Nietzsche for dummies — The West’s Darkest Hour

A question may be raised as to whether a culture may be considered malignant. In one way, all cultures that will not inherit Earth are destined to be viewed as faulty. In another, it is impossible to determine which behaviour is beneficial to the population’s survival with certainty beforehand. Psychological metaphors may be amusing, but psychology is but a blind carving tool of Natural selection.

Am I saying that Christianity may be viewed positively? I’m saying that a race that has failed to assimilate a foreign ideology has forfeit its right to exist. Neither Buddhism nor Communism have managed to sap the life of the Mongoloid race. Dead Jews possess no agency – ideas belong to the people; corrigibility may vary.

History professor Michael Sugrue is a normie who reproaches Nietzsche, using Newspeak terms such as ‘anti-Semitism’, ‘racism’ and ‘misogyny’. But his speech could be useful for other normies who would like to be introduced to Nietzsche’s philosophy. After the 22nd minute of the above-linked speech, Sugrue said something very profound that is worth mentioning. I […]

Nietzsche for dummies — The West’s Darkest Hour

The Russo-American nuclear showdown (2022)

So, here’s the thing. Russia is another whiteboi nation, a victim of Christianity where this Jewish poison transmuted itself not into femboyism as in the stateless, anarchic Occident but into the hatred of one’s own statehood as befitting an Asian country. Incidentally, this is why I consider the Ukrainian identity a cancer on the Russian body.

Of course, Putin’s current chimp out is nothing of the sort, but it’s getting there. I have no idea why now. Maybe, Putin fears death the way Hitler did. Or maybe Russian rearmament has reached a good enough stage. Either way, the rotting zombie Russian state is on the rise, and it warms my heart.

The objectives? The destruction of all NATO east of the Oder river. Quite a lot to chew, but apparently, Putin believes it is the Western gays who are a colossus with the feet of clay, and the old child-sniffer is bluffing.

The timetable? There are voices calling to postpone the nuclear war until the Chinese Olympics lest Comrade Xi be sad. I concur.

The map? A nuclear strike on Romania/Poland combined with a third Maidan in Ukraine? No clue. They are explicitly keeping silent on the details of their military-technological response. What they have hinted at, however, is a possible cooperation with Cuba/Nicaragua/Venezuela/Iran/DPRK. That said, I fear that an insufficient reaction would implode Russia from within.

The casus belli? The most moronic thing is that Russia clearly states it does not plan on a war in Ukraine – unless the two red lines are crossed: NATO offensive infrastructure in Ukraine, and/or Ukrainian attempted conquest of Donbass. This puts the initiative squarely into the grubby Kievan hands, and that is retarded.

The forecast?
1. I cannot see Russia withstanding a protracted war. The tricolour nation will repeat history (unlike the glorious Red Flag rapist with legendary stamina).
2. A lack of response to an invasion of Donbass will spell doom for the Putinian régime likewise.
3. I don’t believe a modern war can be waged without amassing tanks. All the talks about Wunderwaffen smack of nonsense.
4. Any kind of a partial conquest of Ukraine (1 – Kharkov, 2 – Dnepr, 3 – Vinnitsa) makes no sense, as the Amerigays will be left in possession of Red Russia and Poland.

Therefore, I would rather expect a swift beheading nuclear strike on all the Satanist forces in Poland & Romania, coupled with a third Maidan in Ukraine (granted, the Ukrainians are already in disarray politically). Shock and awe, the way of the Amerigay.

…Obviously, the above is a fantasy conjured out of the sight of the seemingly-enlarged testicles of Sir Lavrov. That observation may be incorrect, and instead, absolutely nothing may happen.

The overall picture: the rotting carcass of the Eastern Aryan nation is gathering material forces under the Armenian-Jewish spiritual leadership to force the hand of fate and draw close the demise of Western Aryan neo-Christendom.

MapChart code.

On creativity, homeostasis and language

On IQ studies — The West’s Darkest Hour

1. The most amusing meta-perspective of this article is in its abandonment of the old racial classification, instead calling the Mongoloid race “Asians”. The Christian fears the geographer!

2. The meta-perspective cornucopia keeps on giving. Calling Mongoloids “imitative” is precisely an imitation of that old dead meme which means nothing at this point. The East Asians have developed 4 distinct forms of religious worship – the yang-yin antipodal Juche and Christianity in Korea, the constitutional-Shogunate Shinto in Japan, and the adaptable Maoism in China.

