An addendum to the ethno-cultural map

In order more vividly to illustrate the disparate cultures of my ethno-cultural map, I have gotten the bright idea to create a line of maps with only one of the cultures highlighted in each – akin to the faction selection screens in the aptly-named Total War series of computer games – what is the planet but the killing fields for an immense Battle Royale of titans?

The swan song of the Aryan soul

Religious Map of the World in 2022 CE (by Adûnâi)

A simplified version of my ethno-cultural map – denoting the current religions of the planet.

Notable differences – the shamanistic. character of the Tuvan, Altai, Yakut, Khakas and Chuvash Turks. The rest of the map has been arranged by way of assembling a few of my cultures into one.

Remnants of Christian Empires = Neo-Christian West + central European nationalists + Russo-Latin mutts + savage Negroes.

Ethnic Religions = Hinduism + Juche + Shinto + Yazidism + Judaism.

Dār al-Islām = Türkiye + Persia + Arabia + Zanj + Indian & Malay Muslims.

It is remarkable that the Formosan aborigines are two-thirds Christian – and while the RoC government is not, its treatment thereof is Christian in nature, too (although racially, the Austronesians are a far cry from the Pinoy Negritos).

The Japanese island of Hokkaido and the Ryukyu archipelago have been colonised recently, thus I have assigned them to the vague Sinospheric religious grouping.

As pertaining my own Weltanschauung, the current map serves well to underline the sheer loneliness of any Occidental anti-Semite surrounded by Abrahamics of one sort or another.

P.S. This brief work above has made me wonder whether I should have included Cuba both here and in the less limited map as a representative of “ethnic religions” and “old Europe”. But then, I checked the current ideology of Cuba, and they seem to venerate José Martí. From what I understand, they don’t have outright Indians left on their island, but this is a clear case of suicidal Christianity, here I would agree with Chechar. So while their Marxism has permitted them to establish a fairly sovereign and successful state, their Christian self-hatred is holding them back. (And I shudder to think how much their miscegenation with savage Negroes has progressed.)

P.P.S. Indeed, I don’t see any dissimilarities between the religions of Japanese Shinto and Korean Juche – aside from the differing races that profess them, of course. If anything, the failure of Japan might be accounted for in the lower racial quality of the Japanese stock.

Religious Map of the World in 2022 CE (by Adûnâi)

Lux contra Tenebras: the History of Europe Visualised

During the latest two millennia, the White race has essentially been suffering through the toxic fallout of the degenerated Roman Empire. A minor remission only came around the time of Hitler’s birth—followed by the final maddening relapse.Adunai

Back when the sun still shone, I got the urge to depict the vision I have in mind of the history of Europe. Even though I do not share the Marxist view of the directedness of history towards progress, I cannot help evaluating various times according to my racist position.

Hereby, I have produced the following single graph, oscillating between two modes: Light and Darkness. In my mind, the generations graced by the Lux are defined by their striving “upward”, by ever-increasing beauty, by giving form to prior ideas, by territorial expansion, by breakthroughs in philosophy and wider culture. Conversely, the times of the Tenebrarum cast nations into pits of hopeless struggle without end in sight, of massive depopulations, of physical pestilence and soul sickness. For men are good in but one way, but bad in many.

The points de référence to draw the graph I chose as specific dates in history – some clearer than others.

The High Middle Ages (1000-1300) – I view them as held in the balance between the Christian genocide of the European cultures and the healthy pre-industrial savagery that kept the Christian moral poison in check.

The Black Death (1347) – the Western Schism in the Catholic church, the Hundred Years’ War, the final disintegration of the German Empire, the Turkish conquest of the Balkans.

1492 – the dual Age of Renaissance and Exploration. The rediscovery of the heritage of antiquity. Ended with the Lutheran Christian counter-revolution from 1517 onward.

1562 – the French Wars of Religion (Vassy, Toulouse).

↓ 1618-1648 – the Thirty Years’ War, the great post-Hunnic genocide of Germany.

1720 – the final plague outbreaks in Europe (as of 2022), the advent of the Enlightenment – a secularisation of Christian values which would later engender both scientific racism and neo-Christian insanity.

1789 – the culmination of the pre-industial age.

1815 – a quarter of a century of revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, that led to the emancipation of the Jews, the breakdown of feudalism, and half a century of counter-reaction when the Holy Alliance was suppressing both liberalism and nationalism.

1848 – the bourgeois revolutions then added ammunition to those viewing the Germans as a nation of liberals.

1871 – a few brief, victorious wars by Otto von Bismarck set the course for the highest flourishing of European culture, before or since (the Concert of Europe in Berlin, 1878-85).

1914 – peak Aryan achievement, European planetary domination.

1918 – the first defeat of Germany, the peace of Nicias Versailles, the triumph of capitalism in the West, the rise of Marxist statehood in Russia, the beginning of the end for the European empires and the Aryan world supremacy in Asia.

1942 – the Indian summer of the fair race, the pinnacle of her history exemplified in National Socialist Germany.

1945, April – a cultural blueprint for any possible Aryan awakening (cf. Checharian infinitive hatred, jihadi suicide bombers, the Kimilsungian KPRA). After the failure of the NSDAP, no country conducive to Aryan physical and cultural survival remains.

