Banned on Wikipedia! – The civil calendars of the world

Banned on Wikipedia!

The Administrators’ noticeboard:

My account’s talk page:

Look at how vicious these sodomites are! This is in truth my first confrontation with this wretched scum. This is war.

(And my fellow Little Russians on say you are gay if you oppose gays… Is this what Christians talk like?

This is why Kwangmyong is such a venerated network – the Juche Korean intranet which does not permit American Christian homosexualist intrusion.

This terrible end to my punctuation crusade has come in the middle of my research into the civil calendars of the world currently in use. Am I the first to draw such a map?

I am not sure about Bhutan and Byrma. The Bhutanese calendar is mentioned in one Wikipedia article, but is not listed in the list of calendars at all. Whereas Byrma apparently uses the Buddhist calendar, but not as a civil one.

Overall, the information is scant. Both the gays of Wikipedia and the Hindus of Quora reference this single article.

Relevant entries:

A version with borders:

A version without borders:

The code to
{“groups”:{“#2166ac”:{“div”:”#box0″,”label”:”Gregorian calendar”,”paths”:[“United_States”,”Canada”,”Ireland”,”United_Kingdom”,”Iceland”,”Sweden”,”Denmark”,”Norway”,”Belgium”,”Luxembourg”,”Netherlands”,”Switzerland”,”Austria”,”Andorra”,”France”,”Italy”,”Australia”,”New_Zealand”,”Germany”,”Monaco”,”Finland”,”Spain”,”Czechia”,”Slovenia”,”Estonia”,”Uruguay”,”Argentina”,”Brazil”,”Paraguay”,”Bolivia”,”Chile”,”Peru”,”Ecuador”,”Colombia”,”Venezuela”,”Guyana”,”Suriname”,”French_Guiana”,”Cuba”,”Dominican_Republic”,”Costa_Rica”,”Panama”,”Nicaragua”,”Honduras”,”El_Salvador”,”Guatemala”,”Belize”,”Mexico”,”Greenland”,”Haiti”,”Jamaica”,”Puerto_Rico”,”Trinidad_and_Tobago”,”Portugal”,”Bosnia_and_Herzegovina”,”Albania”,”Greece”,”Kosovo”,”North_Macedonia”,”Hungary”,”Serbia”,”Croatia”,”Slovakia”,”Poland”,”Lithuania”,”Latvia”,”Russia”,”Belarus”,”Ukraine”,”Moldova”,”Romania”,”Bulgaria”,”Montenegro”,”Mauritania”,”Western_Sahara”,”Morocco”,”Algeria”,”Tunisia”,”Libya”,”Egypt”,”Philippines”,”Indonesia”,”Brunei”,”Malaysia”,”Singapore”,”South_Africa”,”Lesotho”,”Mozambique”,”Zimbabwe”,”Botswana”,”Georgia”,”Armenia”,”Azerbaijan”,”Turkey”,”Gambia”,”Senegal”,”Guinea”,”Guinea_Bissau”,”Sierra_Leone”,”Liberia”,”Cote_d_Ivoire”,”Mali”,”Burkina_Faso”,”Ghana”,”Togo”,”Benin”,”Nigeria”,”Niger”,”Chad”,”Cameroon”,”Equatorial_Guinea”,”Gabon”,”Central_African_Republic”,”Congo”,”DR_Congo”,”Angola”,”Namibia”,”Eswatini”,”Malawi”,”Tanzania”,”Burundi”,”Rwanda”,”Uganda”,”South_Sudan”,”Sudan”,”Eritrea”,”Djibouti”,”Somalia”,”Kenya”,”Madagascar”,”Papua_New_Guinea”,”South_Korea”,”Mongolia”,”Kazakhstan”,”Uzbekistan”,”Turkmenistan”,”Kyrgyzstan”,”Tajikistan”,”Pakistan”,”Palestinian_Territories”,”Jordan”,”Malta”,”Cyprus”,”Myanmar”,”Laos”,”Cambodia”,”Vietnam”,”China”,”Hong_Kong”,”Yemen”,”Iraq”,”Syria”,”Lebanon”,”Oman”,”Kuwait”,”Bahrain”,”Qatar”,”Sri_Lanka”,”Bhutan”,”Zambia”,”Saudi_Arabia”,”United_Arab_Emirates”,”Timor_Leste”]},”#525252″:{“div”:”#box2″,”label”:”Ethiopian calendar”,”paths”:[“Ethiopia”]},”#1b7837″:{“div”:”#box3″,”label”:”Solar Hijri calendar”,”paths”:[“Afghanistan”,”Iran”]},”#fd8d3c”:{“div”:”#box4″,”label”:”Indian national calendar”,”paths”:[“India”]},”#00c957″:{“div”:”#box6″,”label”:”Bangla calendar”,”paths”:[“Bangladesh”]},”#10f2ea”:{“div”:”#box9″,”label”:”Minguo calendar”,”paths”:[“Taiwan”]},”#e31a1c”:{“div”:”#box10″,”label”:”Juche calendar”,”paths”:[“North_Korea”]},”#bd0026″:{“div”:”#box16″,”label”:”Vikram Samvat”,”paths”:[“Nepal”]},”#92c5de”:{“div”:”#box24″,”label”:”Hebrew calendar”,”paths”:[“Israel”]},”#ffff33″:{“div”:”#box25″,”label”:”Japanese calendar”,”paths”:[“Japan”]},”#8c6bb1″:{“div”:”#box28″,”label”:”Thai solar calendar”,”paths”:[“Thailand”]}},”title”:”Civil Calendars of the World (by Adûnâi)”,”hidden”:[],”background”:”#ffffff”,”borders”:”#000000″}

