The words from a dreamworld

Just had one of the most magical experiences in my life, a 7-hour-long chat with a stranger. And I assure you that it was objectively both exquisite and arduous. A chance meeting, as they used to say in Middle-earth.

Cryptic? Certainly. Yet hurrying to live. For the sake of the Mongoloid digital archaeologists of the future.

On the geography of the fight against Christianity

Just as I used to go to the respected senile Russian nationalist comrade Mikhailove over at LiveJournal, so too now have I found a pal on SubStack – Liberal Feudalism and Rolo Slavskiy. The former is a high-IQ conspiratard, the latter is disseminating Strelkovian moaning in English, a rather queer experience.

© Adûnâi

That map is absolutely sublime! Right up my alley, considering my proclivity to compare both the USSR (unfavourably) and Juche Korea (rather favourably) to the religiosity of Wahhabi Islam. It has to be kept in mind that Tunisia is Europe (more European than the Ukraine), whereas Morocco & Algeria are fake Arabs – which doesn’t mean they’re gay (aside from their gay king and gay commies respectively), but it could also blossom into a kind of Berber nationalism.

But the heartland of the Arab world is the fertile crescent of Egypt – Syria – Iraq, and that seems to hold fairly well. Egypt indeed acted as a confluence of Arab nationalism, until their final submission to the Saudi-Israeli axis in 1979. And with the current demographic explosion of Egypt, I could see a future where its young people are subsumed by more violent ideologies. Case in point – ISIS (again, the feature of Islam is that a large percentage of the population are ready to kill and die, unlike the “right-wingers” of Russia or Utah.)

Regarding China – the greatest argument against the PRC would be the fact that princess Xi Mingze lives in America. Whereas your points all seem rather weak – isn’t it the consensus view that the Americans gave Chiang Kai-Shek massive amounts of weaponry and money that were lost in corruption? And after Chiang’s defeat, it only made geopolitical sense in the Cold War to support Mao Zedong against Soviet Russia – nobody cares about the useless little RoC at that point.

Regarding the later connection of China coupled with the deindustrialisation of America – that’s the suicidal nature of Christian capitalists. I would choose to believe the most widely-held view – that the Westerners tried to corrupt China into globohomo with their warm embrace strategy. After all, that’s what worked for Soviet Russia. Hasn’t worked for China.

(And no, the Corvid argument does not cut it – the famous response to the plague is in the natural interest of any state on the planet, the synchronicity is not an argument for a world government’s existence.)

Finally, regarding the solutions. I would view the nexus of germinating future ideologies in the community of… hateful incels. This is a nascent perfect storm, covering some of the most essential dogmas of neo-Christianity such as sexual equality and non-violence. And normies are only going to swell the incel ranks. KHHV is the Marxism of tomorrow! (Andrew Tate approves, Kynosarges applauds.)

Typos: to solve for; small minded; Rothschild owned; to to frame; want now want; it’s ability; the Rockefeller’s.

P.S. I have to add a few words on Iran – their society looks ridiculously ripe for the picking. And yet, your focus on the banks is blinding you to that fact. Why not pick up Türkiye? Doesn’t their recent genocide of Armenians win them a few points in your book? Or their ban on gay parades in Constantinople? Or take Pakistan (another country that rejects the existence of Armenia btw) – their government may cuck in, yet their citizens seem to have hearts of a lion.

> A Barelvi mosque was built in 2014 in Islamabad named after Mumtaz Qadri, who assassinated the Punjab governor Salman Taseer for defending Noreen. Qadri was convicted by the Islamabad High Court, sentenced to death and hanged in February 2016.

> The general population was less sympathetic towards Noreen. Several signs were erected in Sheikhupura and other rural areas declaring support for the blasphemy laws, including one that called for Noreen to be beheaded. Mohammad Saleem, a member of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan party, organized a demonstration in Rawalpindi and led a small crowd chanting, “Hang her, hang her.” In December 2010, a month after Noreen’s conviction, Maulana Yousaf Qureshi, the Muslim cleric of the Mohabaat Khan Mosque in Peshawar, announced a Rs. 500000 (US$1,700) Pakistani rupee bounty to anyone who would kill her. One survey reported that around 10 million Pakistanis had said that they would be willing to personally kill her out of either religious conviction or for the reward.

