4 thoughts on “Whatever cannot withstand the demands of existence is destroyed (Dr. Grosz, 1938)

    1. Doesn’t “Hail struggle!” sound masochistic to you (in a good way)? Accepting life is accepting being dominated by Nature, obeying the commandments outside our control. Christian suicide has always seemed like a reasonable path to freedom to me. That said, every normie to the last is Christian these days, and where is the fun in such an emo world?

      Thank you for such care, and thanks to Chechar for shouting me out in his wake post.

      On the topic of the Unz Review, I have not been notified of the ban – it said “Too much commenting. Take a break.” when I tried to post, and “Only recently active commenters…” when I tried to mark posts with “Agree” (btw, I used “Thanks” as a way to say “Half-heartedly Agree”). The funny thing about the Unz Review is that the same comment could be let through in the past if I submitted it a second time ten hours later – a different moderator shift? But of course, it is dangerous – especially when you go against the Russophilia and Semitophobia of Rurik and The Saker in these troubled times!


  1. “All life is bound up in three theses: struggle is the father of all things, virtue lies in the blood, and leadership is primary and decisive.” – A quote from a Hitler speech in 1928.

    > Christian suicide has always seemed like a reasonable path to freedom to me.

    Wouldn’t that be outright suicide? Simpler and more elegant than the Christian one.

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  2. Christian suicide is outright suicide, a collective endeavour.

    Obviously, if one disagrees with the quirks of Nature (those queer guidelines are nothing like laws), he is free to kill himself. Who will argue othewise? The whole world will celebrate.


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