The Twilight of the Aryan Race in 2100 CE (by Adûnâi)

The 12th of January! The anniversary of the great Vistula-Oder Operation is a fitting opportunity to ponder at that unlikely future scenario where the Russian state survives and is reborn. The maximum extent of the possible Neo-Russian Empire in 2100 CE!

My maps seem to have subconsciously followed the point system centred around Poland and Turkey as the two nation-state poles around which power may gather after the demise of the West. Here, I am adding Russia as an independent actor (maps 3, 4 and 5).

The minutiae of the borders: Romanian nationalism will be stronger when nourished by the strength of Turan.

The Crusaders of tomorrow are the warriors of Tawheed eager to wrestle Jerusalem out of Shia hands. Only the might of the Turkish and Aryan Empires is the guarantor of peace.
The gallery:

Map 1 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 5 (Poland-Italy-Hungary-Ukraine-Russia)
RU: 0
TR: 1 (Turkey)

Map 2 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 3 (Poland-Italy-Russia)
RU: 0
TR: 3 (Turkey-Hungary-Ukraine)

Map 3 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 1 (Poland)
RU: 2 (Russia-Ukraine)
TR: 2 (Turkey-Hungary)

Map 4 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 3 (Poland-Hungary-Italy)
RU: 2 (Russia-Ukraine)
TR: 1 (Turkey)

Map 5 (code: World; Europe):
EU: 2 (Poland-Italy)
RU: 2 (Russia-Ukraine)
TR: 2 (Turkey-Hungary)

The source of the featured image: Atlas of the World Battle Fronts in Semimonthly Phases to August 15 1945.

The original posts: of 2020-09-22 & 2020-10-01.

The wolf and the lion

> “…there should be no Christians in the Small Council of the new government once the racists take power.”

There will be no Christians on this small planet once the Aryan race dies out for good. The eternal contest of Nature will take care of them. If I live long enough, I will probably begin dreaming of that perfect state of the future – even though its brilliant face is hidden to a gaze from within Christendom, the essence of Christianity is too boringly straightforward and self-defeating to contemplate further. The Turks have taken Cyprus and Artsakh – the Pax Americana is the last impediment.

Bobby B does indeed speak in a wholesome manner. “Bow, you shits!” Sentient.

P.S. A comma is missing in “San Francisco[,] has been”.

The West’s Darkest Hour

‘The Wolf and the Lion’ is the fifth episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, first aired on May 15, 2011.

The episode opens with beautiful shots of King’s Landing and a manly conversation between Ned Stark and a prominent member of the royal guard. Inside the castle, Ned’s studio, the studio of the Hand of the King, is so beautiful and Aryan that just for those shots the series is worth watching.

But the scene I want to focus on takes place on another side of the castle, in the room of the Small Council: a body that advises the King of the Seven Kingdoms and institutes politics under his command. It is the internal council, therefore, ‘small’, of the King that forms his cabinet. The members are appointed by him. Specifically, the scene I am referring to is a…

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Cripples, bastards and broken things

I can say a few words.

1. If manhood returns to the Evening-land, will the men pick up the habit of chewing and smoking tobacco again?

2. It is ironic how harshly Chechar criticises the Stark lady. Here, she acted as an honour-killing barbarian, unhindered by southern politics, avenging her son. Catelyn Stark does remind me of such archetypes as Morwen Eledhwen and Kriemhild/Gudrun (the latter shares vengefulness, the former – the general prideful posture).

3. The Hand of the King is the equivalent of the Grand Vizier. I never thought of it like this, but now I did, and it is true.

4. I’m not as proficient as the folks on TheApricity, but Roger Ashton-Griffiths in the role of Mace Tyrell does look reminiscent of the lords of Europe of old of the likes of von Bismarck.

P.S. A fantasy-themed symphonic metal song from the year when ISIS was still making great strides. Evidently, Alpenglow by Nightwish employs a key change.

The West’s Darkest Hour

The fourth episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones was first aired on May 8, 2011. The title comes from the original book, spoken by Tyrion after he provides Bran Stark with a saddle design that will allow him to ride despite his paraplegia: ‘I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things’.