Let alone the Rohingya genocide at the hands of mindful Buddhist Burmese, or the current civil war in the Sudan! Those are examples of a real fight against Christianity! Not money-grubbing central bank accounting.

Liberal Feudalism

Honing my skill amongst the Oriental Christians

A few snippets from my mad ramblings on the post-Soviet LiveJournal (courtesy of Google Translate, can’t be bothered to proofread). Merely a droplet of the ocean of insanity.

© Adûnâi

> “Obviously, Putin (or his entourage) has a complete lack of desire to win. Andrey Morozov (Murz), observing what is happening “from the first row”, has long been writing that this level of incompetence does not exist, this is a clear treason.”

Interesting, because the Strategos of the Sofa Legion and miguel-kud say the same thing. In the main, I agree – only one should not lose sight of the fact that the West also commits suicide.

I prefer to see culture as the main factor in history. Russia is just a peripheral part of Christian Europe, which is now being destroyed in an old-fashioned, military way, with the support of a non-sovereign elite. But the heart of Christianity, in America, is killing itself with a monstrous, total method of importing immigrants, women’s rights, and destroying its entire history in the name of the moral values ​​of Christianity (where weakness = goodness, there own strength is killed).

Simply put, America could populate the Japanese archipelago with blond children, when in reality it has transferred all of its industry to China. Not to see it is to be blind.

© Adûnâi

> “opposing Russian humanism to American Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

Well, what kind of baby talk? The Americans had the physical ability to populate the entire Japanese archipelago with blond children, but in reality they moved a huge part of their own industry to China instead. Anglo-America is the most merciful empire in the history of mankind (and for this I hate it terribly, since it tied the fate of our entire European race to its Christian transvestite demise).

© Adûnâi

Seriously, on the one hand, I am a supporter of the revolutionary overthrow of Jesus-worshipping transvestites in America, with dozens of genocides and a couple of nuclear wars in Eurasia. At the same time, all these flirting with the anti-Hitler morality of the “world outcasts” is of no interest to anyone, except for Christians (who, I repeat, are living out their days, and it is your choice whether to follow them to the grave).

On the other hand, purely pragmatically speaking, this year the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation will only play into the hands of America (since the Kremlin is a crypto-colony of the still living West), so uv. Mikhailov is right on this score, as is the Strategos of the Sofa Legion – let your rational decision come from rotten Christian philanthropy (which will backfire on you, as it gives rise to mortal weakness).

© Adûnâi

> “People can’t be accumulated, but why fight against the enemy, with unusable, insufficient and outdated means, if you can simply destroy it, and make the area deserted?”

I like your thinking (you need to remember your name, i_senatov)! Why did the Soviet Union refuse to kill people? Because… Jesus forbade it. Geopolitics is impossible without the existence of actors-players acting in their own favor. But in reality, peoples are usually subject to certain cultures that rigidly mark the boundaries of what is conceivable.

Of course, survival strategies are varied, and a flight of fancy has given us the burning of children in Carthage, as well as the breaking of the bones of girls in China. But to our great regret, our European race has fallen to the most terrible culture – the Christian one, which is completely opposed to any self-interest, any own strength of the country, the ideals of reason and beauty.

The second factor in the lethality of Christianity is the enormous vitality of this moral system, which spun off from the church and firmly entered the atheistic liberalism of the West. So successful that, apparently, only the physical degeneration of the carrier people is able to bury this terrible culture.

In the context of this article, what no one has said (not even me in previous comments) is that the use of nuclear weapons by Russia to genocide the civilian population in Ukraine would serve as a cultural break with the Christian heritage, and this murderous hatred would be a good guarantee for the revival of the sovereign Aryan culture in the space of Russia. Such a hecatomb, the stench of which would please all sorts of non-Christian gods.

Do not forget that the only country that has recognized the annexation of Ukrainian regions is Juche Korea.

© Adûnâi

As for the lace panties of the Soviet Union, I consider them a symbol of the economic aspect of the culture of late Marxism. Ironically, in America – which has been accused of worshiping Mammon throughout history – the most Christian frenzy has survived, simply evolving from human rights to the rights of women, blacks and other gays, and now to the rights of transvestites. And they carry this culture with bright eyes, incorruptibly, unanimously. Whereas the Russian periphery is really sold for lace.

