The World in 2100 CE (by Adûnâi)

The twilight of the Aryan race, and the triumph of Juche Korea, China, Islam and Türkiye.
The downfall of India, Russia and Israel.

The code:

The Crusaders of tomorrow are the warriors of Tawheed eager to wrestle Jerusalem out of Shia hands. Only the might of the Turkish and Aryan Empires is the guarantor of peace.

Aryan is ugly; ugly is Aryan

Aryandom is the Ugly Land; ugliness is the domain of the Aryans.

An impartial observer might even conclude that hatred towards Christian America and the Aryan race is sufficient for building an eternal society.

A Juche Korean revolutionary opera about murdering Americans.

Meanwhile, the Slavic slaves of Christian America know only ugliness. A Buryat degenerate controlling the minds of Ukrainians! Aren’t Aryans ugly?

Even war cannot make them turn their snouts out of the manger for Christian cattle.

This is pure homosexuality.

To be effective among the Aryans, this feminist vomit is made to sound like African songs, for the Aryan only respects Negro culture.

Here we have a clown fiesta – rock guitars, “Perun”, “Arei”, and incessant moaning about the whore Jewish sow mother who littered Jesus the Jew into this world (Pokrova).

© UhOhFeministOnReddit (a pearl about the subject of the front page of Paediwikia).

My grandmother came from an old southern family and was never exposed to the LGBTQ community or any really progressive circles. Schitt’s Creek did a lot to help her understand same sex couples. Sure, she’s seen the odd token gay couple on TV, but I just think it wasn’t believable to her, and that a same sex relationship was more about sex than a deeper attraction. She was kind of cagey about it.

When she saw Schitt’s Creek, it was like something just clicked for her. It goes without saying the queer humor was better since a gay man was writing it, and I think the truth of that made her understand the emotional aspect. It also didn’t hurt that Noah and Dan had excellent chemistry, and that David was her favorite character. She likes to get wine drunk and laugh about the episode where he put that MLM tanner on his face.

We need more shows like Schitt’s Creek out there. Ryan Murphy and his ilk are great. But that’s trash TV specifically for the LGBTQ community, and while I will stan gay trash TV until I die, it’s not to be used to bring cagey old southern ladies over to a better way of thinking. I’m looking forward to Dan’s next big project. He really is doing a lot of good for the community.

Contrast that debauched travesty with the sounds of the lands of true gods. Where men are singing praises towards their Führer unto death. When I see the Songun Smile of Comrade Kim Jong Il, akin to the Roman ambassadors to Alexander, I remember that the demise of Christianity is assured.

Animal hell & White sin

Nature knows no pity. Let the Wretched Aryan race die. Be delighted if anything survives of it.

The West’s Darkest Hour


I am shocked. Tonight I went to the grocery store to buy some milk and saw a couple of typical Mexican kids, one with a rabbit in his arms. After talking about bunnies, the smaller kid of about eight years old told me a horror story.

At school his group was taken to a farm in Mexico to see all the farm animals. Unexpectedly, at some place he saw little bunnies, alive, strung up by their ears on wire. They were in excruciating pain, trying to escape by desperately moving, over the air, their little limbs. The older kid, while still carrying the female rabbit, his pet, told me that his brother came back traumatized for what he saw. The owner of the grocery, an old woman, commented that animal cruelty was so common, and that the farm landlords probably didn’t expect that the kids would pass through that specific…

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The Iliad, book I

Beautiful prose by Chechar! Of course, girls should be slaves. That wrath of yore is only found among hateful incels these dark days. And yet, what catches my attention more than the question of feminism is the selfish indignation of bright Achilles towards the common weal, the war effort of the mighty Achaeans. Where’s nationalism? Where’s the Führerprinzip?

The West’s Darkest Hour

As we saw in the essay on Sparta in The Fair Race, around 1200 b.c.e. the Achaeans besieged and conquered Troy in a crusade that united the Hellenes in a common endeavour, so prone to war with each other. In The Iliad Homer describes them as a gang of barbarians with the mentality and appearance of Vikings who sweep the refined and civilised Troy.