Although I am no longer reading articles on white nationalist sites, I receive emails about the latest articles from The Occidental Observer. Today I received the notice of the latest academic article published in Kevin MacDonald’s webzine, ‘Can Feudalism Save the Western World?’ The title got me thinking about what I recently said in this series: that, from the viewpoint of for the fourteen words, monarchy was infinitely superior to democracy.

But German National Socialism was infinitely superior to monarchy, and the…

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Lord Snow

What I dislike about this otherwise-impeccable entry (aside from the broken English in two places) is the comparison of American degeneracy to autumn, the most enchanting of the seasons. An uglier fit would be nuclear waste being blown en route.

Russia fell in 1991, fell right into the welcoming arms of the neo-Christian Church. The fall of the West will leave an emptiness that will be filled with terrible thunder.

The West’s Darkest Hour

‘Lord Snow’ is the third episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. It first aired on May 1, 2011. The bad message of this episode begins when Ned Stark discovers, already settled in King’s Landing, that his little daughter Arya has a real weapon.

Ned Stark: ‘This is not a toy. Little ladies shouldn’t play with swords’.

Arya: ‘I wasn’t playing. And I don’t want to be a lady’.

Keeping in mind the medieval literature of my mother tongue, there was nothing like it in Spain despite the fact that its literature flourished with stories of medieval warriors. This dialogue in ‘Lord Snow’ is a pure invention of our time. (I have said elsewhere that the film that started this reversal of roles, that a saving warrior could be a woman, was the 1979 Alien.)

Very kindly Ned tries to…

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On Christian American newspeak terms

There are a few buzzwords that American Christians like to use, and yet whose meaning seems to be empty and localised to the Christian West. The edgy term “boomer memes” can be fitting, although likewise American.

Honor killings, human trafficking, child soldiers – all terms seem to be derived from the “end of history” – the 1990s America.

P[a]edophilia and family violence came into general use during the heat of the Negro love of the 1960-70s.

Gothic mess!

Every language seems to have a sacred old form, undiscernible to mindless normie scum. From Latin to Arabic, from Church Slavonic to Classical Chinese and the Hanja script.

The West’s Darkest Hour

In my recent post about the commenters on The Occidental Observer I had said that, since I’m busy learning a new language, I would limit myself to posting on Sundays. However, although I’ve subscribed to the German course of a polyglot who speaks many languages, the difficulty I see in his course is that it is boring.

The polyglot says that the secrets to learning languages are motivation, time and content. We must be highly motivated to do the hard work of learning a new language, spend enough time with the language and the content of the lessons must be of great interest to us.

I passed the test regarding his first two secrets to learning German, but the course of this polyglot that can be taken on the internet for a reasonable fee, as I said, is boring to me. So I no longer use so much time…

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The Kingsroad

A genuinely insightful and entertaining entry from Chechar! Femininity – masculinity – monarchism. (The last point can be expanded upon into support for civil strife – the more factions, the higher chance for Aryan Juche to emerge.)

On another note, I have been enjoying this song by Alexander Nakarada, even though Checharism deems such degenerate.

The West’s Darkest Hour

‘The Kingsroad’ is the second episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, first aired on April 24, 2011.

We see the first bad message of this episode when Jon Snow says goodbye and gives a real rapier to the little girl Arya, while she packs her clothes on the eve of the Starks’ fateful trip to King’s Landing. Thus the masculinisation of a little girl is promoted by one of the central characters, perhaps the most beloved, of all seasons: Jon Snow. If those who caused the darkest hour in the West, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union had lost the war, our world wouldn’t be turned upside down. A scene like this would never have been filmed.

Since this rapier is very light, so light that a little girl can wield it, in the real world…

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The Anglo-Saxon culture of modernity features a heavy emphasis on erasing its 19th-ct. words. Here, I have compiled a short list of the neo-Christian substitutes. The word Abrogans is a reference to the oldest extant source of the Old High German language, written by Christian monks along the Rhine as part of the genocide of Europe.

Aryan > Indo-European;1
negro > black;2
Negro/Black Africa > Sub-Saharan Africa;3
sex > gender;4
Pekin > Beijing;5

sado-masochism > BDSM;6
zoophile > furry;
coprophilia > scat;
sodomite > gay;7
paederast8 > homosexual.