© Adûnâi

All these are particular manifestations of the metastasis of Christian culture in the European race. It’s a pity, when I was little, I thought that the Slavs would be able to see the madness of America, and correct their path in time. But it turns out that the Slavs will kill themselves in an old-fashioned way for the amusement of transvestites-Jesus worshippers. How many chances should Nature give the Aryan race to recognize our failure?

The only argument in our favor is aesthetics: for the Mexican Hitlerite, César Tort is the abolition of the killing of children by our race; for Savitri Devi it ​​is natural aristocracy; for me it is the Majestät which I saw at the funeral of Brezhnev under Chopin. Such a weak argument.

© Adûnâi

I do not really agree with the position on Juche Korea, their ideology is woven from aestheticism – in each of their songs they display the sunset in the entire frame (along with trees, the sea, runestones in the forest) – pure paganism.

© Adûnâi (tranſlaton mine, orthography preſerved)

> “2 года военной тюрьмы было бы достаточно, разстрѣлъ солдатъ своей собственной побѣждающей арміи, да еще на территоріи противника, это ​глумъ​ чужеродной оккупаціонной власти надъ боевыми рабами.”

Хотѣлъ бы поблагодарить Васъ, bartini_robert (да и i_kou тоже), за высказываніе такой прелестнѣйшей позиціи! Это практически невозможно увидѣть въ англофонномъ​ Интернетѣ. Я пусть и гитлеріанецъ, и считаю ​нѣмецкій​ народъ драгоцѣннымъ камнемъ, но въ обстоятельствахъ пораженія NSDAP въ 1945, лучшимъ сценаріемъ для разумной жизни на планетѣ было бы жертвоприношенія милліоновъ нѣмцевъ ГДР ради возрожденія арійскаго-же духа на теренахъ Россіи.

> “2 years of military priſon would have been ſufficient, a court-marſhal of one’s own victorious army’s ſoldier on the enemy territory is a mockery by the foreign occupation power of its war ſlaves.”

I would like to convey my gratitude to you, batini_robert (and i_kou as well) for expreſsing ſuch a delightful poſition! It is practically impoſsible to witneſs on the Anglophone Internet. Even though being a Hitlerian, and conſidering the German people a precious gemſtone, yet in the circumſtances of the defeat of the NSDAP in 1945, I nevertheleſs conſider the beſt ſcenario for intelligent life on the planet a human ſacrifice of the millions of Germans in the GDR for the ſake of the rebirth of the ſame Aryan ſpirit in the abode of Ruſsia.

The Day of the Sun in Juche 111

Blade Runner 2049 is delightful cinema

I have to preface this by admitting to not being a cinephile at all – I usually watch a few motion pictures a year, if that. But I am indeed fascinated by the most important films, be they of widespread fame or aficionados’ laurels. This time, I decided finally to check out the Blade Runner franchise.

1 Blade Runner (1982). In the very first 10 min of this cult classic, we have an… exposition dump! Isn’t the breaking of the Show, don’t tell adage a major cinema sin?

My main criticism, however, would lie in its characterisation (or lack thereof) of its Replicants. The question is – why make their number five, if only two (2) of them have any character arcs at all? The girl with the snake and the other guy die in a few seconds after having barely any exposition or explanation, whereas Pris, while enjoying plenty of screen time, is still confusing to me, and frankly, her arc is non-existent. Immediately on my first viewing, I wondered whether her encounter with Sebastian was a bait, yet I couldn’t make up the answer with that meagre information the film gives the viewer. Roy later finds them both for whatever reason, so she was indeed a bait? Yet Pris behaved in an utterly care-free manner, making it a really weird plot point. …And later on, she dies with barely any words, like a mook.

So, we have two somewhat characterised Replicants… Or, should I say, 1.5, because while Rachael is getting plenty of development (in Deckard’s bedroom), Roy’s final chase scene is so bewildering, I couldn’t even understand whether he wanted to kill Deckard at all (which he didn’t in the end).

