© Mauricio

It’s disgusting to mention White blood and Jeezus in the same sentence.
Anglin is a mercenary. He’s doing Daily Stormer for the notoriety. He writes his dissident wank-pieces with a Xtian flavor because the majority of his readers are Xtian. I’d say DS is still up because it passes the Eli Ravage test: Hate the kikes, but love The Kike.

Let’s fix Anglin’s piece of drunken Xtian bullshit, shall we? Here’s the sober version:

“These are going to be progressively poorer times we’ll be facing here, and the number one thing I can recommend is that you remove ALL subversive degeneracy from your life, especially (((God))).
Beyond that, you need to be careful who you associate with. Someone from your ‘crew’ might rat you out after an hour of sitting at the interrogation table.
Then you need guns, legal or illegal, and Silver, or Gold, stored food and a place outside the city if you can.”
“Look: we’re paying for the racial treachery of our grandfathers, and some of us won’t make it through this. I don’t know that I will, and you don’t know that you will. But we as a people must sacrifice a lot for our existence. That I can guarantee.
And that is how you need to be thinking: that we are cowards, united by greed, and only through much suffering and spilling of our enemies’ blood shall we earn our salvation.”

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