Will they wield the sword?

The West’s Darkest Hour

At midnight I was talking about the feeling of unreality that I felt when I saw a video of Jared Taylor. Finding ourselves on the brink of a civil war or rather an anti-white, exterminationist war that gets closer and closer to Ward Kendall’s novel, Taylor gives counsel like getting married, having a good job, and trying to do politics without overtly revealing our true colours…

Another notable racialist webzine, Kevin MacDonald’s, recently published a terrifying article of things I had already seen in London the last time I visited the city. The island has truly become the ultimate example of what I call ‘sin against the holy spirit of life’, an unforgivable sin: doing mass propaganda for English roses to have kids with blacks. But the most serious thing about the MacDonald webzine article is that there is not an iota of hatred among the commenters, or even…

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Pure hatred

The West’s Darkest Hour

Are whites waking up? In his latest video Jared Taylor has said: ‘the last few months brought hundreds of thousands of people to our site,’.

While his site provides the normie with tips for the first baby steps of racial realism to cross the psychological Rubicon, Taylor is not talking about preparing for the coming civil war. Nor does he seem to realise that the new feminist and anti-male laws make marriage, which he advises, risky.

He also advises normies to go to church, even non-Christians, as if Christianity was not an extension of the Jewish problem (for those who have not visited this site before, see The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour whose cover appears in the sidebar). Taylor’s only good advice is to join a club that teaches us how to shoot firearms. But such clubs are not as popular in Europe, Australia, New Zealand or even in…

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Juche Korea is blessed by Providence – Nuclear weapons reward the sacrifice of the brave

1. It may be said that the fate of Juche Korea was decided when Russians defeated Hitlerians at Stalingrad in the far-away continent of Europe. That is so. History is never clean.

What is important is that when in power, the blood of Mangyongdae turned the hand it was dealt into the sole stronghold of intelligent life on the planet. For over 70 years, the Party has been proving its worthiness in the face of fate.

Monarchists and fascists and militarists are familiar with this argument – Do your part, and do it well.

2. I have been reading Dr. Goebbels’ diary, and it does sadden me how the bravery of the Hitlerians was not payed off handsomely. 80 mil. Germans were not enough. It is the irony of fate that ever newer technology has again broken one of the nasty innovations of World War One – as war of movement has returned, so has the importance of courage, no less than a thousandfold!

Nuclear weapons! A country of 25 mil. can now have its loyalty to the Führer rewarded in full, for the hard work of every single man and woman of the race may now protect the Eternal Republic with the fiery wrath of the Sun itself!