And the general points about Ridley Scott – I still fail to understand why he’s considered a well-beloved director, his style is absolutely obnoxious, drawn-out for no reason, masking with long shots his lack of substance. The aesthetic is on point, I’ll give him that (but still, the lack of sunlight is nowhere expressly mentioned).

2 Blade Runner 2049 (2017). Now this film struck me as an unquestionable masterpiece. While a detective-like bundle of plot threads, that confusion was still used to further the development of its characters and not for its own sake. And I get the impression that the character arcs were not merely an arbitrary jumble, but each tried to give its own answer to the major philosophical question.

There was one point where I wondered whether the film couldn’t make up its mind about the end to the character – the double death of JOI. Yet then it hit me – what if that was a reference to Karl Marx’s aphorism of “History repeats itself twice – first as a tragedy, then as a farce”? Hits rather close to home, considering the situation in my Ukrainian country (and giving characters a satisfactory ending is overall difficult).

Bare with me, this is not an empty claim – the marvelous later scene where Deckard is faced with a recording of his voice from Blade Runner (1982) is a little exploration of the historical method as we know it, a contrast between the conjecture based on material evidence, and the living experience of the historical figures, their mnemonic account.

Of course, roleplaying is a major theme of the film – the choice of the K/Joe character as to his own self-image among the other moving pieces. And the twist at the end serves not to subvert the viewers’ expectations, but to reframe the entire story from the inside, to look at it from a different angle while retaining its essence.

Regarding some other points – I was absolutely blown away by how realistic the interaction with the sex-bot was. Maybe it was indeed foreseen by the wise men of the past century, but that one interaction where K/Joe forcefully insists that that day was his “anniversary” with JOI is exactly how modern kids interact with their AI – that’s an uncanny experience of being part of the movie, which I do appreciate.

A delightful part of the film is also the few relatively unassuming places where it inserts various femdom kink aesthetic, including step-mommy-dom, pet play and even giantess play – it was tastefully and unassumingly placed, almost as if for the people in the know.

On the other hand, while having 4 female characters (2 sub, 2 domme), they all revolved around a single white male through whose lens the viewer experiences the story. Again, a delectable choice.

Some final points – I do appreciate Denis Villeneuve’s aping Scott’s drawn-out shots while also filling them with substance, it’s the best of both worlds. He explains the lack of sunlight much better, it is an actual plot point instead of a random neo-noir stylistic approach; he balances slow scenes and dialogue with incredible information density and plain variety; the lighting overall characterises the very atmosphere of each scene so well (the orange sunset/autumn-esque lighting of the Korean bar place followed by the final snowfall of the end scene).

In conclusion, Blade Runner (1982) left me largely disappointed, whereas its apparently terrible sequel (© Random Film Talk) turned out to be a masterpiece, both in its micro execution and the general macro decisions.

A Past-Midnight Change to My Ethno-Cultural Map

Half a year after the release of my final version of the map, I started entertaining a few new thoughts on the number of regions – first, the question of the Ukraine and the Pashto-Tajik divide in Afghanistan, and then the specific populations of Suriname and Guyana. Here is what has followed.

I. Europe.
1. The western part of the Ancient Europa region reduced due to the homosexual creeps in the Recovered Territories of Poland, and the visible recession of traditional Christianity from Bohemia. The situation in Germany corrected to represent the election results of the Alternative für Deutschland party.ěřící_-_sčítání.png?useskin=vector

2. The upper Dnieper Ukraine which does not speak Ukrainian nor professes the Greek Catholic faith, crying in Russian “Death to Russians”, is a fitting candidate for demonstrating the vigour of the neo-Christian creed in spreading into the Marxist lands of the eponymous deceased Union.

3. It was a revelation to me to learn of the Hungarians’ civilisational mission persisting in the form of the Romanian Greek Catholic church in the western reaches of Transylvania.

II. Asia.
1. Distinguishing Pashtunistan and the Dari-speaking Farsiwans is a queer idea, and of course I’m not diminishing the fight of the wild Tajiks against the Bolsheviks, yet the divide is indisputable, the tribal system of the Pashtunwali does differ from the Persian culture to the north, so I decided to mark it – after all, it’s not visible unless it’s a specific map of Afghanistan, seeing it on the world map is fascinating.

