Today, on 2020-06-06, I have been excluded from commenting by the Unz Review (eternally or temporarily). Banned by the Unz Review which prides itself on providing freedom of speech to the folks of all political affiliations, and instead creates blatant echo-chambers of its own!

Thus I would like to republish my withheld comments here, for any wanderer that might chance to encounter this smallest of bottles thrown into the currents of cyberspace.

For reference, here is my blog account on the Unz Review – saved to both the Wayback Machine &ûnâiûnâi
(My comment directed at Jared Taylor is a half-joke; in truth, I hate them all – Negroes, policemen, and old nominally-Aryan pacifists.)

#1 @C.T.

> “But there are biological pseudosciences, such as Lysenko’s genetics in Stalin’s time, or 19th-century phrenology.”

Then why do you mention physiognomy in a positive light? Isn’t it as pseudoscientific as phrenology?

Catching the opportunity, I would like to republish my comment that you did not let through on your blog out of pettiness. (Did I not mention Solzhenitsyn as you had demanded?)

The marvelous comments by Rollory and Joseph Walsh have got me thinking. Solzhenitsyn said that suffering ripens the soul. And you, César, are of the opinion that without suffering, there is no Aryan rebirth – at least, at this point, as a “massive karmic debt”.

Was then the suffering of those undeserving such suffering, the defeat of Hitlerian Germany inevitable – for the _ultimately good_ outcome? Would the NSDAP have degenerated in peace time, led by half-measures? Savitri Devi comes to mind.

As Dr. Strange said in Infinity War (2018), “I went forward in time to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict. – How many did we win? – One.”

My biggest fear is that a civil war breaks America, and the side of the Whites wins – without rejecting Christianity.

P.S. Addressing your comments about me:

  1. I do not condone the burning of children, I merely entertained a thought experiment that I would accept gruesome infanticide in case science proved its use to my race’s survival. It only speaks to my free thinking unencumbered by delusions, and to my disregard for conformity on your blog.
  2. I do not value Stalin higher than Hitler – I merely: 1) value him higher than Roosevelt/Churchill; 2) am not afraid to point out Hitler’s foolishness.
  3. (Capital L) Little Russian is my ethnicity, as I consider the term “Ukrainian” needlessly Russophobic newspeak.

#2 @AnonFromTN

> “Wiki lies, as it does in most cases. Dialectics was Hegel’s idea (see, if you want it on the Web). Wiki liars correctly count on woeful ignorance of people. Worked with you.”

Are you retarded? I was talking about the laws of dialectics which my stupid Little Russian philosophy teacher thinks were established by Hegel! Where is the word “laws” in that link? Or on IEP?’s_dialectics
“Engels postulated three laws of dialectics from his reading of Hegel’s Science of Logic. Engels elucidated these laws as the materialist dialectic in his work Dialectics of Nature:
The law of the unity and conflict of opposites
The law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes
The law of the negation of the negation”

Is it nonsense? It does seem like it. I like Engels’ idea of the evolution of matter in the order of from physics>chemistry>biology>culture, but these “laws” are unknown outside of Russia, and probably for a good reason.

#3 @AnonFromTN

> “My ancestors were slaves (indentured peasants). Indentured peasants were freed in the Russian Empire in the same year as slaves in the US, 1861.”

To be fair, the entirety of Russia/Belarus/Little Russia is comparable to a Negro hood where men have some balls left, where violence is common and intelligent discourse is rare. Have you heard the way Zelenski talks? Or Kolomoiski? Or even Putin, with his famous “we will be murdering them in toilet cabins”?

“Seeing your face” to a journalist. Obviously, he’s a Jew, but aren’t they supposed to be more refined in their manners?

“I’m President, I’m 42 years old, and not some sucker” (some say, the word loch comes from the German/Yiddish for anus).лох

I have zero clue about my country, aside from these two videos. It is a common sentiment among my people to want to leave this country for Thailand or Italy, and yet I would rather embrace such typical Negro behaviour than call “women” the men who cut their dicks off.