P.S. The image I have chosen is relevant. Look at any DPRK propaganda video – their song montages unmistakably depict the Sun. And it’s always a different frame! There are no two duplicate shots! Their film crews are pointing their cameras towards the sky all across the country. Truly, does their race not come from the stars?

This could have been our fate, had we won the war (3 hr 9 min).

When Kim Il Sung attacked, Mao Tse-tung lent his race brotherly aid. When Hitler attacked, the Anglos chose the side of Jesus. Kimilsungia is forged in the blood of heroes. All signs of Hitleria are erased.

(Stalin? His body was thrown away from the Mausoleum in 1961. Russia is now capitalist and rotting. Soviet Victory? What Victory? Christians can never truly win. Objective evil is self-defeating – suicidal! They did not even castrate / starve all Germans, as the reasonable Jews had conspired to (Kaufman, Morgenthau). No, Germans still physically exist in 2020. They might even form the Fourth Reich yet for all we know. Christianity is a hilarious creed.)

Poor Dr. Goebbels – forever trying to talk to the Anglos and afraid of scary Bolshevists – he died way too depressed. Cheer up, Dr. Goebbels! The fate of intelligent life if Christianity triumphs is way too funny.

Blaming mankind

A reasonable mind would draw the diametrically-opposite conclusions from this read – that human sacrifices had allowed our race to strive for millennia, and when parents stopped burning their children, it all went into decline. But who am I to argue against César Tort himself? I ought to have a psychological issue if I ponder from this angle!

Reason ought to mimic Nature. This entry is pure Cartesianist idealist “rationalism” – “I know it is evil beforehand”. Christianity! No – everything is a mere tool for survival. Examine the fucking reality.

The West’s Darkest Hour

On this site I have quoted a lot from Robert Morgan. Although he’s right about Christianity, Morgan seems to be saying that technology was something like the apple of knowledge that men ate and were expelled from paradise. That vision of man presupposes the Golden Age of humanity, which for some reason was corrupted in the Bronze Age and eventually in the Iron Age: a myth.

Morgan’s mistake, blaming technology for everything, is due to his lack of knowledge of my appropriation of psychohistory, as massive child sacrifice in pre-technological civilisation speaks horrors of humanity. (In our time there is almost no ritual sacrifice of children, but society allows parents to mistreat their children’s egos to the extent of schizophrenizing them.)

Morgan’s position reminds me of Marxists who blame capitalism, as if before capitalism there had been no horrors in the world (see for example what I say about schizophrenia…

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Banned on the ThePuritySpiral forums! – 44 screenshots archived for history – Christians everywhere!

Tricked by the fickleness of fate! And I thought I would discover companions! A haven for anti-Christian thought! A refuge to forge what the Aryan race lacks – the true ideology!

Instead, the Conservative Swede’s words ring true 13 years later in Anno Hitleri 131 / Juche 109! – Nobody but Christians! Nothing but Christianity!

I am not Wotan to cross-dress. I am not Muslim to practice takiya. If your forum accepts women and Christians, you’re not racist by the definition of the term.

I have, however, performed with my straightforward eloquence in front of these absolute Christians. I am thus reproducing the 44 screenshots from that hidden forum – an archive for the time when the Negroes Who Glow In The Dark shut it down, like [what happened] with Iron March.

They have betrayed your trust, Icywiener! Who would have thought a random gamer is more anti-Christian than a hidden “National Socialist” forum?

I am thus expelled from a racist meme guild for being anti-Christian, after suffering the ban on the Unz Review and Chechar’s blog, and followed by the failed admission to ThePuritySpiral! Oh, and racist weebs on Twitter block me en masse, frightened by my vicious Juche profile pic. The Aryan race are a fickle bunch.

I have spent 12 Hr. on this job application! 12 hours! Incredible. You’ll be left to plant memetic bombs without me then! Yet be careful! The only bombs Christians will plant are those in the foundations of the Aryan race!

A State Merited Chorus performance from the Land of the Sun. Juche Koreans are used to living the eternal life. Aryans only know death which will soon end.

The archive. A number of great philosophical theses here.