3. Judgement! Isn’t it precisely the judgement that is lacking among the Aryans? Even without falling into a cause-and-effect nihilism, it is clear that Christianity fits the Aryan like a glove – it is the homeostasis to which this wretched race has returned every time.

4. The pre-occupation with female intelligence is feminism. It may be true that penis abstractions are unnecessary to the female. It is also true that survival abstractions are repugnant to the Aryan man. The Communist Russians abandoned their Empire, desecrated the statues of their savour Lenin – and now have conflagrations of Asian dragons blazing all around their internal borders: in Armenia, in Donbass, in Kazakhstan. If that is not female logic par excellence, I don’t know what is. The only explanation is subterranean – a death wish.

And the Russians are far closer to the Asians. Unlike the Anglos, the Russians do have such a word as FatherlandOtechestvo (Отечество) – Biladi (بلادي) – Joguk (조국). There are terms that come naturally to an Asian – such as the Juche Korean baekjeonbaekseung (백전백승) – ever-victorious. Where else can the worship of weakness and of one’s own demise be seen clearer?

On IQ studies — The West’s Darkest Hour

The essence of three kindred faiths (Racism, Marxism, Liberalism)

My short summary of the three kindred faiths of old Europe (Racism, Marxism, Liberalism).

Racism. Man is begotten by forests and rivers, creeks and ravines, belongs as an unalienable part of Nature, and must be judged as any other animal – per objective standards of beauty & survival. All the rules are already written, it is from the past that the course must be charted, the will of the Cosmos divined. Comes naturally to any Asiatic tribe; in Christian Europe, was only explicitly professed by Germany from the late XIX ct. to 1945. The Hitlerian racists felt pressed for time; livid from the defeat in the Great War, haughty from their stature as the scion of Europe, recklessly they charged into battle, and were felled with swords, bringing about the downfall of their gods once again.

Marxism. Man must be liberated from oppression by man, for there is good in man, a potential for growth and improvement. Fancying not the dark past, the Marxist’s eyes are peering into the brilliant future. Science & technology offer the answer, and when freed from mercantile interests, will serve as a guide and a teacher to humanity. Labour ennobles the soul. Paradoxically, Marxists took power in the mostly-rural Russia. There, they toiled to mend the wounds of terrible internecine strife, adjoining together Slavic kin. Uprooting traditional Christianity, they built their own spiritual edifice of Communism. The Marxists were greeted with the sun of victory in the Great Patriotic War, yet grew magnanimous and unsuspecting afterwards, protected by the great army, with Asia still sleeping around them. The finally lost sight of their destiny to the trickery by the Occidental liberals in 1991. The dreams of the Soviet Eloi yielded to the hopeless Morlocks.

Liberalism. The splendour of the carefree moment! Nothing exists but the simplest desires in the here & now. Hunger, lust, vanity – those are the values of the liberal. There is no direction, neither foresight nor sorrow; in childlike wonder, the liberal stretches his arms to all the races of mankind, bestowing gifts. He can afford it – the stronghold of liberalism in the New World is guarded by great oceans. The direct descendant of Christianity, the liberal never seems to notice the contradictions between hard science and his gospel of universal love. Under the double sign of the dollar and the cross, the Anglo is frolicking over the planet, often with joyful laughter, sometimes with bewildered tears, until the basilisk of Asia hatches and devours him.

On education (a critique of Savitri)

> “It is not possible to give the same education to young people whom Nature has destined to different and complementary functions.”

I rarely talk about myself, but in my case, the obedient boy would have grown [metaphorically] gay had it not been for the mixed-sex schooling. I am a totalitarian at heart, and I would appreciate a state-mandated political fighter GF.

> “Similarly, one cannot teach the same things, and in the same spirit, even to young people of the same sex who, later on, will have to engage in unrelated activities.”

Isn’t this how Germany operates, with their Realschulen und Gymnasien? I never understood how a distinction at such a young age can be fair at all.

> “To do so would be to burden their memory with a heap of information which they, for the most part, have no use for…”

Savitri seems to be a fan of the stupid fat Amerimutts who can’t point Australia on the map. Who needs the knowledge of the map? Who needs poetry? Who needs history? Yes, the traditional societies were indeed oh-so-erudite!

> “…or of those provoked by the teaching of the French literature programme of the baccalaureate to 20th century Khmers, who are, for the most part, ignorant of their own culture.”