The first book of The Iliad begins already after nine years of war between Achaeans and Trojans, when a plague breaks out on the Achaean camp. The soothsayer Calchas, consulted about it, predicts that the plague will not cease until the girl Chryseis, who Agamemnon had kidnapped, was returned to her father Chryses of Troy. Achilles’ wrath stems from the affront inflicted on him by Agamemnon, who, by yielding Chryseis to her father because of the threat of the soothsayer, now snatches from Achilles’ share…

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The West’s Darkest Hour

A few decades ago I heard non-Christian Octavio Paz (1914-1998) assert on television that Dante was the quintessential poet of the West. Something rebelled in me when I listened to Paz, my then hero of the Cervantes language, but only until now can I answer such an aberration.

Like many other intellectuals, historians, and writers, Paz confused Western Christian civilisation with European civilisation. But Christendom is not the West. Christianity was the psychotic breakdown that the West has suffered since Constantine began to impose the god of the Jews on a race that has been non-Christian for much longer than Christian. What Albus said on this site when commenting on the sacred music of Johann Sebastian Bach we could apply equally to Dante’s great poem:

As a former Catholic I have stopped visiting any church building for all my life. Never again a famous cathedral will impress me, especially not…

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Cultures of the World in Winkel tripel with Rivers and Lakes

Notable changes: moved Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo from Islam to the Remnants of Christian Empires (terrible birthrates); added Palestine to Israel; darkened the purple – the colour of racial confusion; mapped every single pathetic island nation on the planet (Mauritius and the Maldives Hindu, the Comoros Negro, the Seychelles purple).

Another peculiar change has been made to the legend – here, I now list the cultures in the order of their prospects to inherit planet Earth. The most noble come at the top, the most Christian and animalistic come at the bottom.

The code:

Update as of 2020-09-22: added St Martin.

And an offensive joke version:

Banned on Twitter! Banned on Reddit AskHistorians!

Banned on Reddit ca. 10 minutes after posting an idea glorifying the vengeance of the Negro upon the Aryan!

Banned on Reddit AskHistorians for asking a question about a book! Amusingly, the response was full of orthographic errors in the spelling of its words (“severl”, “gete a rise out of people”) – so much for the scholars!

It is fascinating to see the enactment of normie police in action. No wonder everyone is so boring in the West. Everywhere, you need to suck dicks and practice takiya to get along.

Here is a random/arbitrary album by Therion full of French covers/variations/transvaluations.

A random blog entry on fruits.
Wild and Ancient Fruit: Is it Really Small, Bitter, and Low in Sugar?

Unser Genosse Kim Jong Un – sung by cute girls from the DPRK

Als zuverlässiger Himmel für unser Schicksal,
als zuverlässige Stütze für unsere Seele
ist er immer mit uns und gibt uns Hoffnung und Kraft.

Genosse Kim Jong Un, unser Glück,
Genosse Kim Jong Un, unsere Ehre.
Das Volk lebt ewig in der Obhut
von unserem Genossen Kim Jong Un.

Als Vater aller Menschen,
als kluger Lehrmeister
kümmert er sich um die Großfamilie des Landes
und baut ein Paradies des Volkes auf.

Genosse Kim Jong Un, unser Glück,
Genosse Kim Jong Un, unsere Ehre.
Das Volk lebt ewig in der Obhut
von unserem Genossen Kim Jong Un.

Als Heerführer für das Volk,
als Sonne für die ganze Welt
errichtet er einen würdevollen starken Staat
und sichert eine glänzende Zukunft.

Genosse Kim Jong Un, unser Glück,
Genosse Kim Jong Un, unsere Ehre.
Das Volk lebt ewig in der Obhut
von unserem Genossen Kim Jong Un.

On faggot Paul Cézanne

The Aeneid contains all the myths and psychology a society could ask for. When reading it you get the sense of what it was like to live in a culture where your ancestors go back a thousand years with great deeds and heroes. In such a culture a person would not need the jewish god or christian theology, a journey to the underworld providing much healing for a person’s psyche.
© Alex

I have checked the Aeneid on PaedoWikia – they chose two images for illustration – one by Federico Barocci (1598), the other by faggot Paul Cézanne (1875).

I didn’t know Cézanne was such a faggot.