P.S. A cute pdf contra Popper. So, the dialecticians hate Popper just as much as the conspiratards do? Interesting.

#4 @commandor

Unfortunately, Chechar is a schizo. Talks about killing some people to end muh’ suffering (why not everybody?). Talks about exterminating orcas because Nature is cruel (boohoo). And sees no contradiction in wishing for the genocide of Russians and his fantasy about murderous Stalin (Hitler murdered Russians, and he’s good, then why not this imaginary Stalin?). It’s not like he’s a supporter of White Russians – White Russia had [unsuccessfully] opposed the Hohenzollerns, White Russia would have opposed Hitler as well. Weaker Russia must be good thus – but oh no, Stalin’s Russia was actually stronger!..

If Chechar had any integrity, he would blame Stalin for strengthening Russia. Were he not to indulge in such delusions, there could be some great discussion to be had – about the role of female emancipation on war economy that allowed for a short-term yet mighty victory. But of course, so many people have their irrational beliefs…

#5 @HeebHunter

> “Everyone still sane remembers the world wars they caused due to the pure envy of continental Europeans. Hell, the Negro-Saxons even think of themselves as long lost relatives of the kikes.”

WW1 and WW2 were caused by German imperialism. In both cases, the Anglos prevented the genocide of Russians, siding against their own racial kin in the North Sea. Just a reminder.

#6 @Rurik

> “Palestine isn’t dying because of the indifference of the Palestinian elite to the people of Palestine, and the exact same people who’re destroying Palestine are the exact same people in charge of the ZUSA.”

But Palestine is not dying at all! It has been growing at the rate of 2.9% a year! The total fertility rate has been 4.28 children per woman in the 2010s!

For comparisin, Israel’s TFR was 3.09 in 2018. The yearly growth rate of the Jewish population was 1.7% (1.2% for non-Haredi), 2.1% for the Arab.

> “And not due so much to the indifference of the elites, but rather due to the genocidal hostility of the elites to the very DNA of the citizens of that civilization.”

Who let the Jews in in the 1890s?

#7 @Carolyn Yeager

> “I do not even recognize you as a human being, so you should stop trying to gain recognition from me.”

You do love talking dirty, Carolyn. For its own sake! Why even waste effort writing this drivel? Do you want me to feel humiliated that much? Is that an emotional response? Do you put humans over non-humans? Savitri did not. So many questions that could be pondered. So little effort channeled for constructive purposes.

#8 @Carolyn Yeager

> “That fits all you guys and in a time like this, it becomes a crucial issue. We are dying and you scribble. And criticize Adolf Hitler for not saving this fucked-up, cucked-up race of sick, degenerate white men.”

Those White men of America and Russia were brave enough to burn the German aggressor to the ground. They were already cucked enough, however, and thus had mercy on the survivors, not murdering them all in 1945.

#9 @Rurik

> “…had they not starved to death the best of Ukraine’s Gentiles by the millions in the 1930s?”

> “Some 60+ million of the best of Germany and Russia and France and England and elsewhere were ground up is that Jewish supremacist orchestrated conflagration in Europe.”

A friendly reminder that it was Germany who viciously attacked Poland in 1939, and the USSR in 1941, starting a World War, exterminating 3 mil. Poles and 27 mil. Russians/White Ruthenians/Little Russians in a massive genocidal campaign. And it was Stalin’s Communist Union that saved the Slavic genepool in that dark, fateful hour, for good or for ill.

You are a Russophile, Rurik. Why do you love Hitler? Putin celebrates Hitler’s death every May. I don’t.

Putin is a Jewish clown. Why is Russian’s demographics in the red? But wait, you think Palestine is dying while having a higher TFR than Israel! Rurik is bad with numbers. Those (((digits))) so confusing.

> “So it’s not a huge wonder why today the mettle of Europe is not what it used to be.”

Sweden and Switzerland have been neutral for 200 years, just as cucked.

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