1969 – the final flourishing of the Faustian spirit of the European race with the arrival of Aryans to the natural satellite of planet Earth.

1991 – the destruction of the last vestiges of the European culture preserved in the Socialist bloc east of the Elbe.

2022 – the past-midnight touches to the monstrous conclusion of Christianity akin to a birth of a chaos god – the madness in America, the impotence of Russia, the rise of Asia.

Now, the lowest point of history has dawned. There may be bright rays shining through the chinks in the clouds – such as the mutilation of the Armenian women by the Turks – by they are the bells ringing for the Aryan race. Our history, however, is at a nadir – so much so that if a nuclear war breaks out between what is left of America and Russia, I fully expect not a single missile to hit Jew York, let alone Jerusalem. And if there is a shadowy cabal pulling the strings, I would anticipate the annihilation of Poland as the last remnant of old Europe, albeit bereft of sovereignty.

Lux contra Tenebras

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE (finale)

Ever since the release of v.16 on July 1st-8th, 2022, I had an illusion that I marked everything befitting my conception of the world. And yet, a month later, some more memories crept in.

On August 19th (v. 17-19), I lent my attention to the three regions: Albania, Kurdistan, and Jászság. Thus, I drew the remaining Catholic and Orthodox Christian Albanians (cf. these maps), painted the Turkish Kurds as a Muslim nation (with the exception of the vaguely Shiite Alevis), designated Iranian Azerbaijan as part of Turân (the Turks there revolted in 2020, eager for Armenian blood), and finally remembered the fellow travellers of the Cumans in Pannonia (Kunság) – the ancient Aryan Ossetians of Jászság. Some other updates include the depiction of the ancient Griko and Arbëreshë communities in Apulia and Calabria in Italy, the Arvanites in Attica, the Hungarians of the Nitra region of Slovakia, the renewed push for Syrian Hatay, and the immense Muslim immigrant polities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg (numbering in the millions, as per Grant Mufty Ravil Gainutdinov, a Turk). Other changes encompass depicting a more dire situation in France and Germany (the Lyon agglomeration, the Blue Banana of the BTC in the Ruhr, Frankfurt and Württemberg), the Basque language in the northern Navarra region, and the notorious Russian minority areas in Livonia and Esthonia. In light of these changes, I chose to mark Mitrovica as Serb as the only way to depict North Kosovo on this map (over which a war may or may not break out soon™). Regarding the Syrian Civil War – I changed Idlib Governorate to Islamic to demonstrate Al-Nusra Front’s presence there, and took a plunge to paint as Turkish the Governorate of Aleppo – slightly anachronistic at this point, but it can’t help acknowledging that the Turks did ruin that entire part of the Arab Republic.

The v.20 of 2022-08-27 was chiefly induced by my rediscovery of another Kurdish religion – Yarsanism, which I duly marked in the Persian province of Kermanshah. Then I found out that while the Assyrian population of Urmia might have been expelled over the River Styx by big Turkish men (along with the hated Armenians), Mahabad is considered a capital of sorts of Iranian Kurdistan. Another addition was the depiction of the Azerbaijani minorities – the Avars, Lezgins, Tats and the Ingiloy Georgians in the north-west, and the Iranian Talysh in the south. The latter even briefly had a secessionist republic in 1993, although it might have been an arbitrary political intrigue. I long poured over the readily-available sources such as these 2009 census figures, and based on this obscure research document, decided to include Yardımlı in the Talysh region. I refreshed my knowledge of the Baloch terrorists in Iran – no matter how awkward it looks. And finally, to crown the inflation of my standards over time, I caved in to mark the ancient Turkish population of Chaharmahal – even though the more prominent Qashqai Turks of Fars remain outside.

And so it is. I would better publish it as soon as possible, lest it grow outdated, with the imminent Second Armenian Genocide and all. (Indeed, I depicted Artsakh as ancient Aryan to underline its desperate situation contrasting with the resignation of mainland Armenia).

It’s curious how both Irân and Türkiye hold a knife to one another’s throat.

Addendum as of 2022-08-29: as may be expected of my continuously relaxing the already-lax rules, I have returned to the region of Indochina (now apparently a racist geographical name for the peninsula) with the intention of visualising the ancient Chinese immigrant communities. Thus, I marked the Thai Chinese (“14% of the population”) in Bangkok and Samut Sakhon (“Chinese River” originally), the largely-genocided Indonesian Chinese in hiding of the Riau Islands, the Malay Chinese of Labuan and Brunei-Muara (the Wikipedia article of the latter is faulty, confuses the country percentages with the districts’ ones), and in the end returned to the Philippines, where the Sino-Fililipinos don’t feature compact areas of settlement either, but whose penetration of that society seems immense.

Regarding the Sino-Burmese – I was quite befuddled upon learning that the Chinese have been successfully colonising the Mandalay region of that country. Depicting them as part of the Westernised Sinosphere does muddle the definition of the region – which combines the hungry ghost of the Empire of Japan, the overseas Chinese, and now this… overland community.

P.S. The Kouloughli Turks of Tlemcen. The Zanj of Basra.

P.P.S. The Yazidis of Armavir.

A revision of 2022-09-07: the Hòa Hảo cult of An Giang, the Javanese Muslim settlers in Irian Jaya, and the residual highlander Negritos of the Philippines (namely, the Igorot of Luzon and the Lumad of Mindanao).