I thought, a cultural genocide of non-Aryans was desirable? I guess, not to her.

> “He considered the superficial study of foreign languages and the sciences to be particularly useless for the great majority of the sons (and even more so for the daughters) of the folk.”

To my understanding, the education as it is is necessary for the functioning of the technological state (see the USSR).

> “…education, culture and a fortiori the practical probability of advanced spiritual development[,] had to regain the secret character—properly initiatory—which they had had in the most remote antiquity, among the Aryan peoples…”

The Confucian state-exam system was not “initiatory” but thorough, with such subjects as poetry, calligraphy, painting, and the knowledge of the classics reflected.

Or from more recent times (Gaokao):
The exams last about nine hours over a period of two or three days, depending on the province. The Standard Chinese language and mathematics are included in all tests. […] In addition, students must choose between two concentrations in most regions, either the social-science-oriented area (文科倾向) or the natural-science-oriented area (理科倾向). Students who choose social sciences receive further testing in history, political science, and geography (文科综合), while those who choose natural sciences are tested in physics, chemistry, and biology (理科综合).

> “But these soldiers of the first hour were to form, little by little, together with the young people rigorously selected and hardened in the ‘Burgs’ of the SS Order in the asceticism of the body, of the will and knowledge, to form an aristocracy, henceforth hereditary and strongly rooted—owner of vast family estates in the conquered areas—and itself hierarchical. These members of the elite corps par excellence, among whom the most beautiful and valuable sons of peasants, the most brilliant academics of good breeding, and many young representatives of the old and rigid German nobility, were to gradually merge into a true caste: an inexhaustible reservoir of candidates for superhumanity.”

This is not necessarily a bad idea, although I do consider a complete indoctrination of the entire people preferable. Case in point: out of Juche Korea’s population of ca. 25.5 mil., 6.5 mil. are members of the WPK – a quarter of the total. This is why I admire the DPRK so much – the country where you can hear songs about the Führer in the streets every morning, where they manage to preserve their race in a deeply-echeloned defence.

Isn’t this traditionalism? Isn’t the knowledge of one’s limits the common virtue in mythology? Didn’t the NSDAP overplay its hand? Does Shambhala go out of its way to conquer the outside world?

> “‘For the Great Reich’ but also for the return of the whole Earth to a life based on traditional truth; ‘for the Great Reich’ because he alone could be the instrument of this recovery in extremis, if any somewhat lasting recovery was not already impossible.”

In many ways, this is Occidental hubris. The failure of Europe does not negate the existence of Asia. How can man know the divine truth to begin with? Clearly, it is expressed with the stride of history. Even the Christians best destroy themselves.

I remember hearing about the mastery of oneself. That which is falling deserves no aid.

P.S. I rarely see dreams, but this day, I dreamt of school. How fittingly idealist of me.

Reflections of an Aryan woman, 63 — The West’s Darkest Hour

Editor’s note: What Savitri says below about the extreme imbecility of identical education for all kids is fundamental. It is right in the school where the unpolluted minds of white children and adolescents are being corrupted to the extent of producing, as a factory, millions upon millions of identical cogs that the System will then […]

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Two or three Russian dolls?

> “What is it that is escaping me, how did the level of the Aryans’ voluntary surrender to evil reach the level of perversity that it has reached today?”

1. Some will say, genetics.
2. I would, however, focus on the tactical (child influence) and operational (subversion & fall of Rome) successes of Christianity.
3. But why did Rome itself disappear? Chechar focuses on “sins”. I would focus on a geographical inevitability – an empire merciful enough was destined to miscegenate both its blood and its spirit.
4. Why was Rome so merciful, however? Now that is a curious part. I wouldn’t delve too deep – it seems enough to say that the level of Roman mercy was sufficient for Italy, suicidal for the Mediterranean.

Yes, a desire for riches was at the crux, but why did it appear in the first place, and why wasn’t it weeded out? Because it was healthy. It’s the different geography that doomed it in different circumstances – exactly like the Prusso-Hitlerian Bewegungskrieg worked in France, yet failed to account for Soviet Russian mobilisation strength.

> “I don’t deny the existence of the subversive Jew. But I focus on the white assholes who believe and obey the Jew for the simple fact that this family of whites also have agency.”

Do they? It might be a failing on Chechar’s part, to see every family as separate. I would prefer to focus on grand cultural “climates”, ineffable and barely explicable. Culture war. Most people are idiotic and powerless – but intelligent and powerful enough to obey their surrounding pheromones, their memes. Thus, it is the memes that have to come under attack, the memes that have to be appreciated.