2. A minuscule change – I elected to add Damascus to the ancient region, partly due to its being the seat of the secular national-socialist Ba’ath party, partly due to the three Aramean villages in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains nearby. Of course, the main basis of Al Assad’s power in Syria lies in the Shia Alawites on the coast.

III. The Americas.
1. Now, I had continuously been shying away from depicting the Aryans of the Southern Cone due to their Mediterranean origin, their Iberian heritage, and the dearth of information available, yet I did find this dubious map by tonioCar or Rax9000, and I learned that the current governor of the Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina, Gustavo Melella, is a sodomite and phenotypically 100%-Aryan – both sure hallmarks of the culture I call neo-Christian.

2. The makeup of the Guyanese and Surinamese populations had escaped my rigour, apparently, because I had my hands full deciding the dominant culture of each region and district. Indeed, I have managed to depict Commewijne as the only American land with a Muslim plurality. (I also decided against marking East Berbice-Corentyne in Guyana this time due to its erratic borders.)

3. And finally, I came back to Cuba, swaying to highlight their cultural uniqueness (because the Aryan race is dead anyway, or positively correlates with sodomy), in additional retouching (enlarging) their Negro-populated areas.

All in all, not an immense improvement on my “final” v.30, and with some arguably subjective changes – the Ukrainian region is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and may be viewed as a reflection of my personal mental state, surrounded by insane, delusional people on both sides.

Edit (v.33, 2023-03-27). It may be a blessing that my hard drive has failed, considering it gave me pause to think over a number of points.

1. Goa – my old error was in taking a brief look at the religious composition of this old Portuguese enclave without considering the spatial circumstances – this map by Bhvintri exposes the difference between as Velhas Conquistas & Novas Conquistas.

2. I long wished to depict the Muslim intrusion of India to a larger extent (the largest Muslim population on the planet and all, yet there is a dearth of territories of compact Muhammadan settlement. And then I had the good idea of revising my position on the Malabar coast! Indeed, after Kashmir and Assam, Kerala has the highest percentage of the Islamic faith professed – on par with West Bengal, in fact (≈27%), yet unlike West Bengal, it has a swathe of territory in its northern half where Muslims form a substantial plurality.

3. The civil-war-torn island of Śrī Laṅkā has been witness to many a merry genocide – and this time, I have finally internalised the tale of the Muslim invasion of the Tamil lands in Mannar as recently as 2013.

4. Whenever I encounter Formosan politicians, they all have Hebrew names! Yet Wikipedia only puts their Christian population at the meagre 4%. Apparently, it’s a sign of their being colonised by the Anglos. To commemorate this fact, I went with marking their capital as part of the confused region.

5. Now, the most queer change – I have tried learning about the Lapps in the Nordic North, and they don’t seem Mongoloid at all. Hence I have decided to assign them to the European culture which cares about its heritage.

6. And what has thrown me off course, causing me to redraw the entire thing, has been the desire to depict the nihilistic European heritage in Tunisia, more reminiscent of Russia than of its wild neighbours.

In addition, here is the map of Eurasia – it is paramount to understand that it is the four great cultures of Eurasia that I am examining here – with the Islamic one split in three, and with the Occidental Aryan and the Oriental Mongoloid civilisations each exhibiting a periphery.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE (v.33)

My vindictive invective

© Adûnâi

The Anglo-American civiliation is a power of an origin much more cultural/idealistic than of a racial, materialistic root. One need not look much further than WW2 – a modern-day crusade of vicious, Jew-led idiots, woke before their time – where they destroyed their own British Empire all out of pernicious envy to what they could have become in Hitlerian Germany.

Make no mistake, however, when I say vicious, I do not consider America to be genocidal towards non-Whites – as American occupation of the Philippines, Japan and Iraq has shown over a century, the population of American colonies only keeps growing. Americans never do it out of their self-interest – but due to their cultural programming of breeding non-Europeans whenever they go.

Of course, in their most recent war against the husk that remains of Russia (humiliated and crucified by gangster capitalists for 31 years and counting), they might finally pull the trigger, as the Slavs are arguably Aryan enough to be exterminated. Compare that to Afghanistan where the Americans, weakened by their Christian morality, shied away from killing the locals to the extent of losing the war.