The one-past-midnight change: Westernised Sinosphere > Colonial Sinosphere. An ambiguous term that may indicate both the American power in Japan and the Chinese colonisation of the South Seas. The antonym: the sovereign Sinosphere of the Communists.

The v.24 of 2022-09-13: the Turks of Tuva & Bayan-Ölgii.

The v.25 of 2022-09-23: paradoxically, it was my simplified religious map that took me back to the question of Cuba, and the next day, I finally remembered the conundrum of the Sikhs in Punjab. The real answer to Cuba has always been their racial inferiority – this is where I disagree with Chechar about any kind of a correct ideology for the whole of Latin America. The Sikhs, however, pose a challenge to my categories, as they are, like the Yarsanis, a young cult. This led me to experiment with adding a completely new region, specifically tailored to the non-European residue ethnicities, from the Berbers to the Cao Đài (attempt – here, the colour used: either #c0a182 or #ccac8c), but in the end, it didn’t feel right to have a culture composed of unrelated nationalities – yes, even in such a schizo creation of mine, I tend to view both the Poles and the Yazidis as some kind of a united front against the universalist ideologies of Christianity and Islam.

In the end, I resisted touching the Marxist Cubans, the miscegenated Malagasy or the outright Christianised Austronesians in Taiwan, but did proceed with the following:
1) Niger state of Nigeria > Muslim;
2) Oromia state of Ethiopia > Negro;
3) Punjab state of India > vaguely nationalist Aryan;
4) Arakan state of Burma > Buddhist (the Rohingya have been cleansed);
5) Hong Kong > Christian hybrids (the Year Book sourced in this article puts the number of Christians there at ca. 27% – much higher than the ✡︎CIA’s estimate of 12%);
6) the Ryukyuans > shamanistic;
7) the Ainus of Hokkaido > shamanistic;
8) Singapore > hybridised mutts;
9) Sinosphere’s colour: ffff33 > f4ed5a.

The v.26 of 2022-09-27: I changed the border width for subdivisions setting from medium to thick, thus removing those ugly residual lines in the supposedly-borderless variation, alongside making the Maldives prominently visible. Additionally, the colour for the shamanistic region has been updated from #cab2d6 to #d5aee9. The remaining uncoloured regions, too, have been marked – namely, the 77.6% “White” city of Nelson in New Zealand. And finally, I got the bright idea to create a line of maps with only one of the cultures highlighted in each – akin to the faction selection screens in the aptly-named Total War series of computer games – what is the planet but the killing fields for an immense Battle Royale of titans?

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

The American Empire is the most suicidally merciful empire in history

I intended to write this entry exactly a year ago, but laziness and resignation got in the way. And now we’re in the middle of the start of the next world war, so it’s somewhat more relevant. I will begin by a brief account of my understanding of ethno-cultural geography (here’s hoping it’s not too excessive, and not too brusquely offensive).

《Throughout the meeting, Hitler remained in a foul mood. After lunch, Halifax brought up his experiences as viceroy of India, where he had urged a policy of conciliation. Hitler, who had just related how The Lives of a Bengal Lancer was his favorite film, and compulsory viewing for the SS to show “how a superior race must behave,” rudely interrupted him.
“Shoot Gandhi!”
A startled Halifax fell silent, as Hitler went into a rant:
“Shoot Gandhi! And if that does not suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of Congress; and if that does not suffice, shoot 200 and so on until order is established.”》
© Pat Buchanan – The Unnecessary War (sources: Roberts, Smith)

I would divide the Eurasian landmass into four great cultures – Europe, West Asia, India, the Sinosphere. Both India and China only ever expanded into South-East Asia (Chola, Ming, wokou). West Asia created immense empires under the Achaemenid Persians, Arab Rashiduns, Turkic Ottomans. Europe, however… Europe dominated the known world multiple times – in the Indo-Germanic conquest of Eurasia millennia ago, in the Alexandrian and Roman empires more recently, and in the industrial subjugation of the planet by the Europeans a century ago. This is the background of the current stormy history.

In 1914, the planetary supremacy of the West was complete. So much so that, it seems, the Asian races, from the Turks to the Thais, were in a comatose state, awaiting the finishing blow… a blow that never came.

Instead, the sister empires of Europe proceeded to turn one another to bloody shreds in epochal internecine wars. Thence emerged a triad of great ideologies that gripped the imagination of all people.

…It must also be specified that since the demise of Rome, Europe gradually fell under the spell of the Christian religion. Its message of love towards foreigners only grew stronger with the advent of the industrial age, enabling this cultural cancer to metastasise, so to speak…

1. Germany was completing its long-burgeoning apostasy from Christian mercy under A. Hitler. It, however, went to war too soon (see: Genoud, 1945-02-14), and thus brutally awakened the military feeling of its relatively-asleep neighbours on both sides. Savagery met savagery, and the sword-wielder was vanquished by the sword. Germany fell in 1945.

2. Russia lost the war to Germany in 1917, first disintegrated in a liberal revolution, then the Marxists succeeded in rebuilding the state anew through a monstrous civil war. Marxism is arguably a humanistic universalist offshoot of Christian ethics, with a focus on technological advancement, achieving world peace, and improving material conditions. Marxism would press on to save Russian statehood again from the Hitlerian German invasion, then to send the first man into space, and would then pathetically lose the culture war to the Americans without a shot fired. Russia fell in 1991 (and hasn’t regained its sovereignty since, as of 2022).

