR as advancing towards a “Red Fascism” and preferable to the liberalism of Western Christendom. I think this is a fairly accurate observation, as we have seen China exhibiting similar behavior; deviating from the behavior of its revolutionary inception in order to compete in the global capitalist market while remaining racially homogenous and illiberal. North Korean Juche is ethnically homogenous and exhibits more explicit policies akin to German National Socialism. However, I don’t think that makes Yockey a “Nazbol”. It would appear that “Nazbols” are a Civic Nationalist Eurasianist phenomenon (Duginism). Also, if I recall correctly, “Holocaust denial” is still a heresy crime in Russia (the 1649 Maryland Toleration Act of the 20th-21st century). An interesting statistic I recently came across, according to ABC News in 2007, half of the world’s total “Neo-Nazis” were Russian.

Certain individuals, and I think this was Yockey’s shortcoming, were optimistic of Soviet Anti-Zionism. The works of Frank L. Britton and Dr. David Duke debunk the erroneous idea that there was a “Soviet Anti-Semitism”.

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