[The title is inspired by my impression of Andrei Lanykov’s lecture on the DPR of Korea which I might translate in the future – as I am repulsed by all things economic, but even more – by the contempt of all Christian Whites on the planet towards any racist régime of the people.]

A response to BannedHipster’s blog post.
Get Ready, It’s Coming: The Media Campaign From Now Until The Election

1. The Corona makes absolutely no sense from any angle that considers the Chinese rational (unlike the Whites). The only scenario I can think of – it is a Chinese conspiracy to bring down capitalism – they created a nothingburger, but [barely] sold it as a serious issue. Is such a conspiracy physically possible? Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un must be playing 5D chess. Godspeed!

2. Stop talking about how those poor Whites are mistreated by big scary Jews – the Whites hate themselves more than the Jews hate them. If a White runs in trouble for offending Negroes he runs in trouble because of a fellow White 99% of the time – not because of a Jew.

Why if I tell a Russian from half a planet away that a Jew is hurt, he will be saddened – instead of celebrating? Do you understand the extent of the possession by the ideals of universal brotherhood and egalitarianism? I can only imagine what it is like in the epicentre of Christianity – Jew York and London, where Aryan women get fucked by Negroes in broad daylight! When faced with such madness, thinking in terms other than axiological is nonsense! You are no different from a money-grubbing Jew counting shekels. There is no war, no geopolitics when your people are possessed and kill themselves as a population.

Remember – the Jews came to America because the Whites invited them, the Whites that have been praying to a Jewish god and a Jewish angel for more than a millennium. The cuckoldry runs deep.

3. I do not understand why non-Whites, Jews or faggot freemasons would want to start a race war against Whites in 2020. This would:

1) bring down capitalism;

2) galvanize what is left of the half-rotten Aryan body in America for a fight.

War is the only plausible way non-Whites lose. Are they completely retarded? Where is the boiling frog analogy when it is needed? Are you retarded? Are they? Am I? A world of retards it is, superstitious clowns.

> “From now until the election there will be non-stop false stories about “white supremacist groups” and constant news stories singling out various white individuals who will be slandered as “racist” as well as non-stop attacks on white police unions.”

Why is it the case that White supremacy is considered a pejorative among the Whites of America? Why? Do you not understand the obvious? Because the Whites have no brains left after 2000 years of worshipping the Jew! Could you imagine the Korean people being upset at their military killing American invader apes from Africa? Can you imagine the Juche media of the DPR of Korea being owned by non-Koreans? Of course not – they are not Christians, they are atheist materialist, i.e., not deranged cucks.

2 thoughts on “Aryans with the beady eyes of a greedy Jew

  1. Another reply to @BannedHipster.

    > “You can tell what “adunaii” is – he’s a Breitbarter.”
    I have no idea what Breitbart is. And certainly, I do not read from scripts. And obviously, I am no Zionist – where did I say I wish anything but death for the Jews on the planet?

    > “They want to corral white people into a “right wing” ghetto of extremism and hatred of “the other” so no one will complain…”
    See, why is it the case that you cannot even imagine the axiology alternate to the cucked Christianity you profess? Why is it beyond the pale to you to have a White race that is not cucked? A White race that admits the Holocaust – and celebrates it? There is no other future for us than this. If Whites do not hate non-Whites – Whites go extinct.

    I’m pretty fucking sure, I read from no script other than “cartoony racist”. Yes, I see no shame in cartoony racism – my race is dying world-wide, anything else is half-measures and weakness. Politicking is for pre-1945, the 21st ct. requires a religious revolution on the scale that would mirror and reject the destruction of antiquity at the hands of Christian Jew-worshippers.


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