1. Savitri Devi felt delighted in using a third variation, Indo-German, when communicating with an Austrian girl, as per her account in Pilgrimage (1958).
> I could have answered: “Half Greek and half English.” But no; it did not occur to me. Instead of that simple — and technically accurate — reply, I gave her spontaneously an unexpected, but in fact infinitely more accurate one — the same one I had given my young friend in Cologne, on that memorable night, four years before; the one that justified both the history of my life and my presence in Linz: “Ich bin Indo-Germanin” — “I am Indo-European, — Aryan,” said I with a smile.
> “I can understand you,” replied the girl, rather to my surprise. Apparently, she remembered — and had assimilated — the knowledge of the world she had been given under the third Reich.

2. In Russian, the offensive form is black, while the commonplace one is negr.

3. One can see the clear trajectory of the use of the terms on Google Books Ngram Viewer.

4. Allegedly, sex and gender denote different phenomena, biological and psychological respectively. And yet, the latter not only was coined by a criminal Jew called John Money who, after a European boy David Reimer had gotten his penis removed due to the Christian practice of circumcision, tried unsuccessfully to turn him into a female, leading him to suicide, but the former is actively being erased from use. This tendency can be readily seen on Wikipedia – virus cases in Spain were once separated by gender (1, 2), and “gender discrimination” is a subject of the entry on so-called human trafficking.

5. As Eòghann Peadarson wrote in his remarkable answer to a question on Quora:
> Returning to the original question – namely, why the city is nowadays called Beijing in English but still PekinPeking etc. in other languages – the difference between English and other languages appears to be in the fact that common usage in English has ‘embraced’ hanyu pinyin more quickly and thoroughly than other languages. The government of the PRC did not ask foreign governments to stop using the traditional forms of Chinese names in their respective languages. Instead, from the late 1970s onwards, the government of the PRC ceased using all forms of romanisation in its foreign-language publications except for hanyu pinyin. With the new-found acceptance of the PRC in the US, this was accepted more quickly and thoroughly by the English-speaking world than by other language-communities.

6. Sado-masochism seems so have a stigma attached to it in the English language, along with other fetish words now avoided. The substitute might also have been accepted among the Americans due to their newfound love of abbreviations, cf. Washington D.C., the U.K. Incidentally, non-Anglos retain the use of the older term, among them the Russians and the Japanese.

7. It is curious to admit that gay has entered the Russian language in its new, perverted meaning, effectively becoming a Russian word. Thus in my case, even though I agree with Chechar (and Mitchell Heisman) that words must be salvaged from the Christians (cf. virtue < virtus “manliness”), but it does not apply to the Russian language.

8. The Russian traditionalist Christian Sergey Mikheev responded bitterly to the filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov’s anecdote on Marquis de Custine, “A foreign paederast is preferred to a Russian patriot.” (link).

P.S. It is interesting to note that while the Russian language necessarily deconstructs European words to write them down in their equally-Jewish Cyrillic script, the words might retain surprising conformity. The word aether is pronounced in Russian as efir, and is often used to denote “TV broadcasting, air” – reminiscent of the Dutch use, even though it’s rarely used in this meaning in English.

P.P.S. Fun trivia: Russian loanword minet means “fellatio/blowjob”, whereas the original French minette means “cunnilingus”.

Christianity is pure evil

The metaphor of the blog as a bottle in cyberspace was with me when I created my blog in June 2020. It is rare for Chechar or any European racist to dignify the non-Aryan future with their attention. Whereas to my geography-inclined mind, it is quite natural to imagine the state of mind of an inquisitive Chinese a millennium from now. Long after the Star Wars films became indiscernible to the now non-Christian humanity.

I’m not sure as to the fitness of the word “evil” here. Philosophically, one might make an argument that stifling the growth of intelligent life on the planet is evil, but it’s clearly not the point here.

Demons of the mind confuse me. Irrational people without self-reflection are lemmings, normies, cattle to me, and thus irrelevant. Knowing one’s boundaries seems quite self-evident to me.

Indiscriminate love – love that does not discriminate between the living and the dead, the high and the low.

Joseph Walsh’s comment here is immaculate. I’m going to share my thoughts in that vein in another entry.