Of course, said culture war may take many forms – creating a cult, indoctrinating children, an armed rebellion, a mass media campaign, logical debates, or waiting for a conducive shift in popular consciousness due to stormy material conditions. But unmistakingly, the Schwerpunk of the attack must be the ideology/religion/philosophy/culture. Not people and not temporal power.

For truly, America is the antipode of Juche Korea – precisely as one dies, the other lives by culture alone.

Contra genetics, contra psychology!

The West’s Darkest Hour

When I first discovered white nationalist (WN) sites in late 2009 I didn’t understand the Jewish question. It was not well explained on the forums until in February 2010 I came across a commenter’s statement that there were no Jewish associations that helped the white cause: only Jewish associations that harmed white interests. The discussion, then on the old incarnation of this site, reached over a hundred comments.

Then I became an orthodox WN. For a while…

But I began to wonder things like: Why, where I live (Latin America), has it been so bad (miscegenation) even when Jews and crypto-Jews were well controlled by the Spanish Inquisition (1530s-1821)? The WN paradigm began to fall short and could not explain it all.

Let’s listen to this excellent interview on how physicists have been changing their paradigms over the centuries.

Just as Newtonian physics explains gravity almost perfectly in the…

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History of American NS, 6

> “But the absence of news photographs showing Pierce parading in a ‘Nazi’ uniform meant that doors would be open to him in the years ahead that would not have been open had such photos existed.”

Optics is the lifeblood of the neo-Nazi movement indeed. So much use.

> “At the same time, however, he saw that Hitler’s defeat in 1945 had changed the world forever. The geo-political realities that were obtained before the War had been permanently altered. Before the War, the perception in NS and related circles was that each Aryan nation was menaced internally by Jewish Capitalism, and externally by Soviet-based Jewish-Bolshevism.”

The real changes of 1945 were:
1) the demise of Germany, one of the three pillars of Europe (the others being Russia and America);
2) the advent of the Pax Atomica;
3) the split of Europe by the Iron Curtain.

And all three points are irrelevant, as Christianity had been clearly destroying both Russia and America for decades by then, growing ever more accelerated by new technology.

> “Accordingly, it was up to each separate Aryan folk or nation to defend itself, or, as Hitler put it, to ‘devise its form of national resurrection’.”

Yes, attacking the anti-Semitic Poland was all part of helping separate Aryan folks.

> “So, for Rockwell, the political focus was on race, with national concerns being secondary, whereas, in Hitler’s conception, the good of the nation came first.”

Rockwell was a nascent American politician. Race is an issue unique to America – so to say, the Whites are in the greatest peril there, for they are surrounded by literal demons from hell. But it does not stop being a national American issue.

> “Exacerbating this neglect was the fact that the ANP was considered – and considered itself – as a far-right organization. Among the right, efforts at social reform and economic justice were considered the purview of the left. The people Rockwell targeted and whom he attracted had little or no concern with such issues.”

There is nothing wrong about neglecting economic questions. Obsession with economics is a particular whiteboi meme, but it is but one of the ideas to build a worldview around. It is precisely Marxist and rotten to put economy as the basis of all. Neither Islamist Asians nor Juche Koreans will agree, and yet they have been successful in enacting anti-Christian revolutions. Meanwhile, the Marxist USSR gave way to a Christian death-wish.

> “Much has been written on Rockwell’s effort to forge a link with the Nation of Islam and other Black separatists, but in fact, nothing concrete was ever achieved on this front, although theoretically trans-racial alliances between National Socialists and non-Whites are certainly possible.”

Yikes. This is cringe. If life is war between races, how can you ever befriend foreigners? This is precisely why I see nothing wrong when Iran or Juche Korea support the suicide of Aryan America – they are interested in our death, and that’s to be expected. Liberal = anti-White, and the real, existing non-Whites do revel in it. (Aside from the Saudis and the Japanese, they’re fucked.)

> “It was a tragic but foreseeable end to Rockwell’s life. As early as 1962, he had predicted his assassination, writing, ‘I knew that I would not live to see the victory which I would make possible, but I would not die before I had made that victory certain’.”

Just like the coalskin Luther aka MLK, both killed in 1967-68.

> “The debate still rages today whether open advocacy of National Socialism or a slightly modified ‘Americanized’ approach is most effective.”