3. And finally, America. The perfect, impregnable fortress, with oceans for moats. Colonised by the Anglo-Saxon stock at the peak of the European culture, during the Enlightenment era. Bestowed upon a century of peaceful expansion, of acquiring its own boundless Lebensraum in the West. Its tragedy, however, was in the total triumph of the Christian moral system in its midst, with not a single competing ideology in sight.

The first bell of impending doom was the American Civil War. No matter how modern racists may cope, it was neither a war about state rights, nor did any Jews give any recognisable impetus to the conflict. No, as Dr. Robert Morgan points out beautifully on the Unz Review, it was the first tangible sign of Christian dominance in the American cultural life. If the martial, pagan Romans had to wage a civil war not to grant citizenship rights to their traditional allies in war (the Social War, 91-87 BCE), the American Christians went on to bloody civil struggle in order to equalise the most debased foreigners with themselves – precisely the heart of the Christian message of love (“the last shall become the first”, earthly strength is evil, Galatians 3:28, etc.).

My next bullet point will be about the conduct of the Americans in their colonies. In my view, an attentive observer would have been able to see already in the 1930s the ephemeral nature of the Western-style empires. Let’s take the Philippines, conquered by the Americans in 1898, and Poland, vanquished by the Germans in 1939.

Philippine population (1903 > 1939) = 7.6 mil. > 16 mil. (+8.4 mil.)
Polish population (1938 > 1946) = 34.8 mil. > 23.7 mil. (-11.1 mil.).

Thus, using this undisputed statistic, we can deduce that all the Christian American Empire has ever done is increase the population of foreign nations wherever it went. This same pattern would continue in Japan, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. Sure, the initial conquest may employ excessive violence – after all, American military might is astronomically supreme. But during peace-time, the Christian mercy of the American culture will do its work, undoing all the visible successes of their material capability.

This, in a nutshell, is my view of the world. And my response to anyone talking about “American interests”. Geopolitics is moot if a given subject of history does not act in its own self-interest – not merely making honest mistakes without a perfect knowledge of future outcomes, but with an outright sabotage of its place in the sun. Again, an intellectual experiment – would Adolf Hitler als Führer Amerikas have ever been able to lose world supremacy as America enjoyed it in 1945? Would America have allowed China to industrialise in the 1980s, at America’s cost? Hell, would America have allowed the Japanese to live on their archipelago, instead of colonising it for itself?..

And so comes the end of the American Empire, the most illustrious one, quelled by its own hand. And with it, the ending of the history of the Occident, entangled with the fate of the Washington élite. America may still conquer the last vestiges of the Eastern European Russian heartland, as I anticipate, but it will merely forestall the inevitable by a decade, if that. The future will belong to the three remaining Asian cultures – from the Turks to the Juche Koreans.

Liszt: Les préludes – Otto Tausk – Sinfónica de Galicia
Parasitoid wasps

Das Ende Rußlands!

Russia is finished! Oblivious was I, blinded by the ephemeral successes in Artsakh and Astana. In truth, Russia never existed after 1982. What hid in its place was a mere shell, a laughing skull, its essence long devoured. And better understand I now the monstrosity of the nest of Christendom, its wings of shadow spreading ever farther. The Dark Lord is poised to strike!

…All Checharian hope has been put into the chink in the armour – the downfall of the American economy. How will it happen now? Are they insane to believe Christendom to crack swifter than Russia? Russia is a vial – and soon, it will be drunk. This potion will revitilise the unholy innards of the demon – the machine of pollution will pluck another decade for itself out of the extinct bear’s carcass. They say the Russians can withhold their riches? What if the Occident comes and takes them by force?

What can be ascertained for certain? That Russia has not completed a single step conducive to it victory. That every action undertaken has been to sap whatever strength the parasite’s host had left. That with every wasted Russian missile, with every death of a seasoned Russian soldier, the end of this husk is drawing near.

This is what the death of the Oriental wing of the Aryan race looks like! Devoid of thought, bereft of sovereignty, put on the platter for Satan to consume. The feeble-minded are wary of the cadaver; the far-sighted are anticipating the body-snatcher hatch.

And after the fiery shadows thunder across Heartland, the weights will wait for the Mongoloids’ worth.

A wolf spider being consumed by a wasp larva

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World (XII regions)

My magnum opus. Why am I drawing this map? Perhaps, out of cucked jealousy for what other races have to enjoy. Make no mistake – these lines in the rocky ground are to be abolished, nations uprooted and culled, heritages violated. All in the spirit of the eternal war for the face of this planet. A free-for-all, with the cadence slower or faster at times, yet nonetheless inexorably driven to the ultimate resolution. Be it the German Drang nach Osten (rechristened by modern faggot academics as Ostsiedlung), the American Manifest Destiny, the genocidal Vietnamese Nam tiến, or the Chinese Chuang Guandong – the peculiarities of cultures vary, but not to the suicidal extent of the merciful neo-Christian empire. Thus, a scholar of diversity may appreciate both Communism and Islam for all the same reasons – for their fanaticism, virility and ruthlessness.

