Chechar: “…this Russian liked Ramsay Bolton, who liked to skin men, women and children alive in Game of Thrones.”

The first time I saw the film series (or what Americans call it, a TV show) Game of Thrones was in late April 2018. I do not usually watch motion pictures, this is why it took me so long to obey the Zeitgeist. I was indeed impressed, especially with the politicking and the intrigue in the series, although from the very beginning, I considered the Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s character arcs cancerous pincers eating at the rims of the story. Time has proved me right.

Back in Season 2, my favourite character was Theon Greyjoy. He vaguely reminded me of Kael’thas from Warcraft. He had a great inheritance, yet little to show for it. His own father scorned him when he returned home, for not being vicious enough.

In the end, he became a traitor to the Starks, remembering the motto of his own House Greyhoy, “We do not sow,” taking Winterfell.

Following that, however, he was betrayed by his own men, because his geopolitical condition was dire, and his authority low. (The traitors were skinned, fortunately, but Theon castrated, unfortunately.)

To me, this is a great tale, almost like that of the always-trusting Siegried from the Nibelungenlied in importance. How do you prove yourself? Whom do you count on? When do you stop? When do you fight, when retreat?

Ramsay Bolton did love skinning people alive, that is true. Such a custom that it was almost forgotten even in the barbaric Darwinian cultures of Westeros. Points to Ramsay for being gruesome. Points to Ramsay for reviving an ancient cultural tradition. Points to Ramsay for making his noble father proud. (I never considered Ramsay “evil” to begin with, merely a decent player, and a successful one at that.)

In this analysis, I ignore the whorish behaviour of the character. In addition, I like Alfie Allen’s Nordic face.

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