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Your ‘red-giant’ analogy is apt. The supernatural Jesus and Saint Paul – although leftists and communists for their time – were, nevertheless, constrained by the conservative values of their time. Hence this constraint; a constraint not properly their own but of their Roman environment, restrains and conservatises Orthodox Christianity.

Remove the supernatural 1st-century Mishnaic Rabbis, Jesus and Saul… and there is nothing, anymore, restraining this subversive rabbinical, essene, desert-communist creed. ‘soul equality’ becomes ‘equality.’ ‘complementarianism,’ the false evangelical belief that women are “separate but equal” becomes: ‘feminism.’ ‘image and likeness of God’ becomes ‘one race and it’s human.’

Hence mainstream atheism, what I term “noahide atheism,” is really just ‘red-giant Christianity;’ a Christianity bereft of its supernatural core; hyper-Christianity; the reductio ad absurdum, or Christianty’s last logical conclusion.

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