Believe it or not, I have searched for it myself (via CherryPlayer). Such marvelous music! The spirit of ancient Europe now lost! It’s The Lord of the Rings in real life! Now white people have no culture left… Beauty remains in Hyperborean Korea, retained by the titans of Pyongyang.

– Adûnâi

We Europeans are brothers in blood. It is such a pity we have forsaken our common destiny. Now, the tide of colour from the South will consume our ancestral lands. Pereat Europa! Pereat Ruthenia! The ancient continent lies in ruins, and the future is unknown.

– Adûnâi

The fair race is almost spent. Our history is badmouthed, our heroes smeared, our nations consumed by the idealist madness of Christian universalism. The Faustian spirit of ancient Europe was preserved for a time to the East of the Elbe. No more. We are at the brink of extinction to-day, after all our countries have fallen into ruin. Will the fire be reignited?

– Adûnâi

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