…A month has passed since I unveiled the v.9 of my contemporary cultural map of the planet, and now I have decided to improve it further. The highlight of this release is the addition of one more ethno-cultural region – the Buddhist & Shamanistic Asia.

My map should be understood as an artistic vision, hence the inconsistencies vis-à-vis the specific population percentages in given regions – thus, I have higher standards for ethnic purity in Europe and East Asia in regards to the Aryan and Mongoloid races respectively. Whereas the domain of Islam takes priority over the mixing of races in the Sahel or Malaysia.

As I mentioned before, some of my intentions were to show the cultural rifts between specific populations, rifts that may also find expression in political boundaries. With time, however, I have modified this approach – such as by splitting Ethiopia, or assigning Kashmir to Islam in the previous versions. (Getting anachronistically ahead of myself, drawing the line of current Russian control in Kherson did not work out either.)

And now, what did constantly grate my gears is the Sino-Hindu borderland region (effectively, Tibet). Its religion is Dharmic on the surface, Indian. Yet its very nature is more similar to parts of China, with its ancestor worship, little cults (Tibetan Bön – Zhuang Buluotuo?), remoteness (let alone the political control by the PRC). The issue in allocating an entirely new region, however, would be that neither Burma nor Tibet constitute a cultural force on their own. But what if united? Again I am combining quite different lands into one, but the logic is that Tibet is both connected to Burma via Buddhism and to Mongolia via shamanism. Essentially, it’s an “interior Asiatic” region with the exception of Turkestan (to which it is, admittedly, close in certain features). This also resolves the issue of assigning Mongolia to the Sinosphere – I’m not schizo, I fully understand that the savage Mongolia doesn’t even have its script derived from China – unlike Japan.

There are a few more tiny amendments. The female-mutilating Dagestan fits the realm of Islam, even though it lacks a titular nationality. Finally, I corrected the injustice and depicted the over 50% Russian (in the map: mutt) character of Northern Kazakhstan, a vestige of the Russian Empires (could not include the 100% Russian Semipalatinsk due to the format of the map). And then, I had an ingenious idea as to how to show the non-Turkic republics of Russia – namely, Mordovia, Mari El, Udmurtia and Komi (yes, the Finnic Komis are vaguely considered racially Aryan) – by assigning them to the Old European region! This way, the parochial, ancient character of the eastern Aryans may be underscored, as the neighbouring Finland has nothing on the original Finns who do not recognise same-sex unions.

Among more improvements: corrected Tripura’s religion (it’s Hindu); conversely, changed Assam from Hinduism to Islam as it’s the third Indian administrative unit with a significant percentage of its population’s being Muslims, at 34% and rising (after Lakshadweep and Kashmir); marked the savage lands of the Laps, Nenets and Chukchis – alongside admitting the Turkic character of Yakutia.

I always wished I could depict the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin, but adding the 84%-Han Liaoning to the shamanistic region is the next best thing (the connection of Korea to the Manchus has always been mysterious). I opted to remove Ossetia from the Iranian sphere as the latter is now by far characterised by its adherence to the Shia interpretation of Islam (not by the old Persian culture). Arunachal-Pradesh is highly religiously-diverse, with Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism/Donyi-Polo enjoying a 30% share of the population’s faith each. This new format also enables the depiction of the three-way partition of the island of Ceylon between the Aryan Buddhist Sinhalas, the ironically Aryan-worshipping Tamils, and the traitorous Muslim Tamils.

And for the closure, I gave significant attention to researching the state of Vietnam and the adjacent Thai areas. The provinces in Northwest and Northeast Vietnam have their Thai ethnicity statistics readily available. Similarly, the Cambodian areas of the south are quite disclosed – see this beautiful map of Buddhism. But the Central Highlands? I had to stumble upon the following marvelous list of Montagnard population per province to be sure as to how their genocide is proceeding (roughly 23% in Đăk Lăk, 36% in Kon Tum). Additionally, I snatched the chance to depict the Caodaist cultists of Tây Ninh, and the remaining Cham Hindus of Ninh Thuận – the province has a remarkable population of Christians and Muslims, but the Hindus are uniquely native, so I decided to underscore this fact.

…That was a version that did not become final, as I kept on iterating. Then came the Pashayi of Laghman, the Uzbeks of Faryab and Jowzjan, the Nizari Ismaili of Gilgit-Baltistan (but not the Pamiris of the Afghan part of Badakhshan), the Ismaili and Zaydi Shias of Jizan and Najran, the Ibadi minority of Zanzibar & Pemba, the Yazidis & Assyrians of Ninawah, the Druze of Jabal al-Druze, the Berber tribes of the Atlas and the Rif mountains in Morocco, the Shenwa, Shawiya, Kabyle and the Ibadi Mozabites of Gardaïa in Algeria, and the Zenati Berbers of Zuwarah in Libya, the Hungarians of Satu Mare(And yes, I know the Ibadi are not Shia, but they are similar to them in that neither are Sunni.)

I used to lack a region to include many of the above groups – until I set the colour brown to mean “vaguely European autochthonous ethnicities with a passion to fight and die for their language or ethnic religion”. This way, I could make a distinction between the ancient White tribes in the Maghreb whose identity is currently undergoing pressure from both pan-Arab and Islamic forces.

