This day, I have had thoughts about the reality that was not to be. The Aryan Republic of South Africa successfully developed six nuclear devices in the 1980s, only to commit collective suicide a few short summers laters – at the time when Führer Hitler would have been 100 years old. This picture of cuckoldry is complete – they are the only nation on the planet that have dismantled their own nuclear arsenal! (Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan could not readily launch their Soviet-inherited nukes.)

One might imagine an alternate reality. The one in which the sons of the Aryan pioneers on the hostile continent are not foreign to the ideas of glory. The one where they would rather die, even when nobody would be left to sing songs about their last stand, than let their posterity rot for decades as slaves to the Negroes in body and soul. The last tempest of the Aryan wrath, the last fury of the fair race in the dark time when Germany was no more.

If one considers the English Electric Canberra, its range of 1,300 km would have allowed the Europeans of South Africa to exact terrible nuclear vengeance upon the capitals of the hostile Negro states of Africa – Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique – Gaborone, Lusaka, and Maputo.

If one considers the bought from Israel missiles Jericho II/RSA-2, their range of 7,800 km would have allowed the last defenders of European glory at the end of the world to bring annihilation to both the seats of Christian madness – Jerusalem in Palestine, and Rome in Italy. Constantinople, Ankara, Cairo and Rio de Janeiro would be suitable targets as well.

Nothing of this was considered or enacted, of course. There are no Aryans left, only crucified-Jew-worshippers. Not in Yugoslavia, not in Russia, not in Africa, not in America. Only the DPR of Korea upholds the ideas of beauty and honour. And their struggle resounds across all nations.

Can you imagine what you would say to your kinsmen in such an hour, when the missiles are launched bringing a thousand suns each? You would effectively end their existence. But if the Aryans of the United States and of Soviet Russia would side with the African Negroes in such a total war, what dignity would there be in an alternate, peaceful future for the Europeans of South Africa? If the Whites of the world would rather bring war to their racial brethren, even worse – threaten nuclear doom on each other, instead of uniting their nuclear arsenals against all non-Whites on the planet (an even better use for their nuclear stockpiles than what Carl Sagan suggested – interstellar travel)… Our race is finished.


A tool to draw circles on the map of the world:

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