The same as Germany’s position in 1944, some problems do not have solutions. Life is not chess.

> “But through the courage, genius and Herculean effort of one man, National Socialism was reborn.”

Apparently, Christendom considered the movement too small to matter, unlike Communism (which it fought and destroyed utterly in America).

The West’s Darkest Hour

The Rockwell years (1959-1967)

When discussing Movement history, the period 1959-1967 is commonly referred to as ‘The Rockwell Years’, and rightly so. George Lincoln Rockwell first raised the Swastika banner in Arlington, Virginia, on March 8, 1959, and he was assassinated there on August 25, 1967. There were indeed other NS and pro-NS organizations on the scene during these years. Some of these were older than Rockwell’s party, such as the National States Rights Party and the National Renaissance Party, which we have previously discussed. Others arose as splinters or rivals of Rockwell’s movement, such as the White Party of America and the American National Party. For their part, the NSRP and the White Party were larger than Rockwell’s American Nazi Party.

But it is Rockwell who dominated the scene in every sense: he led the way in public awareness of the Movement, and forged a new path in the…

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History of American NS, 5

> “The correct way would have been, as I have said, to found a publishing house for books like Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, which decades later Tom Goodrich would write.”

Of course, not. People at the time weren’t as delusional as Chechar, with Hitlerians’ flagrant aggression still fresh in mind.

> “What he had in mind was a dynamic racial movement, something more political than the Ku Klux Klan and more racially focused than Christian Nationalism.”

Klan-cucks and Christ-cucks. Sometimes I forget how cucked they really are. Apolitical/asexual apes.

> “Hudson shared Madoles’s interests in racial nationalist politics, space travel, science fiction and the occult. […] Madole’s goal was to build a new Aryan super-civilisation in North America, not just to save the Constitution from the Jews. He was anti-rightwing, anti-capitalist and anti-Christian, all of which earned him the hostility of the Christian Nationalists and their allies, such as the Ku Klux Klan. […] Madole shared Yockey’s assessment that Stalin had broken the power of the Jewish-Bolsheviks in the USSR, and was steering the Soviet Union ever-closer to the traditional Russia of the czars. […] This nuanced appraisal of the USSR was lost on the American Right of the 1950s, who decided that Madole was just a racist, anti-Semitic communist.”

Madole seems to be my alter ego. Now, I can ask you with hindsight, Ameritards, the USSR is no more – yet are you happy? The Amerimutt land has taken a steep dive towards suicide since 1991.

> “Editor’s note: This flaw would also appear among some white nationalists of the next century with their mad infatuation with Putin’s Russia.”

Wrong comparison, Chechar. The good goy Putin is an American slave, a filthy capitalist and a traitor. His cult veneration in the West is limited to delusional, idealistic Christcucks. Meanwhile, cold facts tell that neither Brezhnev nor even the clown Khrushchev would have stopped in 2014, or let the Western puppets such as Navalny et alia operate.

> “The immediate outcome of the convention was the formation of the United White Party, which was reorganized the following year as the National States Rights Party. […] To keep these members from drifting away, Fields would confide to them that the NSRP’s initials secretly stood for ‘National Socialist Revolutionary Party’.”

Yikes. An exercise in name creation. The original alphabet agencies.

> “He gave a presentation to the convention outlining a plan to relocate the Black population of the US to Africa. He called it the ‘Lincoln Plan’.”

As Dr. Robert Morgan on the Unz Review keeps tirelessly reminding, the real Lincoln had no such intentions.

> “George Lincoln Rockwell had abandoned his philosophy major at Brown University in 1941 because he, like many other Americans, could sense that war was on the horizon.”

Perhaps, conquer Japan and settle their lands with Aryans? No? (Oh wait, it’s the Amricucks I’m dealing with, sorry).

> “Rockwell was called back to active duty during the Korean War. He was eventually promoted to full commander.”

Korea is not Japan, true. The Ameriturds got fucked in Korea, twice. Butthurt ever since. (Although I’m again forgetting I’m reading an American, those are not lands in his mind, but mere names.)

> “Softness in the face of Communist aggression abroad, cultural Marxism at home, feminism, and what was euphemistically termed ‘civil rights’ were features of post-War America.”

Indeed, the Christian used to fear the Communist once. China, Korea, Vietnam, the Iranian Islamist revolution of 1979 was Socialist in nature, too.