Armenia, however, was an odd case. Their long-nosed people speak an Aryan language, but are a poster child for Christianity, and their pathetic showing in their latest showdown with the Turks indicates as inert a state as that of the Latinos or Russians. But I opted for an ingenuous compromise – by showing Armenia proper as purple (“old, dead, culturally confused remnant of a Roman Empire”), while painting Artsakh brown – and truly, isn’t that the fate of Aryan peoples all over the world now, especially in South Africa?

Incidentally, I returned to that Boer colony of old, discovering that the Whites there have been keeping their population numbers at a stable level over the past two decades.

As to the newfound appreciation for ethnic religions, I also came back to North America and marked a second arae after Québec as akin to the squabbling of Europe – namely, the arid state of Utah, full of Mormon zealots. Such a religious mutation would certainly have invoked high hopes in me, had I lived in the 1970s America – I fail to see why the Utah cultists are not viewed as a role-model by contemporary Aryan racists far and wide.

Now, truly for the closure, I had a surprisingly brilliant solution to my long-seated desire to depict both Galicia and Donbass in the Ukraine as centres of sorts of the fighting spirit of the Russian race. After all, it is indeed the Donetsk and Lugansk militia who are bearing the brunt of warfare, while the people of Mariupol, Kherson or Odessa are perfectly passive. Thus, I reverted to my original vision of Romania as an inert Orthodox land – now conjoined with the failed Novorossiya and Kharkov (and encompassing the little proud Transnistriatheir ideals may be mutt, but their creation is nationalist). This way, the lands of the Don Cossacks are clearly visible, along with the ethnic Little Russian cossacks of Kuban. Maybe, that region will indeed gestate a new ethnicity under the pressure from the Turks around, as Whatifalthist proposes? (As regards the Far East – its [subsumed] Ukrainian character and contemporary separatist tendencies are well-known.)

Now, a brief description of the regions:
1. Juche Chosŏn – the abode of the most fanatical religion on the planet.
2. Sinosphere – Chinese civilisation barred from the sea by the American power in Japan.
3. Ancient Europa – the largely Aryan nations which value the separateness of their ways.
4. Turân – the myth of pan-Turkic nationalism.
5. Shīʿatu ʿAlī – the aggrieved followers of Ali.
6. Dār al-Islām – the realm of Tawheed.
7. Buddhist & Shamanistic Asia – the interior of the continent on the fringes of China.
8. Westernised Sinosphere – the corpse of the Empire of Japan taken over by the West.
9. Bhārata-varṣa – the oriental Hindus professing the Aryan faith.
10. Savage Lands – the inhospitable equatorial tribes of the Negro, Indian and Papuan.
11. Imperial Amalgamations – the domain of racial and cultural confusion.
12. Neo-Christian West – the ever-shrinking areas of the degenerating occidental Aryans.

The evolution of the idea
Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

Jai Hind

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> “And any base on the Andaman Islands could easily be nuked.”

And vindictive India will not retaliate? India is Tony Montana, a vindictive bastard. You think that the vindictive bastard won’t retaliate, the bastard just gave middle finger to both the West and China. India will retaliate with nukes. And it is here that India wins. India is all slum, Mumbai, Delhi, countryside, it is just one big slum. How and what are you gonna nuke? China is building nukes like crazy don’t you worry, it wants to join big boy club like Murica and Russia. But what will you nuke in India? It is just a giant slum. So China nukes the island, India fires in retaliation and China too in retaliation. What will it nuke? Delhi? Mumbai? they are just the fecal points of big slum networks the whole country is. Sure, 400 million people will die, the Hindutva government will first try to save the cows. So 400 million Indians get the roasted. So what? Indians, Bangladeshis are like the cockroaches. Your apartment is infested with cockroaches, you mustard gasses your place many times, fancy expensive cocktails of chemicals all over your place. What happened? The cockroaches are still there, and you only see the tip of iceberg. You are living with an ocean of cockroaches. They are all around you. Indians re the same. On the other hand China has built shiney nice cities. Beautiful cities. How would it feel to see them shiny nice cities, all nuked up by vindictive India with her cow dung nukes? And what will she nuke up in return? Some pin codes of some giant slums? Are they worth wasting nukes on?

Indians being cockroaches will survive and go their daily routine of crapping on the radioactive fields and worshiping the radioactive mutant cows. If there is gonna be a huge Nuclear Armageddon, the cockroach race of India will be the best built to survive. The street shiters and cow worshiper cockroach people shall inherit the World, says the Hindooo Nuclear Bible. As the nuclear dust settles, Indian shitters will spread around the World. Indians will be shitting radioactive shit on the street of destroyed Tehran, on the streets of destroyed Beijing, on the streets of destroyed Seoul.
See the Muslims went on a killing spree way back then, they chopped the heads of idol worshipping smelly Hindoos all around, they roamed the place chopping smelly Hindoo with glee. Chop chop chop, chopped till they could chop no more, rivers of blood. they had to take breaks under the shade, panting with not energy for namaz and ablutions. They chopped till they could chop no more, Hindu heads were rolling, Muslims were laughing, they chopped awa. Their swords became blunt, became freaking rods. Orders galore to blacksmiths in Arabia, Persia , Turkistans swords ordered in tons, crap metal sold back. But all that choppin, and smelly Hindoos are still here. Shitting on the streets and worshiping cows. Cockroaches I tell you.