Still, I welcome pieces such as this article. The Anglos are indeed in their final woke hour (before their Aryan blood runs out), in the final blossoming of their flower of Christian ugliness. The Russians are not even like this. The Russians are even more dead – spiritually. I will get hackled for voicing this truth on this forum, but believe me or not, Russians hackle me for bringing culture war into the spotlight. If you heard the most recent Putin speech, the LGBTQIA+ neo-Christian degeneracy took a minute at most, while he went on about economy for 2 hours. The Russians are a lost cause, and yes, even the vile transvestites might gobble them up at this rate, a country of no material or idealistic basis faced with such a demonic abomination as Judaeo-Christianity in its waning supernova.

My critique of select points of Savitri Devi (cf. a Romanian government AI)

On the occasion of César Tort’s completing of the abridged English translation of Savitri Devi’s Souvenirs et reflexions d’une aryenne, I am here reproducing my concise points of critique of the first 60 pages.

© Adûnâi

I have already read over 60 pages, and what a treat! What a plethora of ideas! But first things first, unfortunately, I have caught a number of typos – p. 19 (“rid” without of), p. 28 (no comma after “added”), p. 61 (“curbs”).

  1. First of all, her point of noblesse oblige (p. 19) seems to be that man as a creature of the Word possesses the duty of overcoming oneself, of not living for individualistic happiness. Yet she also explicitly recognises the diversity of humans – all the way to many men not possessing said Word? (My personal materialistic model thus clashes with this conception as I view human NPCs as equal to animals, hence not morally abominable – they do not possess reason anyway. Akin to how men are responsible for their women.)
  2. Second, I tend to view history as a string of battles, of experiments, with results only possibly relevant to the life forms themselves (because there is no higher power). The only truth is survival – and 2+2=4 only because those who think otherwise go extinct, not because maths exists. Similarly, Christianity is uniquely revolting to my otherwise nihilistic outlook only because it is a cultural poison the Jew injected into the Aryan’s veins leading to our collective suicide – not more, not less.

I view the “spiritual scourge” of intolerance as a useful invention by the Jew akin to the American atomic bomb – and the triumph of Jewry as an indelible mark of the method’s truth (not arguing for miscegenation, of course, merely for the genocidal hated of all foreigners along with their cultures).

  1. This is a minor point, but on p. 64, you seem to have missed a curious point. If Savitri’s vision of a Negro world subservient to the Aryan had materialised, and the hypothetical Roman Empire had conquered the Aztecs, preserving their temples, the Aryans could have inserted themselves into the Aztec pantheon, using such authority to stop the child/animal sacrifices?.. Either way, it saddens me that even the best of our race need excuses to exterminate foreigners.

© Adûnâi

Another minor point of contention could be that I don’t think Savitri to be correct in her assessment of personal material comfort as the main pillar of Western life. With hindsight, such economistic thinking seems to be the mainstay of Marxist Russia in the main, not of America. Of course, Americans adore their luxurious lifestyle, and may well disintegrate with hardship, but the centerpiece of their culture is occupied by the neo-Christian concepts of “[Western] democracy” and “human (=transvestite) rights”.

Case in point – my grandma left the Ukraine decades ago for the West in search of higher-paying jobs. Whenever we spoke, she blamed “the rich people”. (In the past year, however, she started blaming “the Russians”.) A microcosm of a perfect little Marxist NPC! You can see it in the comment sections on YouTube – if Westerners evaluate countries based on “human rights records”, Russians base it on “the standard of living”. This is why Russia disintegrated in the 1990s into money-grubbing gangster anarcho-capitalism – Marxism fried our brains along the economic axis.

P.S. I am deeply regretful of not posting this entry at the tail-end of February – for now I cannot remain silent of the major breakthrough coming into March, Juche 112 / Anno Hitleri 134 / Anno Iudaici 2023 – namely, the introduction of an artificial intelligence (AI) government advisor, the first of its kind on the planet – so far, in the West Eurasian country of Romania. And in his honour, I have completed my own version of such a bot.