Spahn Ranch (allegedly aka Dr. Robert Morgan?) is utterly wrong. His argument is easily refuted by Richard Carrier’s book The Scientist in the Early Roman Empire (2017), available on LibGen. Making water flow upstream in the aqueducts and creating artificial fish farms speak for their religious attitude eloquently. Conversely, Italy remained Christian for a millennium, but only after rediscovering the science of antiquity did it pick up the torch of knowledge in the 16th ct. where Galen and Ptolemy had left it in the 2nd ct., effectively on the cusp of developing the scientific method themselves.

The West’s Darkest Hour

– and white nationalists are evil too –

I had changed the status to ‘private’ of the Friday post for fear that my relatives who see my Facebook page would find out what I wrote about the family tragedy (after a Mass, yesterday was the burial of my cousin in a cemetery). But today something happened that I cannot ignore.

Murder and suicide in the family have devastated many. I even had to come for a few days to the house of my octogenarian mother, who still lives. This day my brother talked on the phone with her and I did something I never do: listen to a conversation from the other speaker.

In another recent post I said that, for the medieval mind, demons were a very living and very real psychological reality. I also said that, nowadays, demonological paranoia can only be observed in the most traditional Christian…

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Vig’s epistle

Quite a peculiar entry. All this philosophical talk about the essence of culture is queer and unverifiable, like Jung and psychology. Hellenic thought did indeed give birth to quite a number of idealistic abominations. But calling Hellenism “stifling” and “lacking true innovation” is ignorance and hubris – its science rose to great heights, much was lost in the later Christian invasion, but sublime examples survive, such as Eratosthenes’ measurement of the Earth’s circumference, and the immortal achievement of the Antikythera mechanism (whose discovery to me is some of the most inspiring feats of man).

Conversely, there was no total triumph of science in the 19th ct., otherwise, all non-Aryans would have long been exterminated. The ideology based on science only rose its head in Europe in 1933-45.

I wonder what Vig would say about the Juche Korean culture. They write in the only non-Semitic alphabet in the world, and they sing songs of victory, and create propagandist paintings to this day to strengthen their spirit.

I don’t understand why Chechar reproduces here degenerate art by Giorgio de Chirico.

And finally, it amazes me how Westerners ever make one mistake in their writing – by placing a comma between the subject and the predicate.
> “The white European as the inventor of science, got “lobotomised” so to say…”

The West’s Darkest Hour

Hi Cesar,

I wanted to write a comment relating to your post of “MacDonald the lapsed Catholic”, but as usual the text became too long so I decided like last time to mail it to you first. You have my permission to use it for WDH under the name Vig if you want.

Yes, as I said before your site is as far as I know the only site where the core question as to what causes the decline and the looming extinction of the white race or Aryans if you want, is being discussed in a consequent way. Again, this is beyond praise because there is no other way to initiate awareness about it.

Personally I have reached a saturation with the format of blogging and want to move to more practical ways to live up to my insights. What I see as a disadvantage of blogging is that…

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The Generalissimo Day

Both the Christian and the anti-Christ know beauty when they see it. It is the materialist success that the Christians sense all too well – thus they fear it and loathe it. The Galileans instinctively detect and try to destroy any human culture which is building an eternal edifice, comparable to the creations of Nature (such as the gadfly in the image).

Foreign political and public personages warmly praised the great leader Kim Jong Il.
The Chairman of the Mt. Paektu Czech-Korean Friendship Association described Kim Jong Il as the great leader of not only the Korean people but also the world people. The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Bangladesh said His Excellency Kim Jong Il gave comprehensive answers to the theoretical and practical problems arising in accomplishing the socialist cause, the cause of independence of the popular masses.
The Vice-Director of the International Department of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea stressed that His Excellency Kim Jong Il made a great contribution to carrying forward to completion the revolutionary cause pioneered by President Kim Il Sung. The Chairwoman of the Party for Peace and Unity of Russia noted that Kim Jong Il is an unparalleled brilliant commander and great General admired by all people.
The Secretary General of the Karachi Branch of the Pakistan-Korea Friendship Association said Kim Jong Il devoted his all to the revolutionary cause of Juche, the prosperity of socialist Korea and the cause of global independence and his exploits will be clearly registered in the human history.