And to give you an idea, my state of Uttar Pradesh has more people than all of Russia.

That tiny place has more people than all of Russia. Think of that. And do not be fooled by the fertility rates, the UP state government downplays it because the rest of India laughs at us for being hicks, cow belt people. The blackies of the South of India are who are the ones having a falling population with a low TFR. In my state, people still bonk and get out 4 to 5 kids a couple. We have numbers to throw. Numbers to sacrifice to any Nuclear god and throw at the enemies. There are swarms of testosterone filled macho men who would love have a go at the low IQ terrorist Porkistani barbarians or the cute Chinese Imperialist demons. We got numbers to throw.

> “and get beheaded like the filthy dogs you are.”

Hindu cockroach people are hard to annihilate in this life, but Hindus are hard to kill soulwise too. Hindus just coolly recycle bodies. He will be reincarnated as a powerful Arab Sheikh and those two low IQ goat men (Muslims who killed him) will be reincarnated as his Abyssinian bitches, his sex slaves. He will screw them every night in brutal ways. Thus is karma.

Swastika (1973) – the most sublime window into the past

Far out in exterior darkness where no breath stirs, no light shines, and no sound is heard, one can glance toward this spinning earth-ball. In the astral regions, illumination is of the soul, hence all is dark but this certain star, and only a part of it is aglow. From such a distance, one can obtain an utterly untrammeled view of what is transpiring on this earth-ball. Drawing somewhat closer, continents are visible; closer yet, population-streams. One focal point exists whence the light goes forth in all directions. It is the crooked peninsula of Europe.

Thus opens Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium (1948), a book from the cosmic age. And such is the first vision in the magnificent film I had a chance encounter with – Swastika by Philippe Mora, a French-Australian Jew (thanks to Vlad Tepes’ note on Chechar’s blog).

From the very first seconds, I was amazed. I went in without inquiring about the date of production, so I had no idea what to expect – aside from the general philosophical premise. And it worked! This is a window into the past par excellence! It opens with a swastika (Hakenkreuz for you, Germans) rotating and floating in interstellar space to Wagner’s Parsifal (I think?), and then zooming in on the planet that is revealed to be Earth, the continent of Europe, the country of Germany. A Gesamtkunstwerk if I ever saw one! And of course, it is a hint to the date of production – the era of cosmic exploration is long over, with the demise of the Soviet Union, and the Faustian man has withered away since.

(It was something that confused me at first, as I’m not sure as to the technical capabilities of film-making in different decades. And then, I almost had a suspicion that it’s made in the 2010s by LARPers with perfect CGI – before realising that, of course, anything of the sort would be both illegal and beyond the pale culturally.)

I am not a pundit of delving into Hitler’s personal life, I barely watch three films per year, but this is qualitatively different from either any of the mute British Pathé or Deutsche Wochenschau snippets, or documentaries full of long-nosed voice-over. This film is loud with a lively voice, depicting the long-lost time, both in its immaculate choice of music and episodes of life.

Now, I could share a few words on the different scenes depicted.

The very commonality of children and young people is a sign of the times – as the demography is destiny maxim found its expression in the terrible wars of the industrial age. Now, we are a fading race, and we are no longer the subject of history.

The socialist character of Hitlerian Germany can clearly be seen – and not only in superficial features such as young girls in white marching with red ties, or with Hitler’s famously taking up a shovel. It is also demonstrated in two spectacular scenes:

1) in a hilarious interview of an Italian-looking man with a funny moustache (“Dirk Brinkley”?) proclaiming at 28:15 the following anathema of everything American:
I find that there’s a new fresh vitality here in Germany, under your great leader and chancellor Adolf Hitler, of whom I am a great admirer. The new Germany will live, for you have the best centralised government in the world to-day.

2) in a cute little poem at 24:24 that smells of Europe (and of the Soviet Union):
The Farmer who his acre tills,
The Teacher who wise lore instils,
The Mason whose hands new houses raise,
The Poet who distant worlds surveys,
Workers and heads of their profession
All take part in the great procession.

We’re marching with the aim
Our Führer has decreed;
He lit a guiding flame,
In Germany’s our of need;
He saved us from our plight,
Our love to him we vow;
We march in the morning light
To swear allegiance now!

At 01:03:10, there is an impressive and worthy portrayal of the Great German Art Exhibition, with magnificent music (apparently added for this film?). It must be remembered that whenever modern art-appreciators condemn Hitlerian Germany, they have no currency – as the authority on art was Germany, Germany as Europe, and the NSDAP as the pinnacle thereof. With Mitteleuropa in ruins, the remaining Aryan race is an orphan – which can be gleaned from the ignoble demise of Russia in 1991.

At 57:00, there is footage from the final Reichsparteitag. The final time! Indeed, Hitlerian Germany existed for the fleeting moment of 6 years of peace-time, and 6 years of war-time. I remember hearing about their atheist ceremony of proclaiming the life of the dead in their descendants (cf. this Albanian song), but seeing it for real for the first time is quite an experience. Akin to how knowing the pre-history of the characters when watching my favourite LotR music montage prepares the viewer to feel the correct and rich emotion.