> “While stationed in San Diego during the Korean War, he became involved in the movement to draft Gen. Douglas MacArthur as the 1952 Republican presidential candidate.”

Ludendorff 1925 flashbacks.

> “And that was the end of Lincoln Rockwell, the ‘nice guy’ – the ‘dumb goy’ – and the beginning of an entirely different person.”

Any racist could merely have looked at the fate of the Philippines and of Japan to see the demise of the white boy in order. By the gods, why were they so idiotic?

> “On March 8, 1959, Rockwell received a package sent to him by James K. Warner, a young admirer. In it was a large, Third Reich-era Swastika banner. A tingling ran up Rockwell’s spine: He suddenly saw the way forward.”

The LARPer could indeed have tried something in the economic downturn of the 1970s, after the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Apparently, the demand simply wasn’t there after his 1967 assassination.

The West’s Darkest Hour

The pre-Rockwell years (1946-1958)

For good or for ill, the German American Bund was the primary exponent of open National Socialism in the US before America entered the War. After the voluntary dissolution of the Bund on December 8, 1941, there was no open advocacy of the National Socialist worldview in the US until George Lincoln Rockwell raised the Swastika banner in Arlington, Virginia, on March 8, 1959. The option to re-found the Movement was theoretically available as soon as the War had ended in 1945. However, the immediate post-War political and social climate was so hostile to National Socialism that even the most stalwart American National Socialists were unwilling to take that path forward.

But still, the struggle went on, albeit in the political shadows, rather than in the light of day. Various pro-NS or neo-NS activist groups arose during the pre-Rockwell period that attempted to advance the Cause…

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History of American NS, 4

Reading this, I caught myself on a thought. Perhaps, my critical thinking was born precisely during reading works brimming with anti-German sentiment (possessing none myself)?

Like here, I can’t help admiring the anti-German-terrorist efforts of the Christians in the USA (contra the author lost in his Germanophilia).

The same way as I long became well immune to any Ukrainian or south Korean propaganda.

It seems natural to me to employ healthy ad hominem, cui bono and conflict of interest critiques. Striking where it hurts most. The Seoul régime blows up its own planes. The Warsaw Pact was the last Aryan hope. The Bewegungskrieg of the mind!

The West’s Darkest Hour

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The next day the German-American Bund burnt its membership lists and other sensitive documents and dissolved itself. Three days later, Hitler declared war on the United States.

With very few exceptions, which will be discussed below, the other American NS and pro-NS groups followed the Bund’s lead. But the Bund’s 25,000 members did not simply evaporate, nor did they cease believing in National Socialism. The America First Committee, associated with Charles Lindbergh, had 800,000 members. Most of these people, if not all, were broadly sympathetic to Hitler’s Germany. They, too, did not simply cease to exist when their movement formally shut down its operations on December 10.

The first reaction of the rank-and-file adherents and sympathizers of National Socialism was to go to the ground. They hoped that the crackdown they expected would pass them over if they kept a low…

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God and white nationalism

> “No purely political program can have any real value for us in the long run unless we get our souls back, unless we learn once again how to be true to our inner nature, unless we learn to heed the divine spark inside us and base all our decisions on a clear and comprehensive philosophy illuminated by that spark.”

> “Throughout my talk to the class, a blond girl and the only Negro in the class were sitting next to each other in the front row and kissing and fondling each other in an obviously planned effort to distract me.”

…This is why I’m at a loss for words when faced with the American Anglo creature. William Luther Pierce, ladies and gentlemen, in his own words, and in the 1970s.

Am I to blame for disregarding everything to the West of the Elbe? What a cuck Chechar is for not doing likewise!

> Chechar: “I wish all of this “Christian Identity” masturbation was true…”

Hahaha, how can a person even say that he wishes he were a Jew?!

The West’s Darkest Hour

Pay me attention please: since I very rarely talk about God.

For my inner daimon, the most sacred entries of the previous incarnation of this blog are those categorized under the title “metaphysics of race.”

While I am definitively not a theist, for which I might be confused with an atheist, and while I am tempted toward agnosticism, deep in my heart I know there’s something panentheist about Nature (not to be confused with pantheism).

Today I received a hate comment precisely in the “metaphysics of race” entry that I treasure the most. I swiftly deleted it. Although I don’t believe in the existence of a personal God I still consider these sorts of comments blasphemous. The curious thing is that the blasphemer, in addition to his vulgarities that I won’t quote, stated that it is “a good thing” that “there will be no different races” in…

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