P.P.S. And finally, among the other schizo news of the day, both the Russian Federation and the Ukraine have been simultaneously swept by a youth uprising under the name of PMC Redan – widely reported by the local Jewish media, for whatever nefarious reason. These petty, parochial raguls seem akin to a rabbit before a snake’s gaze. Is CERN opening a portal to hell? Do I look suspicious to the onlooking shoggoths when taking pictures of crows? May the Juche Idea help us all.

Anti-Russian UN Resolution A/ES-11/L.7 (2023-02-23)

Epigraph (J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings):

‘For though I do not ask for aid, we need it. It would comfort us to know that others fought also with all the means that they have.’
‘Then be comforted,’ said Elrond. ‘For there are other powers and realms that you know not, and they are hidden from you. Anduin the Great flows past many shores, ere it comes to Argonath and the Gates of Gondor.’

Apparently, there has occurred another one of those Russophobic United Nations resolutions the other day (fun fact: its name cannot be googled, methinks, due to the idiocratic nature of websites such as APE-news).

For the [rather amusing] list of non-members that I have faithfully reproduced, see here.

…Hence I have decided to transition it to the cartographic medium. Among curiosities – the stark stance of Mali (most likely due to the recent squabble with France), the pro-Russian swathe of middle Africa (I wonder whether Wagner’s imperialist activities are of import there?), Iraq and Burma siding with the Americans. All in all, this is the most recent planetary vote on the Ukrainian pseudo-war. The only real question is whether China is going to help with lend-lease lest Russia’s cadaver be used against her.

Incidentally, this might be the last chance to depict the little Transnistria in the war. You were the only land to fight for its Russian character and win, by miracle of fate spared Ukrainisation, yet now it seems your story is coming to an end. The only good thing – Igor Strelkov has finally admitted the prudence of the use of nuclear weapons against Romania in such a scenario, yet, as Walter Dornberger famously quipped, “too little, too late”.

Anti-Russian UN Resolution A/ES-11/L.7 (2023-02-23)

My first personal foray into Jewry investigation

I know, I know, I’m late to the festival of life, but I have always taken the side of the Chechar-esque bicausalist explanation of Aryandom’s decline (liberal human rights are but the conclusion of Christian ethics).

Still, it fills me with joy to exercise our forefathers’ method of going on Wikipedia ctrl+Fing for the word “Jew” in a biography of a given degenerate (what else?) artist.

As in my current Ukrainian university there seems to be a push promoting crippled Negro toilets (incel term for female), I have done just the trick described above. It took me ca. 0.5 min in all, and the results are as follows.

Frida Kahlo:
> Although Kahlo said her father was Jewish and her paternal grandparents were Jews from the city of Arad, this claim was challenged in 2006 by a pair of German genealogists who found he was instead a Lutheran. Matilde was born in Oaxaca to an Indigenous father and a mother of Spanish descent.

> Kahlo soon began a relationship with Rivera, who was 21 years her senior and had two common-law wives. […] The wedding was reported by the Mexican and international press, and the marriage was subject to constant media attention in Mexico in the following years, with articles referring to the couple as simply “Diego and Frida”.

> She made her first significant sale in the summer of 1938 when film star and art collector Edward G. Robinson purchased four paintings at $200 each.

> By the early 1990s, not only had she become a recognized figure in art history, but she was also regarded as an icon for Chicanos, the feminism movement, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Diego Rivera:
> His mother María del Pilar Barrientos was said to have converso ancestry (Spanish ancestors who were forced to convert from Judaism to Catholicism in the 15th and 16th centuries). Rivera wrote in 1935: “My Jewishness is the dominant element in my life”, despite never being raised practicing any Jewish faith, Rivera felt his Jewish ancestry informed his art and gave him “sympathy with the downtrodden masses”. Diego was of Spanish, Amerindian, African, Italian, Jewish, Russian, and Portuguese descent.

Edward G. Robinson:
> Robinson’s original name was Menashe Goldenberg. He was born into a Yiddish-speaking Romanian Jewish family in Bucharest, the son of Sarah (née Guttman) and Yeshaya Moyshe Goldenberg (later called Morris in the US), a builder.