The eerie wind in the background at 01:26:00 reminds me of the Husavi Productions meme that I encountered after the film – the striking premonition of the things to come. And come they did – the last war to date, that shook the foundations of Eurasia, disfiguring Earth forever. I do have questions to the Providence or to the god (the real one) – did the Germans misread the signs? Did their faith fail them? Were they doomed by the warmongering of their race-soul? Had Hitler been superstitious, he would have considered the „Hindenburg“-Katastrophe as an omen.

Europe was never rebuilt. The war mortally wounded the last shred of the Wille zum Leben of the Aryan race. Russia would murder itself 45 fleeting years later. America would soon follow. Japan brought herself to ruin by believing in the Führer. The time when the Occident raised the sign of the Swastika would prove out to be the watershed for the intelligent life on the planet. The only optimism to be derived is if there is to be resurrection, the fair race will shed Christianity for sure, as Joseph Walsh hopes. I, however, put my faith in Juche Korea.

Swastika (1973)

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World (v.9)

A month later after uploading the imminently-final version, I took to adding some improving touches.

1.1. Breaking with my initial philosophy of depicting political fault lines even more, and under the join influence of Roki Vulovic‘s pornographic-patriotic songs and Republika Srpska’s biological racism, I have decided to paint the Serbian regions of Yugoslavia as effectively as neo-Nazi as the rest of the passionary South Slavs.

1.2. Conversely, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia do keep up with the idea of inert & confused old Christian remnants.

1.3. To my shame, I had failed to research the percentage of Hungarians in Vojvodina’s North Bačka and North Banat districts, and “kind of forgot” about the Montenegrin Albanians – now both are corrected.

2. The second great change has been the decision to split Ethiopia… although the Amhara, Tigray and Eritrean Christian regions still remain together. It is not supposed to reflect political unity (or lack thereof), but to emphasise the Islamic and Protestant Negro character of Ogaden/Afar and of the south-western provinces respectively – especially in the light of my tendency to underscore non-Turkic Muslim contributions whenever possible, regardless of the madhhab, and considering the past (and future) destiny of Greater Somalia.

3. And last, East Asia.
3.1. It had been my impression that depicting Seoul as the sole region of occupied Korea too far gone into racial & ethnic confusion was understating the state of affairs. Fortunately, I came upon this 5-million-strong cult (Unification Church) and its massive interracial marriage ceremonies (1, 2, 3) that brought me to counting Yeshua-worshippers there. Of course, I don’t possess concrete data on the geography of miscegenation, but spiritual faith-mixing works, too, as a marker of degeneracy. Impressively, such large cities as Busan and Ulsan still uphold their Pagan/Buddhist character. Yet both the urban folk of Seoul and the rural socialists of Jeolla-do are already more than 30% foreign.

3.2. Now, Japan. Depicting the Ryukyu as non-Japanese was one of my first moves. On the other hand, I could not find any data on the Ainu – but as that vast island only has 5 million inhabitants, and the hundreds of thousands of the Ainu have been “assimilated” over 150 years, it is safe to mark it as miscegenated.

3.3. Religion in Japan is ridiculously underreported likewise. There is some ancient data from 1996, just as the general notion of covert Christians in Nagasaki Prefecture. I have also made the decision to colour Tokyo Prefecture due to its being the probable centre of Muslim and overall foreign immigration, as well as of Christian & Jesuit influence – see Sophia University with its homosexual alumni. Osaka Prefecture, meanwhile, is the reported centre of Zainichi Koreans. It has to be said that the numbers in all cases are around 5%, so this map would better be viewed more akin to a half-logarithmic, half-arbitrary scale – southern Korea’s native areas are much more culturally polluted than the dirtiest Japanese lands (the Yamato race’s origin notwithstanding), but I intended to depict both.

3.4. And lastly, my omission of Ningxia in the light of the above was now criminal, so I made the long-needed correction. It also makes sense considering how it’s a native Chinese Muslim region, as opposed to the Turkic Taklamakan. And again, if anyone mentions the Guangzhou Negroes – even 200k feral apes in a land of 120 million would be irrelevant, whereas they have been mostly expelled at this point anyhow.

P.S. I debated the status of the Christian Albanian Arvanites in Greece, Lipka Tatars in Poland, and Tibetan pagans in China, but decided against any changes.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

Addendum. A day later, I was inspired to draw a schizo legend version – analogous to the old joke version. It is less of an offensive view, and more of a laudatory account. The order, again, is reflective of my personal racist vision.
1. Juche Korea > Eternal Land of Beauty & Order
2. Sinosphere > Celestial Empire
3. Old Judaeo-Christian Europe > Jewish Golem
4. Turkestan > Roach
5. Greater Iran > Last Loyalists of Ali (RA)
6. Dar al-Islam > Proud Sons of Ishmael (AS)
7. Westernised Sinosphere > Hungry Ghosts
8. Greater India > Cow Golem
9. Savage Lands > Jungle
10. Imperial Amalgamations > Orcs
11. Neo-Christian West > Child-Drugging Transvestites

(India has been the hardest to visualise in such a way. “Golem” is supposed to denote parochial fanaticism, easily swayed by demagoguery and low instincts; “cow” signifies the love of Nature common among these swarthy folk.)

(Thus, the Jewish Golem is fighting the Russian Orcs to precipitate the future of transvestite children. The non-Asians are a funny lot.)

(Vide: Islamic honorifics; hungry ghosts; Turkestan cockroach.)

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE – schizo