The sample of 16/44 (I adore these numbers! And I planned neither in advance!).







#30 (zero discussion!)

#31 (your wife is NOT your people!)










The Fascist reading list (uploaded to Mega of all places).!5Q5UFZIR!MvGFhWEPb03Qg3ZFOh5yKg

The DPRK reading list (composed by a transvestite Westerner who cut his dick off).

A piece of purple-pilled propaganda that has been disseminated on 4chan lately.

A genuinely heart-warming account of an anonymous teacher in America from Jew Year 2013.

“He is growing up as a pillar of the country under the care of Kim Jong Un who has shown his warm love to him since his birth.”
Hang Myong on Jangjae Islet

Mental illness

This is what a healthy race looks like.

(Use the User-Agent Switcher or the Good Old YouTube add-on for Firefox, or the CherryPlayer programme to view YouTube videos – I do not condone the propaganda of disgusting new Material mobile YouTube user interface.)

The West’s Darkest Hour

In diagnosing the white man, these days I have been using the ‘mental illness’ metaphor, the central metaphor of psychiatry: a pseudoscience. But if I think psychiatry is an inquisitorial pseudoscience why do I use the metaphor? For the simple fact that, once we realise that the medical model of mental disorders is pseudoscientific, the trauma model of mental disorders makes perfect sense. (Except the first and last articles, Day of Wrath explains my point didactically.)

This site has been visited by those racialists who subscribe to the madness called Christian Identity (CI), in which it is simply stated that the characters of the Bible were Aryans in order to convert, in a single blow with a magic wand, the holy book of the Jews into the holy book of the Aryans!

Although I had to ban a Christian Identitarian a few years ago, CI buffs still post…

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The kshatriya idea incarnated in Juche Korea wishes death upon Christianity

This performance by the State Merited Chorus of the DPR of Korea ends with the depiction of the USA and Christian crosses’ being consumed by nuclear fire and brimstone caused by the terrible Vergeltungswaffe of the Korean race.

A few more versions of the song.

The channel that has uploaded the following one is a non-Korean man – who can be surprised that he has cut off his penis? Christians are transvestites.

Elemental psychology

The DPR of Korea is proof of memetics. A political will is needed to control the dangers stemming from the fickleness of Man’s mind which begets the Chaos Gods of the like of Jesus.

The West’s Darkest Hour

This is a postscript to my entry yesterday, ‘The Aetiology of Psychosis’.

This recent thread of discussion, on this same site, shows an elemental ignorance about how Christianity seized the soul of whites.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that, as Schopenhauer says, ‘people learn religions as they learn languages’: what some psychologists call parental introjects.

The wrongdoing comes from our parents, as ‘introject’ here means a kind of malware in our mentalities without realising that we were programmed to believe in the false god of equality and out-group love since our childhood.

If it were possible to abduct from all Christian and atheist (i.e., neo-Christian) families their children and educate them under a Fourth Reich, in two or three generations (grandparents are also capable of programming their grandchildren) the spell of Christianity and ethnosuicidal neofrancisanism among whites would be broken.

It’s as simple as that. And…

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Response to Dr. Robert Morgan (the latter of the two gone)

© Adûnâi

> “This is a bizarre question. To me, culture is a kind of animal behavior. Of course I don’t deny the existence of animal behavior. Do you?!”

What I meant is that cultural dialectic seems to be partially separate from genetic development. Do you think Mussolini to have been predestined to have begun as a socialist, and then to have changed his views to fascism? (In a philosophical sense, you might, but in Darwinian, too?) Face it – memes are more flexible than genes, have a life of their own, may harm or bolster their host genes.

> “Oh, I see. You are trying to make a distinction between “natural” selection and “artificial” selection, by “culture”, I suppose.”

No, those paragraphs are unconnected.

> ” But what you’re not understanding is that in the final analysis, everything is fully Darwinian, and everything exists in nature.”

Yes. But you had been talking about how in a primitive society, everybody swims or sinks “based on his merits” – I contested the word “merits”. A merit in a given time and system might prove out to be fatal in the long run. Breeding a race of merchants might cause prosperity for 400 years, and demise in the 401st.