Julie Taymor:
> Categories: 20th-century American Jews | 21st-century American Jews

…Again, I’m not suddenly becoming any kind of a monocausalist – it’s merely ancient news from the early 20th ct., and the Jews only have as much power as the Aryans give them. But it’s been a fun little detour.

P.S. What is unfortunate, however, is how the up and coming Russian Führer Prigozhin (61 years of age) happens to be a Jew, too.

What is also amusing is how the curious Wikipedia editor my very best wishes (connected to such scum as Irina Harpy) was kvetching out of his mind to shut the above information down.

P.P.S. I am using the Old Wiki extension for Google Chrome automatically to add the ?useskin=vector part to the URL (following the disastrous mobile vomit of a UI redesign.

And on the subject of Wikipedia, the other day I have found the first outright lie by Western media! It’s located in the article on the Russian kshatriya Igor Strelkov (a.k.a. Girkin), namely, these following two points.
> On 12 September, he called the Russian attacks on Ukrainian power plants “very useful”. He also said that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu should be executed by firing squad and called for the use of tactical nuclear weapons in order “to drive 20 million refugees to Europe.”
(Anyone can easily check his statements demonstrating how his cucked Christian heart vehemently opposes any notion of the use of nuclear weapons, let alone of atomic genocide.)

Frida (2002)

On the geopolitical visions of the Führer

I have been reading the biography of the Führer by Volker Ullrich (in an English translation), and he quotes the diary of Hermann Balck that in the fall of 1944 Hitler believed Stalin would go for Istanbul before Berlin… And I felt like I was struck by lightning! After all, this is the same rational grain that the Führer was looking for in vain in Churchill! Another item in the list of Stalin’s mistakes (along with the betrayal of Korea later on)? (The Soviets in 1946 did clumsily try to bite off Turkish Armenia and Iranian Azerbaijan, but then the Americans made them realise the war to have been over.)

© Volker Ullrich. Hitler – A Biography, Volume 2: Downfall 1939-45 (2020)
Source: Balck’s diary entry for 10 Sept. 1944; BA-MA Freiburg, N 647/12.

> Hitler believed that the acute threat on the eastern front had passed, assuming, wrongly, that instead of training its sights on Berlin, the Red Army would pursue Russia’s traditional imperial goal of securing the Turkish straits. ‘On the whole, the Führer figures that the Russians will head for Constantinople and is basing everything upon that,’ noted tank general Hermann Balck after a meeting with Hitler on 10 September.

Just as England suicidally charged at Hitlerian Germany to its own empire’s downfall (of course, they were serving the interests of Jesus the crucified god instead of their own), so did Stalin miss the chance to capture the Straights, realising the millennium-old Russian dream when the Americans were tied up by Germany and Japan. The only conceivable counter-argument would be a separate truce in the West, but that was possible in our timeline, too, and didn’t happen. (Incidentally, I’m not sure as to the feasibility of changing America’s course after a propaganda run of that magnitude.)

This is to say that Hitler did demonstrate a rather clear grasp of geopolitics, and was not necessarily clutching at straws – as late as September 1944! His downfall was in the realm of culture, ironically. Of course, culture is part of geopolitics – but without the time to breed political soldiers, what’s use of army formations when they disintegrate anyway?

Here is the situation on the fronts after the destruction of Army Group South Ukraine (from this still-unsuperseded post-war atlas I had the luck to discover that carefree summer 2011, whose pages I would even print after the manner of antiquated folks).

Atlas of the World Battle Fronts in Semimonthly Phases

P.S. Juche Korea has conducted a breathtaking military parade this month to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the KPA’s foundation, with paratroopers landing in front of their Reichstag, and a respected comrade princess being shown the ropes (putting me at ease, considering how in our race, the last remaining good people are boomers doomed to die soon (from César Tort (64) to Igor Strelkov (52)).

One has to keep in mind that the DPR Korea is what Hitlerian Germany could have been had the NSDAP miraculously concluded a separate peace treaty with the Christians as late as 1945-03-23 (before the collapse of the fronts on the Rhine and the Oder), along with the Führer being 20 years younger (not that the duration of the reign is paramount, as the experience of such losers as Franco, Tito, Gaddafi or Putin clearly demonstrates).