I contend that Man has to use his faculty of reason to model the future and thus to direct the stream of culture. The Ministry of Propaganda is the triumph of genes over memes, and a sign of Man’s superiority over all other lifeforms.

(This is why I respect Juche Korea more than the Taliban – the Taliban is bound by a creed they are unable to change, they are praying to RNGesus that it will work out, unable to reason with the will of Allah.)

> “Conceiving of man as being outside of nature is a Christian mistake fostered by Biblical creation myths. The “free will” idea, to which you also subscribe, is Biblical too. You’re more Christian than you realize, Adûnâi!”

Disagree. Anti-Christian is everything that supports the survival of the people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Can you explain why you consider a Man-centred creed Christian? Putting Man on the pedestal seems to me quite a natural thing to do for a healthy collective. I never understood this about National Socialism.

It does not mean denying that Man exists (???). It does not mean that Man is an individual (???). It does not mean that Man is mankind (???). – All 3 ideas are preposterous Christian poisons, and have nothing to do with Man-centredness.

(1. Man is an illusion, Man is a soul. 2. Man’s well-being is the happiness of the individual. 3. Man’s well-being is the continued survival of every last Negro child.)

© Adûnâi

> “Whether they have “a life of their own” or not is the question.”

The memes of Christianity and Islam have clearly spread out across the world, replicating in distinct populations.

> ” What makes a meme attractive, persistent, and useful? Without an underlying genetic basis, nothing.”

I don’t get it. Doesn’t Man’s mind have the feature of being susceptible to memes? Man can form ideas, those ideas survive in turn. There are certain underlying principles for reason such as the laws of logic.

> ” Christianity itself has in some ways supported the survival of “the people” (which ones?) for thousands of years. So by this measure, Christianity is anti-Christian!”

Modern Christianity is the closest to the Bible, the purest kind. The pre-Darwinian Christianity is more Darwinian than the post-Darwinian is. Not to say that the former did not beget the latter – the existence (or lack thereof) of Latin America is proof of it, as Chechar will kindly remind you.

> “Food also supports survival, so that’s anti-Christian too! Even the air, etc.”

Yes, yes! Christianity is an idealist poison that abhors existence, rejects life, holds the material world in contempt.

> “The pagan gods were Nature gods.”

Some pagan gods made people burn their own blood children alive. Is it natural? (Carthage lost a 1v1, btw.)

> “Christianity introduced the belief that man is a special creation of God, made in God’s image, the only creature with a “soul”.”

Are you not turning pre-Christians into hippies unjustly? They had no problem burning forests, and torturing animals in circuses. Modern Christians hold Man in contempt, and wish we returned to the state of lifeless rock. It is the modern Christians who view everything as equally worthless, biological or otherwise – apparently, only the grace of atheist Jesus can save the sinners from the sin of existing.

Again, if the belief in human superiority aided Man in survival, it is anti-Christian. Or made “Christian” by the force of necessity and compromise with reality.

I also don’t get how you can talk about this Christian culture’s superseding antiquity if you do not believe in memes and are a biological determinist. Shouldn’t you instead say that the behaviour of certain European populations changed?

On second thought, I do not get how believing in “Nature gods” is natural either. Not because crows are atheist [source?], but because a truly Natural existence is that of a tumour – and tumours typically behave as if they’re god’s chosen. They grow, and they certainly put themselves on a pedestal. Tumour über alles!

> “What’s your definition of Man, and why put him on a pedestal?”

Man is race. A separate population. Racism is the purest anti-Christianity as it abhors both universalism and individualism.

> “Apparently it has nothing necessarily to do with the white race, or you wouldn’t be so enamored of N. Korea.”

Kimjongilia is to me what Sparta/Hitleria are to Chechar. A great example. Obviously, in practical terms, the Aryan race is most likely going extinct, and the DPRK is going to the stars. This stirs both green envy and cucked admiration in me.

(If you want to see an Aryan racist that uses extreme racism as a vehicle for his non-racist ideology, that is Chechar of the Four Words, not me. Quacks never change.)

See you in 24+ hours, for Ron Unz is estranging us.